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Your hair can be a victim of hair fall. If you think that your hair is falling because of seasonal change, then that would be merely a consolation. You are simply comforting yourself and nothing else. There are different reasons behind hair fall and not all of them are related to seasonal changes. It might be due to poor scalp health or even improper blood circulation and more importantly dandruff. It is high time that you find out the reason for your hair fall. In fact, it has been seen that most of the people face the condition of hair fall because of dandruff. Actually, you know dandruff does not cause hair loss, but in case, your dandruff is supplemented with itching and you always find yourself scratching, then the hair fall is mainly because of the scratching part. Every time you scratch your head, your hair falls. Though many tend to ignore the warning signs that this indicates, it is important to act on it and act on it now! And so, you urgently need to put a stop to hair fall and dandruff, but how?

The link between hair fall and dandruff

As mentioned earlier, dandruff does not directly cause hair to fall. Everybody sheds some hair strands regularly. In fact, it has been seen that on average people tend to shed more than 50-100 strands of hair per day! No need to get alarmed because it is quite normal. However, dandruff poses a greater threat. How? When a person has dandruff, their hair falls at a faster rate. The problem with dandruff is that it weakens the hair strands from their roots which in turn makes them brittle and they keep on falling off so easily. There is one very important thing to note here –the white flakes are not the only symptom of dandruff. People also have to deal with several other things, like redness, itching, irritation, and dryness. Dandruff comes with a lot of problems and can be quite irritating as well if not treated properly. When one has dandruff, people tend to scratch a lot. Scratching is actually the most harmful part since it is the major reason behind hair-fall. They end up making the roots of the hair weak. Therefore, they become more prone to falling off. This is precisely why dandruff could eventually lead to hair fall; hence a lot of people look for the solution to overcome this. And if you are experiencing the same problems then you will need a solution to know how to stop hair fall and dandruff!

Certainly, you can find some excellent natural shampoos to fight hair fall and these would give you relief within a week. However, there are some helpful and effective hair fall prevention home remedies that might be effective for you too, to stop hair fall and dandruff. These are listed below:

Change your lifestyle habits

Stress worsens hair loss and it leads to scalp issues. It would be good if you take at least eight hours of sleep every night and avoid extreme temperatures. Similarly, you should allow your hair air-dry. The less you stretch and pull it, the firmer the roots stay. You should use a blow dryer only when necessary to remove heat-related scalp stress. Equally, it would be good if you stay away from hairspray and gel that can cause scalp dryness, irritation, and much more and it leads to extensive hair fall. Remember the lesser the stress, the lesser the hair fall. You can also add yoga and meditation as a part of your daily routine if you want to stay stress-free. This will help your hair health, physical health, and mental health as well, which is why it is one of the most effective and beneficial practices to incorporate into your daily routine.

Clean up Your Hair 

It is important to rinse your hair minimum twice a week. In case, you regularly expose your hair to sunlight and dust particles, then three times is going to be required. Remember that a clean and fresh scalp is the enemy for any amount of dandruff. You can use medicated shampoos that work well with your scalp. But if you are allergic to shampoos, then you can opt for natural ones. These would keep your hair smooth, scalp clean, and hygienic. The trick is to keep your hair as clean as possible. If you feel that you are not being able to effectively cleanse your hair then you can always head out to a parlor with shampoo or natural ingredient of your choice and ask them to rinse your hair for you. Clean your scalp and hair to stop hair fall due to dandruff.

Coriander juice

Some natural ingredients work wonders when it comes to treating your hair. Coriander possesses essential vitamins and protein for the hair that assist your hair to not only cease hair fall but also start the growth of fresh hair once again. Its leaves are extremely well used in the Indian kitchens to make curries, cereals, and even a specific garnish over salads. You only have to get some elements of coriander branches with leaves lenient in nature. You need to make a paste from it by using some water. Extract the juice and apply the stuff over your scalp wherein dandruff is observed. You have to keep this coriander juice over the scalp for an hour and then just wash it with shampoo.

One of the most difficult things when it comes to treating your hair right and cleaning it is choosing the right shampoo. When it comes to something as serious as dandruff, which is a persistent problem, then you need to target the problem and get a shampoo accordingly, much like the Ketomac shampoo!

Ketomac shampoo and its benefits

What is it that makes Ketomac one of the best shampoos that you can use for fighting dandruff? Well, to begin with, it contains Ketoconazole, which is its primary ingredient, and do you know what it is good at – fighting dandruff and protecting and reinvigorating your scalp health. Once your scalp health is protected, it prevents the formation of dandruff which in turn gives your scalp just the right amount of protection against it. Its many qualities also help in protecting the roots of your hair which makes the strands stronger and less prone to damage and breakage in the long run. If you have been facing dandruff problems for quite some time now, then it is best that you start using this shampoo and you will be able to see the change is just about a few weeks!

Thus, you can choose the best hair fall and dandruff shampoo like Ketomac for your hair-care. The natural shampoo would nourish your hair and freshen up your scalp effectively. Always remember, healthy happy hair is always dandruff free hair!


You know every one of you experiences hair fall right? Well, no matter what is the cause of your hair fall, the reality is you are experiencing your hair locks getting withered. Well, you should take proper precautions to ensure that your hair is safe, healthy, effective, and absolutely amazing. What is the point if every time you comb your hair or simply touch your hair and you are handed with a bunch of hair? That would be really heart-piercing and heart-aching, right? Go through this blog to stop hair loss due to medication.

If you have a question like how to stop hair loss due to medication, the answer is normal; look for the things that are apt for your hair. As said before also, rather than concentrating too much on the causes, make sure that you incline towards the solutions. But again, it is always good to know causes too so as to ensure that you know what might be triggering the hair loss in your case.

A few of the many causes of hair loss

Hormonal Imbalance

After the age of thirty, women can experience hormonal imbalance and that can cause hair loss. This is generally caused by excessive dihydrotestosterone (DHT) conversion. Even though estrogen is the chief hormone that women produce, testosterone, and other androgens like that of DHEA also emerge in the female body. As women reach a specific age, they might even begin to convert these androgens to DHT.

Nutritional shortages

It might be possible that essential nutrients may be missing from your diets such as iron, zinc copper, and proteins. The deficiency of vitamin D is another reason for hair loss. In order to evade this, make sure to get out and absorb some sun.

Birth Control Pills and medications

Certainly, different types of medications including birth control pills can trigger hair loss. The hormones in the pill that overpower ovulation can trigger hair to thin, mainly in women having a family history of hair loss. Sometimes hair loss might also occur when you stop taking the pill. Other drugs linked up with hair loss are blood thinners and medicines that do treat high blood pressure, heart disease, arthritis, and also depression. You have to be really careful about what you are consuming and if it is the reason for your hair fall. Once you know the reason, you can start up with your solution.

Thyroid matters

In case the thyroid gland, which is at the front of the neck, generates excessive or an insufficient amount of thyroid hormone, then the hair growth cycle could change. However, in case you do have a thyroid issue, you are going to notice other symptoms along with hair loss such as weight gain or even that of loss, sensitivity to cold or heat, and alterations in heart-rate.

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)

Females having polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) have a hormonal imbalance that creates higher levels of androgens than normal. It even causes hair to grow on the face and also body, while the hair on the head gets really thinner. PCOS can also head to ovulation problems, acne, and also extensive weight gain.

Extensive Stress

Extreme stress can trigger sudden hair loss and that could last for several months. Minimizing stress through exercise, meditation yoga and different types of massages will diminish your chances of experiencing hair loss.

Different Hairstyling products

Over-treated hair can head to hair loss due to the toxic chemicals that are discovered in dyes and styling products. Similarly, nearly all shampoos possess Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) that has a toxic effect on your immune system and has been believed to corrode hair follicles and hamper hair growth. It is sensible to stick to natural shampoos and dyes.

Medical conditions

Whether you want to prevent hair loss due to medication or because of any other reason, make sure that you start using the hair products that are specifically for solving the issue of hair fall. Once you use products like Ketomac shampoos, creams, and stuff; you would find relief in your hair fall regime. Anyhow, for now, have a look at a few of the medical conditions that might also be having a role in shedding your hair.

  • Telogen effluvium: Usual shedding from all over the head:

You typically lose some 100 hairs a day but sometimes shedding hurries due to stress, illness, medication, or even that of hormones. Hair generally grows back inside six months.

  • Androgenetic alopecia

In females, hair usually things in the top, frontal area, just behind the hairline, but stays dense at the back. An enzyme triggers the conversion of the male sex hormone testosterone to another hormone, dihydrotestosterone (DHT), triggering the hair follicles to generate thinner hair until they cease.

  • Alopecia areata

an autoimmune ailment that affects up to two percent of the population. It triggers round patches of hair loss and can head to total baldness. In various cases, the hair regrows.

  • Aging

As you age, the rate at which your hair grows inclines to slow down. Hair strands get smaller and have less pigment and hair turn out to be thinner, finer, and even grey. In order to keep your hair healthy, it is important that you eat whole foods which help to keep your body youthful, as well as the hair. If you have prematurely grey hair, you can go for supplements that might be of help.

  • The issue of Genetics

Hair loss that is genetic is called androgenetic alopecia and is known to be the simplest cause of hair loss. The gene can be inherited from either your father’s or mother’s side of the family, though you are more likely to have it in case both of your parents had hair loss.


Well, can dandruff cause hair loss? Yes, it can if it gets extensive. It differs from people to people. There are cases when people lose their hair because of extensive dandruff and end up bald or with thinned hair.


Thus, since you know the causes now, make sure that you avoid the things that might trigger hair fall issues. Moreover, also ensure that you use the right products like Ketomac products for hair fall prevention.


Have you ever thought that you are one of those individuals who have extensive hair fall? Do you give any attention to your hair type or issues? Being a male does not mean you don’t have to take care of your hair fall in male. Of course, hair has always been too much a womanly thing because of the glamour that it attaches to her beauty but it cannot be denied that hair stands bland for men. The point is if you are suffering from hair fall, you cannot simply let it continue. Figure out what is happening with your hair and from where the issue is triggering.

You should try to find out the reasons for hair fall in male and then pick the solutions that suit you the best. What is the point if you are already getting bald in your twenties or thirties? Such a thing would not just hit your confidence and morale but also distinctly tarnish your looks too. Don’t get panic if you are experiencing hair fall in your life, it can be dealt with successfully if you know the reasons and way outs.

There can be many reasons behind your falling hair but some of the most obvious once can be like:

 Illness or surgery 

In case you have undergone major surgery in recent times or you are recovering from a grave ailment, hair loss could be seen as normal. Some people experience and witness a dramatic degree of hair loss right after some weeks of their major surgery or after a serious illness. Maybe the level of hair loss could seem excessive, it is nothing more than a reaction to a particular event and hair will get back to normal after the duration of time. Certainly, you would not have to panic in this instance because you know your operation or injury has landed you in such a situation and it is not permanent. Sooner or later you would get your gush of spectacular hair back.


There are different anticoagulants and many chemotherapy medicines that get used in treatments of ailments like cancer. These are well known for triggering the issue of hair loss. You know what the good news here is that your hair generally gets back once the medication ceases. Similarly, there can be antidepressants too that might also be resulting in hair loss and extensive vitamin A can have the same impact. Certainly, this is one prominent reason for men’s hair fall and should not be overlooked.

Hormonal Imbalances 

Hormones have always been a player in a maximum of issues that you face in your life. The impact you in ways that you don’t even expect. You know testosterone is a hormone that every male has heard of. It is something that is the reason for muscular growth, deeper voices, and that of sex drive, amidst different other things. Once your body converts testosterone to the less effective dihydrotestosterone (DHT), you might experience hair loss. DHT outbreaks and shrinks hair follicles and end up in the result of hair thinning or hair loss.

The increasing Stress 

Stress has become the main issue in our lives today. In case you are someone who has been under extensive pressure at your work or home, then you might be in a position to blame your hair loss issue on stress. Certainly, you might not take it seriously but massive physical or emotional stress can trigger far-reaching hair to stop growing in a normal manner. But you are lucky enough if you are a victim of hair fall because of stress and this is the reason that stress does not cause hair to fall permanently. It is just a provisional phase and you can get over it.

Issues related to Thyroid 

Patients having hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism mostly experience hair loss. It is because of a speeding up of the adaptation of testosterone to DHT. Even the fellows who are going through the thyroid treatment are not resistant from the hair loss linked up with their situation. Certainly, if you are experiencing extensive hair loss you would not have to be nervous about it. You can count on the Best shampoo for hair fall and dandruff and they might rescue you from this awful condition.


Have you ever heard of Alopecia? You know Alopecia areata is a state that can also be triggered by stress. It triggers hair to fall out in the round bulks on the scalp and elsewhere on your body. It is because of your immune system getting violent to your hair follicles. You know what around five percent of people having alopecia are going to lose hair on their whole scalp. In a typical sense, the hair grows back, but it would be obvious for the hair loss to repeat.

Random reasons 

Again if you have been a victim of fungal infections then too you might be experiencing hair fall. It might take your interest that there are fungal infection conditions that can all end up in hair loss. Similarly, if you are losing hair then it might also signal some primary problems such as that of diabetes or that of lupus. Similarly, genetics can also be a prominent reason for hair fall. If your father or grandfather or any uncles in your family have been a victim of hair loss, it can come down to you for sure.

You know since it is not always possible to find out the cause of your hair loss, it would always be helpful to take medical advice to find out the cause of hair fall in males.


Thus, you need to take a sigh of relief because you can always find out the solutions and tips to stop hair fall and dandruff. The right solution at the right time will heal you. Certainly, it is always good to treat your hair timely to cherish their existence for the rest of your life.


It is difficult to keep ourselves away from harmful pollution. If you thought the pollution leads to harmful effects only on your skin, you need to know that your hair is equally vulnerable to the damage. If you think about it, our skin and hair are the first things that get exposed to pollution and UV damage. We try to protect our skin by applying sunscreen, but how to protect hair from pollution?

When we expose ourselves to pollution, tiny particles of soot and grime along with smoke and fumes settle on our heads and cause dryness, breakage, and itchy scalp. Our hair is vulnerable every time you are outside for outdoor workout or commute. Pollution can cause many hair woes such as hair fall. To combat the situation, you can use Ketomac shampoo hair fall which shows positive results within a few days of use.

Here’s a look at the effective tips to protect your hair from pollution:

Cover your hair

Make efforts to minimize exposure to air pollution when you are out. Tie your hair with a hairband and try to cover your hair with a scarf. This is more important for women with colored hair. The cuticles of the hair are prone to extensive sun damage which is the main cause of dullness and dryness. This can be helpful if you reside in a windy area. Being aware of the surroundings and climatic conditions can help in combating the negative effects on your hair.

Choose styling products carefully

Heavy styling products such as mousses, thickening cream, and hair sprays attract more pollutants to your hair. If you want to build upon your hair strands and scalp, you need to consider opting for lightweight products.

Avoid stepping out with oily or wet hair

When your hair is wet or oily they will attract dirt particles and dust which will stick to your hair and make them dirty.

Spray a hair sunscreen

You can find a quality hair sunscreen from the market which can help in protecting your hair from the harmful UV rays and heat. It also helps the hair in retaining its texture and shine.

Take steam

You must steam your hair once a week or 10 days as it helps in opening the pores of the scalp which gets your hair rid of any deep-rooted polluted particles.

Shampoo and condition regularly

It is recommended to use a gentle shampoo that cleanses your hair but doesn’t dry your hair and scalp. It is important to keep your hair clean so that your hair and scalp don’t become oily and attract dirt. You can use shampoo Ketomac as it is a clinically approved shampoo that keeps your hair and scalp healthy.


Apart from external care, you must consume fish, nuts, yogurt, fresh fruits, and leafy vegetables for a healthy hair care routine.

It is recommended to buy Ketomac anti-hair fall anti-dandruff shampoo as it is one of the best shampoos for all your hair issues. It promotes healthy hair and scalp and helps you achieve strong and shining hair.