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Do you take good care of your hair in your routine? Come on, you cannot give attention to your hair only before a party or an outing; you have to give your hair proper attention in your day to day routine. Of course, hair care can mostly be challenging, especially if you are restricted on time, but keeping your hair healthy and stylish might help you feel more happy, confident, and attractive. Creating a hair care routine is easy and involves maintaining the health of the hair and applying advantageous products to your hair. Luckily your hair does not always demand attention every day and many things in a hair care routine can be done just once or twice a week.

You need to develop a routine 

Once you work on your daily hair care routine, you would find your hair smooth, sexy, stylish, and most importantly strong. You know before you develop your routine for hair care you have to know about your hair type. Every person has different hair, and it mostly needs to be treated and taken care of in diverse ways. Learn what kind of hair you have to take care of it in the finest way possible. It would be great if you go a few days with natural hair and that means not using any types of products, and witness what your hair tendencies are. You could find out that your hair is:

  • Normal
  • Oily
  • Dry
  • Straight
  • Curly
  • Fine
  • Wavy
  • Thick

Once you have found out your hair type, always treat your hair as per that. Your hair is likely to react differently than that of the hair of a friend to certain products and care.

How often do you wash your hair?

Wash your hair with keto scalp shampoo when it is essential. Many people think that they are required to wash their hair daily, but in truth, most of the hair types just need to wash their hair every other day or a couple of times a week. Depending on your hair type, it is better to wash your hair when it is dirty, not just out of habit.

  • In case you have dry hair then you should only wash it every third day
  • In case your hair is more oil-prone, try washing it every other day. However, if it looks oily after just one day you can wash it every single day. But it is a rare instant.
  • In case you have normal hair (not extremely dry and not extreme oily), you should wash your hair every other day or every three days
  • There is no ideal formula for how much you should wash your hair. Simply monitor your hair and wash it whenever you feel it’s getting muddy. Washing it extremely will avert the natural oils from restoring in your hair and that can harm your hair.

Do not wash hair with warm water 

Yes, you heard it right. You need to avoid washing hair with hot water. Hot water might strip your hair of defensive oils that serve as a natural conditioner. Once you wash your hair with lukewarm water you will stop losing any natural shine from your beautiful hair and will avoid dull hair.

The right time to use a comb 

You should use a comb only when your hair is wet. After you get out of the shower it can be alluring to run a brush through the hair, because it’s a quick way to get rid of tangles. However, a wide-tooth comb is the finest way to eradicate any knots post showering. A brush most of the time snags and pulls your hair, causing it to crack and turn out to be damaged. So, it is the time that you use a comb and starts at the bottom of your hair, and hence work your way up. But make sure that you are not too harsh on your hair. If you are harshly running the comb through your wet hair, you might end up breaking a good amount of hair.

Trim your hair frequently

Hair is prone to split ends and in case you go long periods in the absence of cutting your hair, it might look damaged and unhealthy. Try to cater your hair a trim every three months or so, and in case you are prone to split ends, make it a point to trim your hair every six weeks.

In case you think that visiting a salon frequently is too much trouble or too luxurious, trim your hair yourself. Invest in scissors for your hair and make use of a mirror that permits you to see the back of your head. It is easy to trim your hair when your hair is wet or straight so that you can experience even ends.

Allow your hair to air dry

You know blow dryers are a quick way to dry your hair, but the heat from the dryer might harm your hair follicles. It leads to dry, damaged hair. You must permit your hair to air dry whenever it is possible. Similarly, if you have to use a blow dryer then you have to stick to one that permits for a cooler setting.

Avoid messing with hair constantly

Since your hair already possesses natural oils, and so do your hands, constantly touching the hair or moving it out of the face might enhance those oils in your hair. It would make it look greasy. To evade this, the finest option is to get a haircut that is wieldy and won’t bother you across the day. Of course, it is one of the most important points if you want the best daily hair care routine.


Thus, once you follow all these important points, you would have a great experience. Your hair would stay healthy, strong, shiny, and most importantly silky. After all, your hair makes you look smart, sexy, and stylish. 


Do you think your beloved baby gets a fungal infection? Of course, it is painful to see your child weeping because of fungal infection. You can always ensure that your child is safe and his or her skin is clean and clear. If you have no idea about what these infections are then you know blemishes or rashes on the face can be uncomfortable and concerning and they are the fungus. So, If you feel that a rash on the face could be due to a yeast infection, then the good news is that this condition is treatable. Go through this blog to learn how to cure baby face fungal.

If you are thinking about how to treat fungus on baby skin then you read this write up till the end. You know both home remedies and prescriptions can treat a yeast infection on the face. And yes, you can even find Ketomac creams that are specifically made for kid’s fungus infection.

What really is a yeast or fungus infection?

This infection is triggered by an imbalance of Candida albicans, a kind of fungus that characteristically lives in moist areas of the body such as the genitals, mouth, and even skin. It is called a yeast infection because Candida is a kind of yeast. Yeast infections on the face skin are known as cutaneous candidiasis.

What really triggers a yeast infection on the face?

Fungus or yeast infections on the face are triggered by an overgrowth of Candida in the body. In most of the instances, a yeast infection on the face comes with yeast infections throughout the body. However, local yeast infections can emerge when an imbalance affects only one area of the body, including the face. Of course, since the immune system of a child is not too strong, he or she can become a victim of this fungus infection in no time. Common causes of a yeast or fungus imbalance on the face are like:

  • Licking around the mouth
  • lack of hygiene
  • excessive sweating
  • rough scrubbing
  • harsh facial products
  • facial tissue irritation

What are the symptoms of Facial yeast or fungus infection? 

These infections generally present as a red skin rash. This rash can sometimes be there with bumps or pustules. If the rash is located in the middle around the area of the mouth, then it might be a condition known as oral thrush that is a yeast infection of the mouth. Similarly, this rash can also be accompanied by things like:

  • itching
  • ulcers
  • pimples
  • burning
  • dry skin patches

Of course, it gets really irritating and annoying for a child and you have to be really careful with it. It gets important for you to know how to cure baby face fungus because it might not go away on its own.

How to diagnose baby face fungal infection?

Fungus infection can be effectively diagnosed by the doctor by a yeast test. Of course, the doctor, special medical experts for kids would evaluate the skin and take the measures that are needed. The doctor can hand you the ointment or cream that might help your child to get relief. However, you can also try out Ketomac cream that is especially for kids. You must read on the package and then select one. These are safe for children because they are meant for them.

What is the treatment of this infection?

You have to be careful always when treating facial rashes or skin conditions of your child. It is because the skin on the face is sensitive. You might experience reactions to medications or different treatments that you apply to the face of your child even if he or she does not have a reaction to other parts of the body. The point is you need to be prudent about everything because the face area is really sensitive. And not to forget, the body of a kid is equally sensitive and soft. Any harsh substance can ruin the skin extensively. There are medical treatments for fungus and yeast infections and these can be like:

  • Antifungal cream often has clotrimazole as the prime ingredient. You can choose keto mac creams as they are safe for the baby’s skin.
  • Antifungal lotion, mostly having tolnaftate as the proper ingredient
  • There are also oral antifungal

How can you prevent fungus infection in babies?

You know your baby is a new being and you have to be more careful about her or him. Of course, since their skin is too sensitive and soft; anything that has sharpness or dirt can have a bad impact on them. Moreover, the skin can go for a toss if you are not guarding it with proper creams and lotions. The world is too polluted and even a single dust particle can harm the skin, especially exposing the skin of your baby-like face extensively. It would be good if you make a cleaning regime for your child. In this way, you would ensure that the skin of your child is safe, guarded, and clean.

Is there anything in home cures apart from creams to treat fungus infection?

Yes, there are a few things that you can try for the fungus infection and these are like:

Coconut oil

This oil has various healing attributes and has been known to cater to proper relief for different skin conditions. It will also hydrate the skin of your baby.

Olive oil

Olive oil owns antifungal capabilities that can soothe the yeast infection as well as smooth the skin of your child.

Tea tree oil

It can be applied directly to the face or added to a cream or lotion to cater relief against facial yeast infection. Of course, these home remedies do work for the skin of your baby. But then if you find these not too effective then you can try out Ketomac cream that is specifically for baby fungus infection. Similarly, if the condition does not heal even after all this, you can speak with the child specialist’s doctor and find out what is wrong to cure baby face fungal!


Thus, since you know now how to treat baby face fungal infection, make sure that you stay vigilant and alert about the health of your child.


You might be having gorgeous hair, but they can go for a toss if you are not treating them well. You always have to take precautions to ensure that your hair gets treated most productively and effectively. When you look at people with those perfect hair locks and the blow-dried hair; you actually feel that is a cakewalk to do, right? Go through this blog to learn how to blow dry hair?

Well, if you don’t really know how to blow dry, you should learn now. You might be doing it all wrong all these years. Some people, later on, blame their products and shampoos that they use but do not really realize that their ways of tackling the hair also matter. It could seem like an easy task: fetch a blow-dryer, point, and go ahead and blast with heat. But there is the expertise behind it. And you could be making simple mistakes that are actually harming your hair even more than the look you carry. Well, the best way to know how to blow dry your hair is by maintaining a distance with the mistakes you might make. Once you eliminate the mistakes you would automatically know about how to blow dry hair.

Do Not Have to Own a Great Blow-Dryer!

You might be knowing that it is always important to have good quality hair blower but then it has nothing to do with the great products. You can go for a simple product that is qualitative and might not be too pricey or great. In case you have dense hair, then you might be harming your hair more with an inexpensive or really cheap blow-dryer as opposed to that of investing in a wonderful one that will guard your hair and blow-dry it in a quick way.

It is important to know that pricey dryers incline to come with hair-saving smart features such as high power, manifold heat settings, a cool shot, and apt air technology. The last one assists with frizz create shine and limits blow-dry time. The technology of ionic hair dryers that are used in good quality products helps break down water molecules in a quicker manner and it makes the hair dry faster. Remember that the less time your beloved hair is under heat and the more power over control you have over the temperature, the better and healthier it is going to be.

Are you spending too long with your hair wrapped in your towel?

You know once you get out of the shower, women incline to leave their hair in the towel for somewhat thirty minutes. You know a cotton-based towel does trigger friction on the hair, and it is a lot more prone to damaging the strands to the extent where the hair breaks off. Remember in case you wish to get rid of excess water, it is better to use a microfiber towel like an old, clean t-shirt. And still, you just have to spend nearly ten minutes with your head wrapped up post-shampoo. There is absolutely no need to keep it wrapped for thirty-forty minutes. The longer; the bitter it would be for your hair. It is the right way to blow dry hair. The finest thing for the health of your hair is actually allowing it air-dry before you do blow-dry. It is important to underline in your mind that your hair is in its most susceptible state when wet, so permitting it to air-dry is always the healthiest and most effective option.

Here make sure that you blow-dry your hair as per your texture. You know fine-to-medium hair might air-dry a bit longer, to nearly eighty percent dryness, whereas talking about thicker hair, they should only be nearly fifty percent dry before blow-drying. It is simply because you have a better chance of getting full hair straight or curly hair while it is still a little moist.

In case you have curly or wavy hair and wish to improve your natural texture, then you need to add up the product when it is absolutely wet, squeeze out the surplus with your hands, and wrap it up in a gentle manner in a microfiber towel or t-shirt. Once the curls cease to drip, you can begin to blow-drying.

Are you starting in with the brush too soon? 

It is really a bad habit to immediately walk out of the bath or shower and pick up the blow-dryer and round brush for your blowout. It is suggested that you use a dryer to rough dry hair first. You can set it to medium heat and minimum speed. In case your hair is extremely wet and placed on high speed, then it might get whipped around a lot. It can trigger split ends, tangles, and even that of frizz. Once the hair gets nearly eighty percent dry from the rough dry, then you can immediately start sectioning it, forming it, and styling it with your round brush.

What type of brush do you use?

If you think any brush would do then you are mistaken. When talking about picking a brush, the kind you use must depend on the results you are looking for and your hair kind. In a typical sense, a round brush is the most stylists favorite for a big, bouncy look. But you always have choices when it comes to the material of brush bristles. If you are a woman with straight hair and you want movement then you can go for ceramics as they are great. Then if you are a person who looks for smoothness but has coarse, tightly curled hair, boar bristle is the main ingredient to provide the right amount of tension required to achieve that softness. Of course, once you bring a different brush that you use, you would get the best results. Your hair can get damaged because of your wrong choice of brush.


Thus, no matter if you use Ketomac dandruff shampoo for ensuring dandruff free hair or you have plenty of hairbrushes at home; you have to be careful about how you blow-dry your hair. A wrong-way is always the wrong way and harms your hair!


It is quite common for hair color to change as folk’s age. But grey or white hair might appear at almost any time during life. Even teenagers and people in their twenties might notice strands of white hair. You know the human body owns millions of hair follicles or tiny sacs lining skin. The follicles generate hair and color or pigment cells that have melanin. Over time, hair follicles do lose the pigment cells, ending up in grey or white hair color.

Instant facts about white hair:

  • Averting white hair relies on its cause.
  • Smoking has long been linked up with premature greying.
  • Vitamin deficiencies can activate hair to turn white prematurely.

If you are thinking about how to stop grey hair then you do not have to worry. The good news is that there are provisions and methods to prevent premature greying. You can always get the best out of your treatments and things you use once you know about the causes of your issue…

What are the causes of grey hair?

There can be plenty of causes besides age that ends up in the hair turning white. White and grey hairs can begin to grow at any age, and might even be caused by a range of various factors. Any kinds of deficiencies of vitamin B-6, B-12, biotin, also vitamin D, or vitamin E can have a role in pre-maturing greying.

Your genetics 

 Premature greying of an individual’s hair is hugely connected to genetics. Similarly, race and ethnicity even play roles. Premature greying in white people might start as early as the age of 20, while an individual can be as young as twenty-five years old amidst Asians, talking about African-Americans populations, it can be thirty or so as per a study.

Oxidative stress

Though greying is most of the time genetic, oxidative stress in the body might play a part when the process happens prematurely. Oxidative stress activates imbalances once antioxidants are not adequate to counteract the harmful effects of free radicals. Free radicals are uneven molecules that damage the cells, contributing to aging and even illness. Moreover, too much oxidative stress is surely going to endorse the development of ailments, including the skin-pigment issue of vitiligo. Vitiligo could also turn the hair white as a result of melanin cell death or even the loss of cell working. Of course, once you know about how to prevent grey hair, you can do that to a great extent. By the end of this post, you would get to know about the remedies.

Specific types of medical conditions

There are medical conditions like autoimmune diseases that might enhance a person’s risk for greying early. Researchers have found that there is a link between hair abnormalities and thyroid dysfunction. Similarly, white hair is even common in alopecia areata that is an autoimmune skin condition that activates hair loss on scalp, face, and even that of other areas of the body. When the hair grows back, it tends to be white because of a deficiency of melanin.

Stress of Real-life 

It is commonly observed that stress could lead to hair getting white prematurely. However, studies have not determinedly proved this. There are opposing research studies on real-life stress, such as that activated by injury, leading to premature greying. Another study discovered that the cells responsible for hair color might be depleted once the body gets under stress. Other studies displayed that while stress might play a part, it is only a tiny part of a huger picture where illness and other factors do contribute.

Extensive Smoking 

A well-known study showed that smokers are 2 1/2 times more possible to begin greying before age thirty as that of non-smokers. Another study showed that smoking is linked with prematurely white hair in young men.

Chemical hair dyes 

Different chemical hair dyes and hair products, even shampoos, and conditioners might contribute to premature hair greying. Several of these items possess harmful ingredients that diminish melanin. Hydrogen peroxide that is in various hair dyes is one such risky chemical. Extreme use of items that bleach hair is also going to eventually trigger it to turn white.

Prevention and remedies 

If you are thinking about how to avoid premature grey hair then read on. Remember in case genetics or aging is the reason for your greying hair, then, unfortunately, can avert or reverse the procedure. However, treating greying hair could allow color pigmentation to return if the loss is because of any medical condition. Similarly, once diet and vitamin deficiencies are the cause of prematurely white hair, rectifying these could reverse the issue or cease it from worsening.

Taking more antioxidants

Eating a diet with a wealth of antioxidant-rich foods, like that of different vegetables and fruits, might be helpful to avert hair from greying. The diet plays a critical part in avoiding white hair. A diet rich in antioxidants will eradicate oxidative stress. Some of the antioxidant-rich foods can be listed as:

  • fresh fruits and vegetables
  • olive oil
  • green tea
  • fish

Working on the deficiencies

If you have white hair as a result of a vitamin deficiency then you should take up more foods loaded with such vitamins. As an example, seafood, eggs, and meats are great sources of vitamin B-12, and that of salmon, milk, and cheese are excellent sources of vitamin D.


This is available as a fruit in Indian grocery stores. It might also be discovered as a powder or that of the supplement. It is easily available in a store. The powder might be blended with coconut oil and applied right away to the scalp.

Black tea

You know black tea can make hair darker, shinier, and softer. It might be used by steeping 3 to 5 tea bags in two cups of boiling water, cooling, and adding to your clean, wet hair. Tea can also be mixed with conditioner. You can leave it in your hair for an hour and then rinse.


Thus, whether you use Ketomac, the best dandruff shampoo color-treated hair, or any other product; once you also be prudent about everything told in this post; you can get rid of your greying hair or avoid white hair.


In case, you feel only women love their hair then you are mistaken. Men have a deep-rooted love with their hair. The deep and serious looks they give and the charming personality they carry; it all is possible only because of their hair. If you think men don’t do much about their hair, then you are mistaken. You should definitely look for these hair care tips for men to be awesome.

You should take steps to ensure that your hair stays healthy, effective, and smooth.  If you have dandruff, go ahead and check out how to fight with dandruff. After all, dandruff cannot steal your delightful looks or good-looking personality. Thick or thin, long or short, curly or straight – even men’s hair demands regular and proper maintenance. Those blue eyes, shiny skin, or gorgeous jawline won’t be enticing if you are not taking care of your hair. Your hair compliments your looks and you cannot afford to lose their innate beauty and quality. The following are the things guys should keep in mind to deal with hair.

Don’t over-wash

Since men usually have short hair, they have a misconception of washing their hair regularly. They feel it is not an additional task and so why not wash hair daily, right? But by doing such a thing, men harm their hair. You should not wash more than three or maximum four times a week. If you do over wash, you end up destroying the natural oil of your hair. When you properly wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner in a limit; you avoid losing the natural oil from your scalp. 


How do you dry up your hair?

Yes, there always is a technique to dry your hair properly. Wet hair inclines to be vulnerable and weaker to damage. So you must avoid rubbing your hair after washing as it shall lead to extreme breakage. Instead what you can do is, just pat dry it to evade any type of stress on your scalp.

Limit the hair products you use 

If you use too much hair wax, hair gel, and hair spray, or any other type of hair product, it makes your hair appear unnatural and heavy. You should use the least amount of these products when talking about styling your hair in the right way. You can use the shampoos or conditioners that you use to wash your hair but it would be good, you avoid the other products. For example, you can have glorified moments in a party because of that gel on your hair but the consequences of the gel won’t be pleasing.


Beware of Extensive heat

It is important to evade exposing your hair too much to the heat. You must avoid using hair dryers for drying the hair. Allow them to dry up naturally. It may take some time but it would avert your hair from getting curled. Even if you are using a hairdryer, make sure that you keep it on fewer heat levels.

Thus, once you keep all these above things in mind, you can preserve the health and quality of your hair. Similarly, don’t forget to experience the Ketomac shampoo benefits too. A right shampoo is always an added perk!