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Dandruff is a layer of dry or greasy white flakes of dead skin that appears on the scalp. Dandruff leads to dry hair and also causes hair fall. Dandruff can be very embarrassing and cause a decline in a person’s confidence. Having dandruff can also lead to embarrassment in work or college environment. Most people with dandruff avoid wearing black or any other dark shade to avoid any embarrassment. Black being one of the most loved colours, it is almost impossible to imagine not wearing dark shades to a party or even class. What if I told you do not have to get rid of your favourite clothes! Yes, just get rid of dandruff instead.


It is difficult to keep ourselves away from the harmful pollution. If you thought the pollution leads to harmful effects only on your skin, you need to know that your hair is equally vulnerable to the damage. If you think about it, our skin and hair are the first things that get exposed to pollution and UV damage. We try to protect our skin by applying sunscreen, but what can we do about our hair.


Many people believe that hair is a non-living entity which emerges through the scalp and it doesn’t get damaged the way our skin does. You may not experience sunburns symptoms on our hair the way we experience on our skin, the hair still gets damaged. If we fail to take measures for protecting our hair from sun, it could result in a dry, brittle, and dull mane. The damage worsens when you take a dip in the pool because of the drying effects that chlorine and salt have.


Hair is one of the most important aspects of a human body which defines our personality. However, many people ignore their hairstyle and only concentrate on their face and body to improve their appearance. Though on some people most hairstyle may work, they are missing out on the opportunity to choose the best hairstyle for them which can accentuate their looks.


Hair colouring has become a trend these days’. Earlier, it was only people with grey hair who used hair dye but these days’ people love to flaunt various colours on the hair. Apart from the traditional black and brown colours, people are choosing from a wide variety of fancy colours. Most of these colours require you to bleach your hair for them to show on your hair. This bleaching damages your hair up to a great extent.


Our hair is prone to a lot of damage because of our lifestyle and poor eating habits. Hectic schedules and professional commitments lead to stressful lives which impact your hair. Lack of nutrients, vitamins, and proteins also affect your hair. Apart from that, using harmful chemicals, strong shampoos, lack of conditioning and hair styling using flat iron or curls also damage your hair.


While most of the experts talk about hair care routine and tips, there is hardly any information about the scalp care. Even when you visit saloons, anyone rarely talks about the scalp condition and its significance in getting good hair. Mostly, no one takes the scalp seriously, and it remains ignored more often than not.