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Our hair is prone to a lot of damage because of our lifestyle and poor eating habits. Hectic schedules and professional commitments lead to stressful lives which impact your hair. Lack of nutrients, vitamins, and proteins also affect your hair. Apart from that, using harmful chemicals, strong shampoos, lack of conditioning and hair styling using flat iron or curls also damage your hair.


Shiny, strong, and long hair is everyone’s dream, but not everyone is naturally blessed with such healthy hair. Though it is important to take care of your hair externally, it is also important what you eat. Just like your diet affects your health, it also impacts the health of your hair. When you start making small yet significant changes in your diet, your hair quality also starts improving.


Everyone desires to have hair that makes others feel envious. Long shining hair with volume is a dream of every girl. As they say, Rome was not built in a day; you can’t achieve perfect hair overnight. You need to alter your hair care regimen. There are simple tricks and tips which can bring a massive improvement in your hair within a few days.