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All You Need To Know About Benefits And Drawbacks Of Hair Spa

December 29, 2019 0

Like we take care of the different parts of our body and mind, it is also essential for us to focus on our hair’s health and give it the proper treatment from time to time. While regular hair care is essential, it is also essential to give it the nourishment and hydration that it needs from time to time, and this is where the importance and effects of hair spas come in. Go through this blog section to learn about the benefits and drawbacks of a hair spa.

A hair spa is a type of therapy for the scalp and hair. Different nutritious oils are used to massage the scalp and enrich the scalp with nutrients to make hair healthy, strong, and soft during a hair spa. Since a part of a hair spa involves massaging, it is a method used to improve blood circulation in your scalp to nourish the roots of your hair. Experts say that getting regular hair spas can help your hair get back its elasticity and become more robust and silky. In fact, after one or two sessions of effective hair spa treatment, you will see that your hair has become silkier and shinier than before. If you have dry, damaged and unmanageable hair, then I am sure you would have heard people talk to you about getting a hair spa. Keep reading this post to learn more about the benefits and drawbacks of a hair spa. However, like every other thing, a hair spa comes with its benefits and drawbacks! Keep reading this post to learn more about the benefits of hair spas and the drawbacks of hair spas.

Benefits of hair spa

So, how does a session hair spa benefit your hair health? Let us find out:

1. Moisturizing the hair

A hair spa can help moisturize your hair and nourish every strand with the required nutrients. Hair will get back its elasticity and shine. You can say goodbye to frizzy and unmanageable hair with regular hair spas. Still, it is essential to remember that you will have to get regular hair spa sessions in an interval of about a maximum of 6 months and a minimum of 3 months, depending on the condition of your hair. The hair spa makes your hair soft to the touch and silky. It is the method of the rebirth of the hair cells.

  1. Strengthens the hair roots

Hair spas help in revitalizing the scalp and strengthening the roots. Hair spa strengthens the hair follicles and thereby improves hair growth and the volume of your hair. If you take regular hair spas, you will notice that your hair has gotten thicker and more robust. Strong roots mean lesser hair fall. The best way to notice that would be to comb your hair and find that you lose less hair.

  1. Increases Blood Circulation

Hairstyles increase blood circulation to the scalp; hair spas include head massages that improve the blood circulation to the scalp. Blood circulation brings nutrients to the hair follicles, thereby making them stronger. This improves the hair’s quality and helps the hair grow faster and longer. The volume of your hair improves with significant head massages. If you want, you can opt for occasional head massages as well. It improves the strength of the roots and thereby makes the foundation of your hair strong.

  1. Hair spas normalize the secretion of oil on your scalp.

Oil is an essential component of your hair. While some people who excrete a lot of oil on their scalp are advised not to go for separate oil massages, oil massages are almost necessary for dry hair. Hair naturally produces sebum that moisturizes the hair naturally. Sebum protects the scalp and nourishes the hair around the scalp. Though sebum secretion is good for you, excess sebum production can make your hair oily and greasy. This excess production clogs the pores of your scalp it causes hair loss. If you have excessive hair loss, you can try using Ketomac shampoo for hair fall. The benefit of using Ketomac shampoo is that it contains Ketoconazole which is highly effective when rejuvenating your scalp health and reduces the amount of hair fall. Spas target at normalizing the production of sebum on your scalp. When this rate becomes routine, the scalp functions healthily.

  1. It helps remove the effects of pollution.

Due to the pollution, we are exposed to. If you are wondering about the benefits of a hair spa when it comes to pollution, you need to know that a hair spa unclogs the pores and help remove pollutants and the effects of the pollutant from these blocked pores. This brings our scalp and hair back to normal and regenerates hair growth. The environment around us also causes dandruff, which causes hair to fall. In this case, you can try one of the best shampoos in India for dandruff and hair fall available in the market today for effective treatment.

  1. Reduces stress and improves health

A hair spa is one of the best ways of reducing stress and improving mental health. Health problems, mental problems, etc., are all associated with stress. We must ensure that we dedicate a small portion of our day to de-stress. That being said, a hair spa is one of the best and most relaxing ways to de-stress. The massage combined with the gentle heat and moisturizing you get for a couple of hours during the hair spa will help you feel rejuvenated. If you get one late in the afternoon, try out a cup of hot chocolate after that, and you will have a sound sleep.

  1. Get rid of dry, damaged and curly hair.

Most Indian women have dry, damaged, or frizzy hair. Regular oiling and moisturizing of hair can help cope with the damage. But we are all hard-pressed for time and hence hardly get the time to do it regularly. Frizzy, dry, and dull-looking hair is a sign of unhealthy and damaged hair. To get back healthy, nourished, and strong hair, we must ensure regular care of our hair and incorporate routine hair spas. Thanks to the healthy and nourishing oils that we use for hair spas, hair can regain its natural elasticity and look beautiful. It’s your shortcut to healthy hair!

  1. It gets rid of dandruff and promotes a healthy scalp.

Hair spas help regain the scalp’s natural pH balance and condition. The oils used in hair spas combat dandruff in various ways. It ensures that your hair is neither too oily nor too dry. Dandruff free hair is challenging to attain for some of us. Hence, regular hair spas can be an excellent solution for dandruff-prone hair. It ensures that the hair gets back its shine and promotes a healthy scalp. Along with a hair spa, you can also try using anti-dandruff shampoo for the oily scalp in India.

Drawbacks of hair spa

  1. It has to be done regularly.

You have to make sure that you make a hair spa appointment regularly. This could be once every three months or six, as mentioned before. For the effects of the hair spa to last, you have to take regular hair spas. It is like providing nutrition to your hair once every month to maintain its shine and strength. Most people ignore hair spas due to this fact. Some people think that hair spas are expensive. Visit your local hair salon to find out the prices. Prices usually range from 800 to 2000 per session. But in the long run, it is essential for your healthy hair growth and maintenance.

  1. It fades hair colour.

If you are a fan of dying your hair or you like to get streaks, a hair spa can cause a bit of a problem. Hair spas tend to fade away the hair colouring faster than usual. Most parlours have alternate hair products and oils that protect coloured hair. Request your hairstylist to use products that do not fade your coloured hair. By doing so, you can enjoy both hair colour and a moisturizing hair spa. However, these will be more expensive, but they will be worth it!

  1. It takes time

When it comes to experiencing the benefit of a hair spa, you cannot be impatient. While some people get results after two or three sessions, others will get the effects after 5-6 sessions, which depends on your hair damage.


  1. A hair spa alone is not enough.

To maintain a healthy mane, you have to make sure that you eat a balanced diet and work out regularly to promote hair growth and proper nourishment. What you eat directly gets reflected on your hair health too!

From the above post, we can conclude the benefits and drawbacks of hair spas and that hair spas are very nutritious for healthy hair and scalp. A hair spa can moisturize our hair, making it strong and improving its elasticity. We can also have a healthy dandruff-free scalp thanks to a hair spa. If you have excessive dandruff problems, you can try using Ketoconazole anti-dandruff shampoo, which helps fight off dandruff. Regular use of this shampoo coupled with practical sessions at a hair spa can work wonders for your hair! A happy hair spa to you! We can finally have the healthy, solid, silky hair we always dreamt of.

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