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Best Antifungal Antibacterial Cream India

February 25, 2019 0

Fungal infections are quite bothersome, but overall they are not life-threatening for people who have a healthy immune system. And for those who don’t have a healthy immune system, can try Antibacterial Cream. These fungal skin infections are rarely serious, but they can look very ugly and are also quite irritating. These skin infections account for about 25% of the total fungal infections. These infections occur in humans and most common of them are scalp infection, ringworm, jock itch and athlete’s foot.

Most of these infections are treated by using the same family of antifungals. Most often you can treat them by using over the counter antifungal creams, gels, and powders. The FDA has deemed them to be quite safe as they have a low risk of side effects, so you won’t need any doctor’s prescription to buy and use them. A good antifungal antibacterial cream like Ketomac Cream will treat your condition quickly and stop it from spreading.

Nail fungus is said to be a very common infection according to various advertisements, but actually, it is not that common. As the fungus affects from inside the nail, applying any cream on the nail won’t help treat it. Oral medication can help you with it.


One of the most common classes of antifungals that are used to treat these kinds of infections is called azole. Sometimes over the counter, azoles can cause irritation and burning when you use it, but these side effects are very rare. Prescription azoles might have more serious side effects. FDA is constantly re-evaluating the safety of over the counter as well as prescription azoles. A type of azole which is mostly used to treat toe fungus was evaluated by them. Because of concerns regarding its use for vaginal yeast infections, especially in pregnant women. If you exceed the dosage of a particular azole then it might cause serious side effects. It can also harm the unborn child in pregnant women.

Excessive use of azole antifungal can also raise the liver enzymes which can be a potential warning sign for liver damage. In the worst-case scenario, there can even be a risk of liver failure. But this is extremely rare as medical professionals monitor their patients closely especially if they prescribe them oral antifungals.


Any antifungal and antibacterial cream India is quite safe to use for simple skin infections. But you should try and take your doctor’s advice on serious conditions. This helps to treat the condition in an easier and faster way. It also helps you from becoming resistant to that antifungal. If you become resistant to an antifungal, it will become difficult for you to treat your condition. The fungus will stop responding to the medication. If you overuse an antifungal cream then the fungi will modify and adapt themselves in a way that the even most powerful antifungal cream will stop working on you.

But mostly these fungal skin infections are quite simple and they get cured easily. You can prevent them by staying hygienic all the time and maintain a distance from infected people.

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