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Your hair can be a victim of hair fall. If you think that your hair is falling because of seasonal change, then that would be merely a consolation. You are simply comforting yourself and nothing else. There are different reasons behind hair fall and not all of them are related to seasonal changes. It might be due to poor scalp health or even improper blood circulation and more importantly dandruff. It is high time that you find out the reason of your hair fall. In fact it has been seen that most of the people face the condition of hair fall because of dandruff. Actually, you know dandruff does not cause hair loss, but in case, your dandruff is supplemented with itching and you always find yourself scratching, then the hair fall is mainly because of the scratching part. Every time you scratch your head, your hair falls. Though many tend to ignore the warning signs that this indicates, it is important to act on it and act on it now! And so, you urgently need to put a stop to hair fall and dandruff, but how?


You know every one of you experience hair fall right? Well, no matter what is the cause of your hair fall, the reality is you are experiencing your hair locks getting withered. Well you should take proper precautions to ensure that your hair is safe, healthy, effective and absolutely amazing. What is the point if every time you comb your hair or simply touch your hair and you are handed with a bunch of hair? That would be really heart piercing and heart aching right? Go through this blog to stop hair loss due to medication.


Have you ever thought that you are one of those individuals who have extensive hair fall? Do you give any attention to your hair type or issues? Being a male does not mean you don’t have to take care of your hair fall in male. Of course, hair has always been too much a womanly thing because of the glamour that it attaches to her beauty but it cannot be denied that hair stands bland for men. The point is if you are suffering from hair fall, you cannot simply let it continue. Figure out what is happening with your hair and from where the issue is triggering.


It is difficult to keep ourselves away from harmful pollution. If you thought the pollution leads to harmful effects only on your skin, you need to know that your hair is equally vulnerable to the damage. If you think about it, our skin and hair are the first things that get exposed to pollution and UV damage. We try to protect our skin by applying sunscreen, but how to protect hair from pollution?