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Best Antifungal Cream For Lip Infection

January 24, 2020 0

A fungal infection of the lips is quite disturbing. Lip fungus mainly occurs in persons with low levels of immunity. You might need antifungal cream for the lip to overcome infection.

The lips consist of two fleshy folds of tissue that surround our mouth. Their tactile nature makes them very sensitive. Lips are a conspicuous facial feature, so a fungal infection can impact your appearance and make you self-conscious and feel unpleasant.

Candida Yeast

The infection is typically in the form of abnormalities and sores which arise from inside the mouth. Lip fungal infection is caused generally by Candida yeast. Usually, Candida Albicans is linked to genital fungal infection, but it can also impact the lips and the oral cavity.

Another lip fungus is Monilia Albicans that causes the condition of Moniliasis. Usually, this impacts the inner lip and the mouth. It commonly impacts babies and is called Thrush.

Candida yeast is a fungus that thrives briskly in warm and moist conditions. To a large extent, the growth of yeast is controlled by some good bacteria and microorganisms in our bodies. But when there is an imbalance, the growth of such yeast is increased.

How Does It Affect?

This imbalance may be caused by illness or stress. Smokers are very vulnerable to this condition. If lesions are not treated properly, they can spread to the oesophagus. Persons who have dental fixtures or have diabetes are prone to yeast infection. The infection causes cracking and inflammation and enhances pain in the lip corners. This disease can be treated by Ketomac, which is antifungal cream for lips.

Another fungal infection of the lips is caused by a deficiency of Riboflavin called Angular Cheilitis and Angular Stomatitis. It causes scaling and fissures in the mouth corners. People staying in cold regions are more prone to this fungal infection. But it can be treated by antifungal cream for lip infection called Ketomac.

Symptoms of Fungal Infection of Lips

  • Sores and white plaques in mouth corners
  • Itching and burning sensation
  • Lack of moisture in lips
  • Collection of fluids causing bumps and blisters in the lips
  • Swelling and redness of lips.
  • General weakness
  • Intense craving for sweets and sugar


Following are the leading causes of fungal infection of the lips:

  • Wearing of dentures
  • Consumption of alcohol and snuff.
  • Exposure to inclement climatic conditions
  • A condition is worsened by licking of lips.
  • Deficiency of vitamins (E, B12) and Iron.
  • Ischemia: poor blood flow to lips
  • Poor nutrition
  • Application of toxic chemicals in the form of lip balms or lipstick.


  • Topical application of Ketomac cream
  • Drinking plenty of water stimulates the secretion of saliva.
  • We are maintaining oral hygiene and avoiding biting lips to prevent the spread of infection.
  • I am avoiding the consumption of spicy food.
  • Reducing the intake of sugar is a suitable medium for the growth of Candida yeast infection. Wash mouth properly after sugar intake.
  • Apply Tea tree oil or Goldenseal. Both have antifungal properties. This application can control infection in a few days.
  • Castor oil may be applied for its therapeutic properties.
  • Yoghurt may be applied to the affected area for combating infection.

These are all essential facts about the fungal infection of the lips and the importance of antifungal cream to control it. Ketomac cream is the leading product in this genre.

Fungal Skin Infections Caused by The Fungus in The Body

Nowadays, everyone is so occupied with ourselves; we are all very concerned with our looks and appearance. Our look is directly related to our health. The idiom health is wealth is true and correct in all senses. If you are not feeling healthy, then you can enjoy any phase of life. There are so many skin infections occurring to us due to many factors. Our environment, our eating habits, our lifestyle, etc., everything impacts our health.

Everyone wants to look good, but no one is making an effort to look good or healthy. There are so many skin problems that one can suffer from due to many organisms etc. there are so many fungal skin infections caused by the fungus in the body. The fungus can affect any part or area of your body, either your nails, armpits, inner thighs, or lips. Antifungals for angular cheilitis can be used to treat fungal infections on lips.

Our human body can face so many infections, diseases, or problems relating to our bodies. But it does not mean that your life becomes complicated from that point. Everyone in life faces their kinds of problems. Some are related to their body, face, etc. every problem has a solution. These fungal infections are not life-threatening and can be treated with proper medication if we talk about them. There are so many treatments available for these skin infections. Using anti-allergic medications, if you are suffering from bacterial infection, then antibacterial medication is used, the same as viral and fungal infections. Ketomac offers you the cream which is best suited and known for solving these skin infections.

Angular Cheilitis

It would help if you used it correctly to get rid of these infections. Lip fungal infection or angular cheilitis is an infection caused on the corners of your lips. Lips are a sensitive part of our body, and they are more prone to such infections. It is known as angular infection, as when our lips meet, there makes an angle on the side of our lips.

When you develop a kind of patch or cracks or redness in that angle, then it means you are suffering from a fungal infection. The fungus is also part of those microorganisms which are present everywhere in our environment. When we breathe or speak, these microorganisms enter our bodies. There is both excellent and lousy fungus that can be present in our body. As we have already discussed, the various symptoms of this lip infection should not be ignored whenever diagnosed. If it becomes severe, then it will create a problem in eating anything.

As we know, these infections do not harm us in any way, but they may make you feel uncomfortable and irritated most of the time. This fungal lip infection can become worse if not treated. You can apply cream, ointment, or lotion to treat this infection as soon as possible. Fungal infection on the lips can be treated by opting for its medical treatment or can do some simple home remedies to treat this infection. These home remedies ingredients are readily available at your home and can be used anytime to treat this infection. It would help if you avoided your careless attitude towards treating these fungal infections as they can become severe. Some of the main home remedies which can be used for treatment are discussed as follows:

Remedies for Treatment

  • Applying or using castor oil: this ingredient can be easily found in our homes. Castor oil is known for its moistening element and which will help your wound to be moist. It also helps in reducing pain and dryness from the affected area. You can apply castor oil directly or use castor oil with tea tree oil to treat your infection. You must leave the oil on the affected area for about thirty minutes, and then you can ash out the oil.
  • Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera is known to be the most effective home remedy with lots of benefits. It is also used in many ointments, cosmetics, soaps, etc., as Aloe Vera is very beneficial for our skin. It also contains many antifungal and antiseptic properties, which makes it an essential ingredient. You can use fresh juice or gel of Aloe Vera, cool it for some time, and then apply it to the infected area for about twenty-five minutes. To treat your infection as early as possible, you must use it twice or thrice a day.


As we all know about the bacteria which is present in the curd all the time. The bacteria present in the yoghurt is good for our health, and it also helps us treat many skin infections. It is effectively used to treat the fungal lip infection of the skin. You can use the fresh curd available at your homes in the affected area overnight. You can leave the curd on the affected area overnight to see improvement the following day. Not only can you apply the yoghurt, but you can eat the yoghurt as much as you can to treat this problem speedily.

Using Coconut oil:

Coconut oil is filled with so many benefits, not only for our hair but also for the skin. It is also used in many ointments, and its moistening element helps remove dryness from the skin or the lips. You can apply coconut oil anytime to the affected area to treat this infection.


Mouth wash: there are many types of mouthwash available in the market, which can be every day for a healthy mouth and gums. These mouthwashes contain many anti-allergic properties that help in treating many infections and gum problems. You can adapt the habit of washing your mouth every day and avoid mouth and gums related problems. Antifungal cream for lips over the counter is used to treat the fungal infection on the corners of the mouth. The antifungal cream contains all the essential ingredients which will help the wound to heal at the earliest.

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