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Have you been scratching your head a bit quite often? Are you observing kind of tiny flakes? Well, before things get worse; you should do something about it. There are always solutions and remedies if you care. You can always come across fantastic products and ways to deal with your hair and scalp conditions. There is plenty of shampoo for dandruff and itchy scalp too. 

In case an itchy scalp is getting on your nerves then you should pick the best shampoo for dandruff and itchy scalp like Ketomac. These shampoos are effective and game-changing. These have the ingredients to kick away all the itchiness and dandruff.

Change Your Shampoo

Shampoos having the harmful chemicals may be gratifyingly sudsy, but these can also turn out to be dehydrating on your scalp. These shampoos can even become a reason for irritation and redness. But if you have switched to shampoo like Ketomac i.e. best anti-dandruff shampoo for women/ladies, these would give you rewarding results, and that too, without any side-effects. You won’t encounter any hitch or challenge in their presence. Use them whenever you wash your hair, and you would get the results pretty soon.

Look for Home Remedies

Many home remedies could be useful in getting rid of itchy scalp. Combine it with the best shampoo for dandruff and itchy scalp in India, and the results will be outstanding. Many go for baking soda as it contains antibacterial and antifungal properties. It could be very advantageous in preventing itchiness, hair fall, and infection. Olive oil is another agent with anti-inflammatory properties that could be useful in healing infection and itchiness. Tea tree oil is a great essential oil that contains antibacterial and antifungal properties to moisturize and nourish the scalp. It can be applied directly to the scalp to soothe an itchy scalp. Coconut oil has always been a great remedy for treating fungal infections and itchiness. It also helps in balancing moisture. Using natural remedies along with the right shampoo could lead to profound benefits.

Give It A Proper Rinse 

It is important to always end your conditioning and shampoo session with a proper water rinse. The water should be cold! It would equally be good if you wash it until the entire product disappears. There is no need to rush because that would do no good and end up in disappointments only. Sometimes people do wash their hair with the shampoos but in their hurriedness, they simply half-wash it, and the shampoo or soap stays therein. Such a thing also contributes to itchy skin. So, make sure that you wash your hair completely and patiently.


You need to oil up

The way you find those rough patches or dry skin on your body because of lack of oil or moisture; your scalp too demands to pamper. So, if you are not taking proper precautions for your skin; you might be harming your scalp and hair.

Eat an adequate amount of healthy fats like avocados, oily fish, and nuts, and so on. Similarly, it would be better if you invest in day-to-day conditioning masks or oil treatments both for your precious scalp and hair. Oil is important for the dryness to go.



Use Brush for your hair

In case, you have tried many different things, but your hair stripes still flake, then it is the time that you think about a change. You are a victim of dandruff that simply means that the scalp is over-fabricating fresh skin cells and shedding an additional of old ones. If you are not finding any solutions then you need to switch to brushing. When you brush up your hair instead of combing it extensively; you might find a change for the better. And yes, don’t forget Ketomac is the best shampoo for dandruff in India is always there for you. It will work for you. You must try it out if you haven’t tried it yet.

Thus, the above said are few ways that can help you to keep itchy skin and dandruff at a bay. Don’t compromise with your precious hair and pick the shampoos like Ketomac that give you results to see!

Misinformation Contributes to Health Problems

Growing misinformation regarding safety is contributing to health problems. People just don’t take responsibility for themselves, and therefore suffer from different diseases. Hair issues were becoming very common in the 21st century. It is common for people to have head lice, dandruff, hair loss, alopecia, ringworm, psoriasis, eczema, and other skin problems. Even children today experience severe hair loss, which reflects the quality of our lives. The biggest reason for and solution for these issues can be our lifestyle. When our lifestyle is healthy, we can handle it, and if it’s bad, we will develop such diseases. Dandruff like hair illnesses can be the result of some root cause or dryness. In India, there are many shampoos to control dandruff. Out of which the best shampoo for itchy scalp India is the Ketomac shampoo.

Dandruff particularly affects the scalp by rendering it rough and flaccid. Flakiness is followed by mild itchiness, but the itchiness can sometimes be severe, and inflammation can also occur. Dandruff is a term used in the scalp with extreme dryness and dryness. It can come with some frustration. Many extreme cases of dandruff include severe itchiness in the scalp and irritation. Those are the dandruff signs that suggest its existence. Dandruff can be very disheartening because it continues to return. Dandruff can become the result of the angry and oily epidermis, dry skin, impoverished shampoo, infestation with the fungus, responsiveness to certain products, skin diseases such as psoriasis and eczema. The side effects can be easily treated with a few lotions or home remedies. Instead of drugs, often people rely on home remedies as they trust in the stuff, they make themselves.

Home remedies are home-made, typically natural, cures for a disease with a combination of scientifically established ingredients. Turmeric milk, for example, has properties that heal wounds and is also a home remedy for minor injuries.

Some Home Dandruff Remedies are Mentioned Below:

  • Apply tea tree oil: You can do magic by massaging the skin with tea tree oil. Miraculously it was known to cure skin disorders such as acne and psoriasis. The anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties are very helpful in eradicating dandruff from its heart.
  • Coconut oil is used: coconut oil is known for its hydration properties. It does take away the flaccid skin and eliminates all the symptoms of psoriasis and eczema. Along with all these, it also reduces dandruff and other sorts of dry skin.
  • Consider aloe vera: Aloe is a perfect ingredient for your recipe for the home remedy. It is antibacterial and antifungal which reduces the inflammation and ultimately dandruff.
  • Calm down: tension will raise your immune system’s strength, which allows the pathogens to cause dandruff. Reducing stress may render the immune system to work again and can relieve the effects of dandruff.

With dandruff, there are several herbal treatments, but ultimately everybody comes back to using shampoos. Because the signs are handled over longer periods and can be used as preventive measures. Any store offers the best anti-dandruff shampoo in India. The treatment aims to combat dandruff and to win the battle against it.

Additives Functions Better Against Dandruff:

If you are looking for the best shampoo for dandruff and itchy scalp in India or another drug, then these are the additives that better function against dandruff:

  • Ketoconazole: This product has antifungal effects that help to cure dandruff without removing some infection. It also cleans off the dry skin. Ketomac shampoo has ketoconazole as one of its most important ingredients.
  • Selenium sulfide: reduces the production of oils and thereby decreases dandruff caused by excess oil production.
  • Zinc pyrithione: it hinders yeast production. Yeast can be one of the causes of dandruff. Yeast treatment will avoid dandruff.
  • Tea tree oil: it is renowned for its antimicrobial and antifungal properties which have proved to be very effective for dandruff. It’s not easy to find certain assets.

Ketomac Shampoo

For your medicated shampoo all these additives are good as they address the source and then the effect. Ketomac is India’s best-medicated Dandruff Shampoo. It is quite popular for its different properties, which can be very good for treating dandruff. The treatment operates by treating the source of dandruff, so it also removes the effects. It is popular with people of all ages because it is easy to use. Ketomac shampoo has ketoconazole as its principal ingredient. Ketoconazole is used to combat Malassezia, a naturally growing fungus. It is a fungus that occurs naturally on human skin. Dandruff people have high amounts of this fungus which contributes to dandruff. Ketoconazole interferes with the development of ergosterol which is a vital component of the fungal cell wall.

It breaks down the cell wall which causes the fungus to die. Similarly, It handles the flakiness, itchiness, and other dandruff symptoms including inflammatory response. It is a very good dandruff medication and must be used as well as directed by your doctor for other issues. Because of its unique and effective formula, it has proven to be very helpful in combating dandruff. Though, this shampoo has some side effects, such as a burning sensation, seborrheic dermatitis, and dry hair. If this shampoo has any sensitive reaction, then you should stop using it. Prevent any contact with mucous membranes such as skin, ears, and nose.


If you wonder which shampoo is best for dandruff in India, then try the Ketomac shampoo as its specific ingredients are very powerful. Thanks to its quality and reasonable price its success is growing every day. The bulk of the approaches you see around it are immediate. Most of them work for whatever time but the dreaded dandruff peaks back as soon as you stop using them. Such remedies make you feel happy for a while, but you should realize that your worst fear about losing dandruff will come true one day. Such problems may cause anything that ranges from dandruff to baldness. Dandruff may not sound like a big deal, but it can sometimes be very distracting. This is because it comes back again and again. One can conclude that Ketomac is the best scalp shampoo in India.


Haircare problems and men? Not two terms that you are most likely to hear together, or at least would not have a decade or two ago. However, times have changed now, and more and more men are being prompted to take care of their skin and hair as well and they should. Just like maintaining any other body part, every man needs to make sure that they take care of their hair and skin health as well! Go through this article to know more on Anti Dandruff Shampoo for Men.

And to begin with a fun fact – men are more likely to develop dandruff because they have 50% more active sebum-producing glands than women have. That means, they have a higher tendency to have loose dead skin cells on their heads, which often come together to form dandruff. Dandruff is also caused by the oiliness present on the scalp. This oiliness acts as the breeding ground for bacteria, fungi, and other microbes. To avoid this, you will have to maintain a well-formulated hair care routine and you will also need to be very particular about the products that you use on your hair. To be more precise, the best dandruff shampoo for men in India.

While it’s true that excess oil on the scalp can cause dandruff, it is also a fact that the lack of oil on the scalp can also cause dry dandruff flakes to develop. This is especially true in the case of men as they are heavy users of hair sprays and gels that often contribute towards dryness of the scalp. Dryness of the scalp is something that you will be able to detect quite easily, because of the constant irritation that results from it. If you ignore it then it can easily grow with time and give results to pesky dandruff which are far more difficult to get rid of.

Yes, dandruff is not an extremely serious health problem, but the flakes that fall on your shoulders and back look ugly, and that is why it is a serious cosmetic concern for not just men but also women. Although there are many men dandruff shampoo available in the market, not all of them are effective in treating dandruff, especially when it is caused due to fungal infection. And that is why a good anti-dandruff shampoo must have antifungal properties. Such a shampoo can always offer the much-needed shielding against the development of dandruff.

When it comes to men, special care must be taken when coming to the shampoo because they have a different scalp texture than women and hence their products might vary or if not the product at least the usage. One thing that you will have to understand here is that men have a complex skin construct, which requires better care to ward off dandruff. Such might not be the case for female dandruff victims. Since men’s scalp needs are pretty different, they must use specialized anti-dandruff shampoos meant for them.

Who can use an anti-dandruff shampoo?

Well, the best way to treat dandruff effectively is with the use of shampoos which not only target removing dandruff but also focuses on the overall improvement of your hair quality. Anti-dandruff shampoos are a great dandruff solution for men who suffer from this problem. The issue of dandruff is so common that almost everyone must have experienced it at least once in their lifetime. Although this problem clears eventually, in many people it stays. Even though they seem to go away sometimes, you will see that after a couple of days you are again experiencing itching and the flakes start appearing all over again. And these are generally those people who suffer from seborrheic dermatitis or who complain about the oily and irritated scalp. This is a more serious condition than the others and hence needs to be treated with patience and caution. The best way is to measure out the use of the anti-dandruff shampoo and one can even think of consulting a dermatologist on this regard for effective solutions. With consistent use of an anti-dandruff shampoo for men, you can bid adieu to the problem of dandruff once and for all.

Even those people, who have generally dry skin, might suffer from dandruff. This can be treated with the help of oil massage, taken once every two weeks. However, if you see that this is not proving to be too effective and dandruff keeps on coming back, then the best option would be to ensure that you shift to the weekly thrice use of anti-dandruff shampoo. So, anti-dandruff shampoos are great for such people too. The dryness of the scalp could be the result of dry or cold weather. But a lot of people suffer from dryness because their skin excretes less oil. In either of the cases, dandruff could set in. A lot of people suffer from dryness simply because they use a lot of synthetic hair care products. The overuse of such products makes the skin dull, dry, and flaky. You will be surprised to know that a lot of anti-dandruff shampoos have inbuilt moisture in them; so, they can restore the moisture of any dry scalp skin effectively.

The biggest advantage of using any anti-dandruff shampoo for men is that you can use it all year round. That means, there is no specific season that dictates its usage. Interestingly, even those who do not suffer from the problem of dandruff can use an anti-dandruff shampoo to stay protected from developing it in the future. Anti-dandruff shampoos in general have a quality of protecting your hair health by improving the quality of your scalp, strengthening your roots, and of course preventing breakage and damage to your hair.

What is an anti-dandruff shampoo?

An anti-dandruff shampoo is a shampoo with special properties that help ward off dandruff. It has cleansing and abrasive agents that remove any build-up of dirt on the scalp and hair effectively. There is only one difference between a routine shampoo and an anti-dandruff shampoo- and that is their ingredients. Yes, while a regular shampoo focuses more on cleansing and offering the hair some sheen and luster, an anti-dandruff shampoo relies heavily on active ingredients having antifungal and antimicrobial properties. That is to say, the main aim of anti-dandruff shampoo is to kill the microbes on your scalp that often cause problems such as dandruff. There might be essential oils and other plant-based extracts in your shampoo which imparts it the power to treat dandruff in people having sensitive skin. These ingredients prove helpful for people who can’t tolerate antimicrobial active ingredients. If you are not sure whether you can tolerate them or not, it is best that you get in touch with a skin doctor before you start using any products that you haven’t used before if you want to be 100 percent sure about which shampoo is best for dandruff in India.

In addition to this, anti-dandruff shampoos have exfoliating traits that help remove dandruff that has piled up on the scalp. Any anti-dandruff shampoo containing salicylic acid can do this for you. Some anti-dandruff shampoos do not just remove dead skin flakes from your hair, but they also slow down the rate of skin shedding.

How Can Medicated Dandruff Shampoo Help?

A lot of people have a sensitive scalp and they can’t expose it to any random anti-dandruff shampoo. They need specialized medicated anti-dandruff shampoos. Medicated shampoos are great for people having dandruff from medical conditions like Psoriasis or seborrheic dermatitis. The shampoos are not just available in clinical strength formula but also in non-prescription type OTC formula. Using such shampoos every week is the best bet.

Since some of the most severe cases of scalp scaling and flaking can be seen in man, they need to opt for some good anti-dandruff shampoo meant especially for men. Such shampoos are customized for men. Hence, they have a scent that highlights masculinity. And they have a strength perfect for cleaning the male scalp. Men’s anti-dandruff shampoos are prepared to keep in mind the skin complexity of a man. It would be valuable for you to know here that the amount of ceramides available on a man’s scalp is lower than that of the female. As a result, they are more prone to losing protein from their skin. That is probably the reason why men have a weaker scalp composition as compared to women. It is for this reason that men’s anti-dandruff shampoos are created using ingredients that offer better nourishment to the scalp.

The scalp of a man has larger pores and more active glands. As a result, it often remains clad with oil, making it a breeding ground for problems such as dandruff. If you are a man who wants to keep his scalp shielded from dandruff, then it would be wise of you to use an anti-dandruff shampoo tailored to the chemistry of their skin.

Advantages of using anti-dandruff shampoos-

An anti-dandruff shampoo has long been used as an excellent remedy for fighting dandruff. And since it has many other benefits like offering hair the kind of shine men desire, they are a part of almost every man’s hygiene and grooming.

Such a shampoo can also offer you relief from the irritation that dandruff causes. Dandruff doesn’t just come in the form of flaky skin, but there are a lot of other symptoms that accompany it. Some of these symptoms include itchiness, inflammation, redness, etc. Since an anti-dandruff shampoo has anti-inflammatory properties, such symptoms can easily be treated with it. There are special anti-dandruff shampoos with menthol in them just to offer a soothing sensation to the irritated scalp.

Another amazing benefit of using anti-dandruff shampoo regularly is that it improves the condition of the scalp. Both dry and oily scalp can lead to dandruff. Surprisingly, there are many anti-dandruff shampoos in the market that address both of these problems. As a result, your scalp gets back its healthy pH balance.

The use of anti-dandruff shampoo can also prevent hair loss. Having scales and flakes on your scalp could hinder the growth of your hair. You also lose a lot of hair due to itchiness and other problems on the scalp, often resulting from dandruff. So, if you don’t want to lose your hair because of dandruff, then using an anti-dandruff shampoo would be the best bet.

Which is the best anti-dandruff shampoo for men?-

Just do a leg work around the market and you will see several brands selling anti-dandruff shampoos, but if you want your dandruff removed most effectively then choosing to use a medicated shampoo would be ideal. Make sure the shampoo vouches for its quality. Talking about best quality hair anti-dandruff shampoo products, you can certainly not leave out Ketomac shampoo. It would be valuable for you to know that Ketomac is the best-medicated shampoo available today. After all, it has ketoconazole in it. Wondering what ketoconazole is? Well, it is an antifungal agent, having synthetic broad-spectrum effectiveness that helps clear dandruff almost effortlessly. In an aqueous suspension of the shampoo, this particular substance is present at a concentration of 2%.

For the best results, you should apply the ketoconazole anti-dandruff shampoo on wet hair and scalp. Make sure you use a little product and massage it on the scalp thoroughly; massage should form good leather. After about letting this shampoo remain on the scalp for around 5 to 10 minutes, you will have to rinse it off. Continue applying this shampoo twice a week for about a month and then reduce the frequency to once a week for the prevention of the development of dandruff.

Now, that you know all about the best anti-dandruff shampoo for men, there is no reason why you should make a mistake while picking one from the market.


Like we take care of the different parts of our body and mind, it is also important for us to focus on our hair health and give it the right treatment from time to time. While regular hair care is important, it is also important to give it the nourishment and hydration that it needs from time to time and this is where the importance and effects of hair spa come in. Go through this blog section to learn about the benefits and drawbacks of a hair spa.

Hair spa is a type of therapy for the scalp and hair. During a hair spa, different nutritious oils are used to massage the scalp and enrich the scalp with nutrients to make hair healthy, strong, and soft. Since a part of a hair spa involves massaging, it is a method used to improve blood circulation in your scalp so as to nourish the roots of your hair. Experts say that getting regular hair spas can help your hair get back its elasticity and become stronger and silky. In fact, after one or two sessions of effective hair spa treatment, you yourself will see that your hair has become silkier and shinier than before. If you have dry damaged and unmanageable hair, then I am sure you would have heard people talk to you about getting a hair spa. Keep reading this post to learn more about the benefits and drawbacks of a hair spa. However, like every other thing, hair spa too comes with its benefits as well as drawbacks! Keep reading this post to learn more about what are the benefits of hair spa and the drawbacks of hair spa.

Benefits of hair spa

So, how does a session of hair spa benefit your hair health? Let us find out:

1.Moisturizing the hair

A hair spa can help moisturize your hair and nourish every strand of it with the required nutrients. Hair will get back its elasticity and shine. With regular hair spas, you can say goodbye to frizzy and unmanageable hair, but it is important to remember that you will have to get regular hair spa sessions, in an interval of say about a maximum of 6 months and a minimum of 3 months, depending on the condition of your hair. The hair spa makes your hair soft to touch and silky. It is the method of rebirth to the hair cells.

  1. Strengthens the hair roots

Hair spas help in revitalizing the scalp and strengthening the roots. Strong roots mean lesser hair fall. Hair spa strengthens the hair follicles and thereby improves hair growth and the volume of your hair. If you take regular hair spas, then you would notice that your hair has gotten thicker and stronger. The best way to notice that would be when you comb your hair and you will find that you are losing less amount of hair.

  1. Increases Blood Circulation

Hairstyles increase blood circulation to the scalp; hair spas include head massages that improve the blood circulation to the scalp. The blood circulation brings nutrients to the hair follicles thereby making them stronger. This improves the quality of the hair and also helps the hair grow faster and longer. The volume of your hair improves with significant head massages. In fact, if you want, you can opt for occasional head massages as well. It improves the strength of the roots and thereby makes the foundation of your hair strong.

  1. Hair spas normalize the secretion of oil on your scalp

Oil is a very essential component of your hair. While some people who excrete a lot of oil in their scalp are advised to not go for separate oil massages, for those who have dry hair, oil massages are almost a necessity. Hair naturally produces sebum that moisturizes the hair naturally. Sebum protects the scalp and nourishes the hair around the scalp. Though sebum secretion is good for you; excess production of sebum can make your hair oily and greasy. This excess production clogs the pores of your scalp it causes hair loss. If you have excessive hair loss, then you can try using Ketomac shampoo for hair fall. The benefit of using Ketomac shampoo is that it contains Ketoconazole which is extremely effective when it comes to rejuvenating your scalp health and hence reduces the amount of hair fall. Spas target at normalizing the production of sebum on your scalp. When this rate becomes normal the scalp functions healthily.

  1. It helps remove the effects of pollution

Due to the pollution that we are exposed to in our times, our hair is more likely to get damaged. If you are wondering what are the benefits of a hair spa when it comes to pollution then you need to know that hair spa unclog the pores and help remove pollutants and effects of the pollutant from these blocked pores. This brings our scalp and hair back to normal and regenerates hair growth. The environment around us also causes dandruff, which causes hair to fall. In this case, you can try one of the best shampoos in India for dandruff and hair fall available in the market today for effective treatment.

  1. Reduces stress and improve health

Hair spa is one of the best ways of reducing stress and improving mental health. Health problems, mental problems,etc.are all associated with stress. We must ensure that we dedicate a small portion of our day to de-stress. That being said, a hair spa is one of the best and relaxing ways to de-stress. The massage combined with the gentle heat and moisturizing that you get for a couple of hours during the hair spa will help you feel rejuvenated. If you get one late in the afternoon, try out a cup of hot chocolate after that and you will have a really sound sleep.

  1. Get rid of dry damaged and frizzy hair

Most Indian women have dry, damaged, or frizzy hair. Regular oiling and moisturizing hair can help cope with the damage. But we are all hard-pressed for time and hence hardly get the time to do it on a regular basis. Frizzy, dry and dull-looking hair is a sign of unhealthy and damaged hair. In order to get back healthy nourished and strong hair, we must ensure we take regular care of our hair and also incorporate routine hair spas. Thanks to the healthy and nourishing oils that we use for hair spas, hair can regain its natural elasticity and look beautiful. It’s really your short cut to healthy hair!

  1. Gets rid of dandruff and promotes a healthy scalp

Hair spas help regain the scalps natural pH balance and condition. The oils used in hair spas combat against dandruff in various ways. It ensures that your hair is neither too oily nor too dry. Dandruff free hair is difficult to attain for some of us. Hence, regular hair spas can be a great solution for dandruff-prone hair. It ensures that the hair gets back its shine and promotes a healthy scalp. Along with a hair spa, you can also try using anti-dandruff shampoo for the oily scalp in India.

Drawbacks of hair spa

  1. It has to be done regularly

You have to make sure that you take a hair spa appointment regularly. This could be once every three months or six, as mentioned before. In order for the effects of the hair spa to last, you have to take regular hair spas. It is like providing nutrition to your hair once every month so as to maintain its shine and strength. Most people ignore hair spas due to this fact. Some people think that hair spas are expensive. Visit your local hair salon to find out the prices. Prices usually range from 800 to 2000 per session. But in the long run, it is essential for your healthy hair growth and maintenance.

  1. It fades hair color

If you are a fan of dying your hair or you like to get streaks, a hair spa can cause a bit of a problem. Hair spas tend to fade away the hair coloring faster than usual. Most parlors have alternate hair products and oils that protect colored hair. Request your hairstylist to use products that do not fade your colored hair. By doing so, you can enjoy both hair color as well as a moisturizing hair spa. However, these will be more on the expensive side, but it will definitely be worth it!

  1. It takes time

When it comes to experiencing the benefit of a hair spa, you cannot be impatient. While some people get results just after two or three sessions, there will be others who will be able to get the effects after 5-6 sessions and this is all dependent on your hair damage.


  1. Hair spa alone is not enough

If you want to maintain a healthy mane, then you have to make sure that you eat a balanced diet and work out regularly to promote hair growth and proper nourishment. What you eat directly gets reflected on your hair health too!

From the above post, we can conclude the benefits and drawbacks of hair spa, and also that hair spas are very nutritious for healthy hair and scalp. We can finally have the healthy strong and silky hair that we always dreamt of. Hair spa can moisturize our hair making it strong and improve its elasticity. We can also have a healthy dandruff-free scalp thanks to a hair spa. If you have excessive dandruff problems then you can try using ketoconazole anti-dandruff shampoo which helps fight off dandruff and regular use of this shampoo coupled with effective sessions of hair spa can really work wonders for your hair! A happy hair spa to you!


There are several benefits of garlic for hair. Garlic is a conventionally used ingredient in the kitchen as it adds a strong flavor distinctly to the dish. Not only this, but it is also known to have medicinal properties that assist heal several diseases. This ingredient is more than just a flavor adding agent and medicine; it is known to be an outstanding hair care element. For all individuals, garlic is the answer when it comes to dealing with hair loss. Hair loss is a symbol of an imbalance or deficiency in the body.

According to a study, the selenium and sulfur found in garlic can aid reinforce the formation of the hair shaft? It not only helps regrow hair but also toughens the existing hair.

Benefits of Garlic for Hair Growth

  • Garlic is antimicrobial and assists kill bacteria and germs that can cause harm to the scalp and prevent hair growth
  • It has a high content of minerals such as zinc, calcium, and sulfur, which are important for hair growth
  • The selenium content in garlic assists stimulate blood circulation for maximum nourishment
  • It assists to purify the hair follicles, fortifies them, and stop clogging, curbing hair loss
  • It assists calm aggravated scalp and treats problems such as dandruff
  • Raw garlic is extremely enriched with Vitamin C, which is perfect for the health of your hair. It boosts collagen production which assists with hair growth.
  • Another benefit of garlic is that it helps in fighting dandruff. Allicin, produced from chopped garlic, is the magical compound here. Due to its antifungal properties, allicin can destroy fungi which are known to cause white flakes. But it is important to consult with a doctor before applying garlic to get rid of dandruff.
  • As per a study it has been found that garlic safeguarded keratinocytes from ultraviolet damage and showed guarantee as an anti-aging material. Keratinocytes generate keratin, which is skin cells. These cells are on the external layer of your skin, including the skin on your scalp, and in your hair follicles.

Thus, there are several garlic benefits for hair.

Tips to Use Garlic for Hair Growth

  • Heat coconut oil with garlic paste till the oil turns a bit brown. Now, allow the oil to cool off. Strain it, and remove the pulp. Store the oil in a jar and make use of it as garlic-infused hair oil. This is one way of using garlic for hair.
  • Garlic can also be mixed with jojoba oil, coconut oil, and olive oil and can be applied on the scalp. This helps in eliminating the dead skin of the scalp and even unclogs the hair follicles.
  • Take garlic and a small amount of ginger and place them in a blender to get a smooth paste. Heat coconut oil and add the ginger-garlic paste. When the oil turns brown, turn off the heat and let the oil cool down. Massage your scalp and hair with the oil. After a couple of hours rinse off. This treatment will keep your hair extra soft.
  • Take garlic and honey and blend them together. Apply to the roots. Massage the scalp. Wait for around 45 minutes before washing off with a mild shampoo. Honey, when used along with garlic, helps in moisturizing the hairs and keep the moisture locked in your hair.
  • Extract garlic juice and mix it with one tbsp. of honey, two tbsps. of olive oil and one egg yolk. Apply this mix on your scalp and hair and wait for an hour. Rinse off with a mild shampoo. In addition to garlic, the egg yolk will make sure that your hair stays extra soft and nourished.
  • Make a smooth paste of garlic. Add a few drops of peppermint oil in it and use this with your shampoo to wash your hair. This will give you super smooth, shiny hair.
  • Take a few garlic cloves and extract juice from them. Add curd, honey and castor oil to the juice. Blend well. Use this mixture on your hair and scalp. Leave it for about half an hour. Wash off with a gentle shampoo. Here curd will fight dryness, the castor oil and honey combination can restrain dandruff.
  • Take a few garlic cloves and extract the juice. Add honey and lemon to the juice. Apply the mask on your scalp and wait for 45 minutes. Wash off with a mild shampoo. The anti-fungal and antibacterial properties of honey will keep the dandruff-causing microbes away, the citric acid in lemon assists restore the normal pH balance of the scalp, which in turn, assists in restraining an overgrowth of those annoying white flakes. In addition, the caustic consequence of lemon juice poises out the scalp’s sebum level, stopping it from becoming prickly, extremely greasy, or dry and thus reducing dandruff.
  • Boil 3 cloves of garlic, one small onion, 2 cups of water, and 1 cinnamon stick for fifteen minutes. Cool the solution and then strain the liquid. Apply this liquid on your hair and allow it to be there for around fifteen minutes. Now, rinse the hair with cool, lukewarm water thoroughly.

These are some of the simple ways of using garlic on your hair. You can choose any of these tips to prevent hair loss and to get that beautiful, shiny, long, and black hair.

You might feel some gentle irritation when you will at first use garlic on your scalp but if you experience any key problem or irritation then you should stop its use. Also, keep in mind that you should not use garlic essential oil straight on your scalp.

Thus, it can be concluded by stating that garlic is one of the most popularly found ingredients in an Indian kitchen. It is also a part of approximately every Indian dish which not just improves the taste of the food but also adds a lot of dietary values to the food. Garlic can be used to control hair fall efficiently. It has certain properties that can assist you to fight hair fall.


Hair is what makes you different, stylish, and happening. You can make sure that you look absolutely stunning, gorgeous, and smart once you have healthy and smooth hair. Do you feel that your hair is effective and safe? How healthy is your hair? Do you take proper care? Do you use proper dandruff shampoo?

Well, dandruff is one thing that you have to be absolutely careful about. You cannot take any risk with your hair care. Even if you have to use special shampoo for dandruff make sure that you have one in your wardrobe. After all, dandruff is one thing that can affect your hair and scalp adversely and trigger health problems. You might end up losing hair because of dandruff. Moreover, at times dandruff gets really itchy and irritating too.

And if you think that irritation and itchiness is something that you would take care of; they don’t forget about staking your reputation. Since you have dandruff in your hair you might end up with insults because of dandruff all over your shoulders and head. You might look really filthy and untidy. You would never want to be in that awkward situation when you are sitting with your friends and your hair is filled with dandruff and the moment your friend hugged you could see that dandruff on their shoulder too? Well, it is really disheartening and disappointing.

Start paying attention to shampoos 

If you use good shampoos like Ketomac shampoo for your hair care, you can deal with these issues easily. There are exclusive shampoos that will wipe away dandruff from your hair. You can stay happy, healthy, and absolutely beautiful. Right shampoos would preserve the charm of your hair and at the same time ensure that your hair is clean, safe, and dandruff free.

General shampoos

Then there is a category of people who feel that their general shampoos are going to be effective for them. Of course, these general shampoos are going to keep your hair clean, and fresh. But since they are not specifically made to deal with a hair issue; they might not be able to justify. Shampoos are absolutely exciting and effective if you have one. You should look into the options that are available in dandruff shampoos. Once you look around you would find them in variety.

How many times do you apply shampoos?

Well, yes, how many times do you apply shampoos? Do you do that quite often? Do you wash your hair every day, every alternate day, once a week, or once in a month? Well, you have to be a little more careful about the times you wash your hair. Dandruff shampoo would not work if you simply wash your hair only once a month. Even if you are using the strongest dandruff shampoo you have to make sure that you use it at least twice a week or maximum thrice. Moreover, even the best shampoo would take at least two weeks to show its outcomes to be a bit patient too.

Thus, go ahead and pick the shampoos to fight your dandruff issue. It is not at all good for your health.


The winter season is almost here, and your hair must already be experiencing the side effects of it. Winter season is the time when our hair needs maximum attention and care. So are you looking for tips for healthy hair in the winter season? You can’t let your hair look unkempt just because of the change in the weather. The cold weather outside shouldn’t affect the way your hair looks. Messy hair can also make your entire appearance look dull. The cold and dry weather affects the skin as well as causes a lot of hair problems. You need to take special measures to keep your hair look healthy on the outside as well as stay healthy on the inside.

Tips for Keeping Hair Healthy in Winter

You can easily moisturize your skin in winters, but what can you do for your hair and scalp? Most people generally look for the best shampoo for dandruff and itchy scalp to help nourish and moisturize their hair and scalp. There are a lot of dos and don’ts that you should follow in order to keep your hair nourished and healthy in winter. Given below are a few tips that can help you keep your hair in good condition throughout the season.

1. If you live in a very cold region, you probably have a radiator or room heater in place to keep the inside of your house or room warm. While it can be quite comfortable to stay in a very hot room, you should always maintain a moderate temperature inside your house. Instead of making your room too hot, you should just keep it sufficiently warm. Otherwise, you will get a temperature shock when you step outside your house or when you get back from work. This can irritate your skin and cause hair problems.

  1. The same rule applies to hot showers. While it is quite obvious that a nice hot shower feels amazing on a cold winter day, hot water is neither good for your hair nor for your skin. It actually dehydrates your hair and skin, which has terrible consequences. So, you should not take too hot showers. Rather you should try to keep the water as cold as possible for you to take a shower in.
  2. Shampooing your hair regularly is an extremely necessary step to keep your hair and scalp in a healthy condition. But how often should you do it? It was found that if you shampoo your hair at least twice or thrice a week, it would keep your hair from becoming dehydrated or drying out too much. While showering you can use the best scalp shampoos available in India to help nourish your scalp.


  1. It is quite obvious that the winter season is a dry season and thus your hair will get quite dry in this season. This will eventually lead to scalp irritation and dandruff. If proper care isn’t taken, it can also cause hair to fall. Your hair and scalp need nourishment to stay healthy, so you should remember to provide the oils that it needs on a regular basis. You might lead a very busy lifestyle, but still, you have to take some time out to keep your scalp moisturized. If you can’t keep your hair oiled overnight, then you should at least keep it on for about 20 minutes and then rinse it off with a shampoo and conditioner. You can use olive oil or even coconut oil for this purpose.
  2. The conditioner is a must in the winter season. It is necessary for your regular hair care routine, but it is especially needed in the winter season. The dry weather can leave your hair damaged and rough. Using a deep conditioner can help smoothen them up. Regular use of a deep conditioner and a leave-in treatment is highly recommended for people living in the northern areas where the temperature is extremely cold. Pair it with the best dandruff shampoo for oily scalp, and you have a proper system in place to keep your hair healthy.
  3. Drying your hair correctly is another thing that you should keep in mind. You need to keep your hair dry before you step outside as the excess moisture can freeze in the cold weather outside and harm your hair. Blow dryers are an excellent tool to dry and style your hair to perfection. But they are also quite damaging as the heat dries out your scalp and hair. Drying your hair naturally is recommended, but if you are in a hurry, you should always remember to use a heat protection serum or spray before blow-drying your hair.
  4. Air drying your hair is the best way to dry your hair, and it applies to all seasons. The less you make use of tools like flat irons and dryers, the better condition your hair will be at. Having said so, you should remember that going out with wet hair is highly damaging. It causes your hair to freeze and break. So in case you don’t have the time to allow your hair to dry out naturally, you should use the blow dryer in the coolest setting possible. And always put the heat protection spray beforehand.
  5. No matter how much care you take of your hair, the ends of the hair eventually do become brittle and dry. So, you should have them trimmed quite regularly. It doesn’t matter whether you have long hair or short hair, regular trims are necessary. They keep the hair in a good condition and don’t allow the ends to develop into split ends. The use of Ketomac shampoo is also great for reducing the risk of developing split ends and other hair issues in winters.
  6. Hats are needed in the winter season not just to keep you warm, but also to protect your hair from the cold winds. You wouldn’t have to spend an enormous amount of time styling your hair, yet the hats can add a different edge to your whole look.
  7. The last tip is to eat a healthy and balanced diet to keep your body healthy from within. Also, you should drink a lot of water to keep yourself well hydrated.


Hair is one of the most important aspects of a human body that defines our personality. However, many people ignore their hairstyles as they do not understand the role of good hairstyles on their personality and only concentrate on their faces and body to improve their appearance. Though on some people most hairstyles may work, they are missing out on the opportunity to choose the best hairstyle for them which can accentuate their looks.

Before we look at the benefits of the right hairstyle, it is important to understand that the basis of any hairstyle is healthy hair that is free of dandruff. Only voluminous and healthy hair can enhance the beauty of your hairstyle. It is advisable to use shampoo Ketomac for getting amazing texture and volume for your hair. It not only removes dandruff from your hair but also makes your hair lustrous and beautiful.

Here’s a look at the reasons why you should select a hairstyle that would suit your face:

  • Enhancing personality

The primary reason for selecting a good hairstyle is to improve your appearance and beauty. Why settle for an ordinary hairstyle if you can work wonders with your hairdo. Many people keep the same hairstyle for several years as it becomes their comfort zone. After giving a new look to their hair, many people have realized that a new hairstyle suits them more than they could have imagined. When your appearance is good, it boosts your confidence.

    • Match the shape of your face
  • A lot of people are not aware of the fact that your hairstyle must always be based on your face cut. There are different face types such as round, oval, diamond, square, etc.
    You might have come across many people whose hairstyle didn’t match their face type. You would certainly not want a weird hairdo on you. Thus, you should consult the hairstylist as they are the right people to guide on the type of hairstyle that suits you.

    • Professional success
  • Though this might not have been true a few years back, these days a lot depends on how you carry and present yourself. Even at corporate places, employers prefer candidates who are confident and have an amiable personality. Though looks don’t matter, how you carry and represent yourself in front of others matters a lot. A good hairstyle will boost your confidence by enhancing your appearance.
    • Suit your hair type
  • Different people are blessed with different kinds and textures of hair. Your type of hairstyle depends on the type of hair too. For example, fringes suit people with straight hair and people with curly hair may find it difficult to manage them. Thus, the right hairstyle is important so that you have a manageable hairdo.
    It is always good to experiment and give a new look to yourself which even amazes you when you look at the mirror. However, don’t forget to use a good quality shampoo such as Ketomac anti-dandruff shampoo in India, which promotes hair growth, prevents hair fall due to dandruff, and assists in adding beauty to your new hairstyle.


While most of the experts talk about hair care routines and tips, there is hardly any information about scalp care. Even when you visit saloons, anyone rarely talks about the scalp condition and its significance in getting good hair. Mostly, no one takes the scalp seriously, and it remains ignored more often than not.

Sometimes, the hair follicles get clogged with sebum, and some of them die, so there is no hair growth from them. That pretty much explains the reason for thinning hair. Then there are sensitive, itchy, and dry scalps, which explain why some people have the urge to itch often. It’s ironic that people take so much care of their face and skin but ignore the skin on their scalp. All these issues can be managed with the help of a good scalp care regimen.

Here’s a look:

  1. Select a shampoo based on your hair type

The actual purpose of washing your hair is not cleaning your hair but to cleanse your scalp. If you have an oily scalp but dry or damaged hair, buying a shampoo for dry hair will make your scalp condition worse. Instead, you should choose a shampoo which helps in clarifying the scalp and control the sebum production. You can then apply a conditioner that nourishes your dry locks.

    • Get rid of dandruff
  1. Dandruff is not good for the scalp as it leads to hair fall. It is advisable to get rid of dandruff as soon as possible. You can choose anti-dandruff shampoos such as Ketomac shampoo as it helps in combating the issue by keeping your scalp clean and hair strong.
    • Hydrate your scalp
  2. Hydration is essential for skincare but we ignore it to hydrate our scalp. You don’t need creams and serums but an oil-free mist for hydrating the scalp.
    • Exfoliate regularly for removing sebum
  3. Your scalp is an extension of your facial skin so just like your facial skin your scalp needs exfoliation too. Oily scalp and humid weather require you to exfoliate once a week while a dry scalp can be exfoliated every 2 weeks.
    • Treat the scalp before shampooing
  1. Oils and serums are good for managing the hair, but they can also flatten the hair and make your roots oily. Thus, it is recommended to apply these treatments at night or before you shower. You can leave them for 30 minutes before taking a shower.
    • Massage
  2. Massage is the key to a healthy scalp. Massage helps in improving the blood circulation on your scalp which helps the nutrients in reaching the follicles and helps healthy hair grow out of them. Before brushing your hair, for 5 minutes massage your scalp. You can also massage while applying oil or shampooing. But, never use your nails for massaging as you may scratch the scalp and irritate it.
    These scalp care tips will help in providing you the answer to how to care for hair and scalp. And, for shampoo, trust Ketomac as it is the best scalp care shampoo in India for treating your scalp and promoting healthy hair growth.



Hair plays a vital role in defining beauty. Who does not love a healthy, voluminous, and lustrous mane? However, because of the kind of lifestyle we live these days’, stress, poor diet, and exposure to heat and chemicals have become a part of our life. All of these affect the quality and texture of hair. Hair fall has also become a common issue in both men and women. You might need to look for the best ways to promote hair growth as this concern is growing among all in recent time.

To combat these issues, one needs to follow certain habits that will promote hair growth and maintain the health of your hair. Here’s a look:

Eat right and exercise

Though external remedies are important; what you eat also contributes to hair health. You need to include a lot of fruits, vegetables, eggs, meat, and dairy products in your diet. You must also consume nuts and drink a lot of water for keeping your hair hydrated. Beauty is a reflection of what you eat, so stick to a healthy diet and maintain a fitness regimen to keep diseases at bay as certain health conditions can cause hair fall.


Biotin and vitamin E are considered the best for healthy hair. Vitamin A and B are best for promoting hair growth. You also need Iron, Zinc, and protein to maintain healthy and lustrous hair. It is also said that lower levels of Vitamin D can lead to thinning hair in women. So don’t forget to take a mild dose of Vitamin D once in a while by soaking in the sunlight. However, remember that excess sunlight and heat can cause damage to the hair in the long run. So, moderation is the key. Also, try to choose fruits and vegetables for vitamin intake instead of medicines and supplements.

Right shampoo and conditioner

Because of the exposure to heat, sweat, and dirt, it is important to wash our hair every 2-3 days. Washing your hair every day can rip off the scalp oil leaving your hair dry and dull. You can use Ketomac shampoo as it is one of the best shampoos to grow hair and fight dandruff. It is also advised to make use of a gentle conditioner as it creates a protective layer on your hair and also makes them soft and tangle-free.

Use hair masks

Though plush saloons offer spa services, it is always better to go natural and apply various masks as they not only promote hair growth but also help in keeping frizz at bay. You can mix olive oil with an egg white and keep it for 30-45 minutes. A honey, banana, and olive oil mask also works wonders for your hair.

Hot oil massage

Now, all of us know the benefits of oil massage for our hair. But for better results, it is advised to heat the oil and when it turns lukewarm, apply it gently to the roots and massage for 10-15 minutes. This improves blood circulation and makes your roots stronger. Read hair care tips for oily hair.

Apart from these tips, you must also get trimming done every few months to get rid of the split ends. It helps in promoting hair growth.


When you travel, you have to be watchful about your hair. You cannot spend half of your trip on fixing your hair. No matter how stylish clothes you are wearing or how fancy your footwear is; if your hair is messy and unkempt, you might struggle to rule your trip and travel! So, are you looking for methods to keep your hair in shape while traveling?

Well, what you can do is use the best shampoo for hair fall and dandruff or other shampoos to make sure that your hair gets vulnerable to any such hair condition. Similarly, to make the most of your hair during the traveling time, have a look below at the following points.

Wear a specific hair look 

You can make sure that your hair looks stylish and clean during your traveling. You can follow these simple tips:

  • Ponytail: Whether you tie the ponytail low or high, your ponytail can create a clean, chic, and stylish look on a scorching, oily, and sweaty day.
  • Bun –: It is an easy way to hide dull or messy hair.
  • Dry Shampoos: It would be good if you wash your hair with dry shampoos when you are traveling. It will keep your hair dry and won’t add up unnecessary oils.
  • Hats: It would be another trick to keep your hair kempt and clean. If it is too hot or windy; wear a hat and it will guard your silky and beautiful hair locks.

Coat your beautiful hair with moisturizer or oil 

Any good moisturizer will do it for you like hair conditioner, olive oil, coconut oil, body moisturizer, and so on would work wonders for your hair. It would be lovely if you use natural oils or hair products while traveling. Once you have applied the oil when you are in beach areas or similar areas, it will permit your hair to absorb the conditioner so that it can engross the saltwater that will dry it out. Once you are done with your outside activities, just rinse it out!

Do proper brushing during the travel

  Brushing does not seem like it is vital to hair health, but it can cause so much damage if forgotten about. You know twisted hair is more disposed to breakage, and in case it gets really bad it becomes a reason for more damage when you try to brush it out. Whenever you get a chance to brush your hair during the trip, do it. You must brush your hair right deep to the scalp. When you brush your hair for even a couple of times during your entire trip, you avoid any type of dust or oil stays there.

So, it would be good if you carry and use the best dandruff control shampoo for your hair during traveling. You can opt for Ketomac shampoo for the best experience. Once you brush up your hair and cloak them during the traveling; you will keep your hair in the most effective shape.


Every season has its specific needs and issues. Talking about scorching summers, these bring a lot of sweat and itchiness. Your hair stays oily and dipped in dusty sweat. What you can do is you can take some precautions. After all, if you already have oily hair, they would become even worse during the heat of summers. Your hair would look ugly, unpleasant, and saggy, so, you might be looking for tips for oily hair.

Don’t panic; there are the tips to care for hair to deal with your oily hair and rescue you from these hair disasters. You just have to follow these tips and your hair would take care of them. The following tips would help you keep your hair in the best mode, attractive mood, and smooth shape.

Pick the Right Shampoo

Summers can be extremely tough on your hair, and you have no clue about it. Especially if you are a person with long oily hair, it would be double adversity. For women having an oily scalp, the scorching season is going to bring along lifeless and flat hair. Hence, you must follow a pattern for your hair care. It would be ideal if you pick an effective shampoo and provide freedom to your hair by protecting from sweat and oiliness. Once you have given a wash to your hair, make sure that all the shampoo has been extracted properly. Not a single inch of shampoo should stay in the hair otherwise it would add to oiliness and prickling.

Dry shampoos are important for people who especially have oily hair. During the summertime, your hair might look greasy all the time. If you want to abstain from washing now and then, you can go for a dry shampoo. It would help you get rid of the extra oil while making your hair locks look refreshed promptly. Dry shampoo would give a boost to your hair that it demands.

Don’t Wash It Regularly 

Since there are too much heat and sweat during summer, you may have a feeling of taking a bath from head to toe every single day. However, it is extremely recommended that you wash the hair every alternate day. If you would wash your hair daily, it would strip all-natural oils from your scalp. It is ideal to take a head bath thrice a week. If you are into athletes then the number can go up to four washes a week.

How do you dry up your hair?

Remember, no matter how fancy or attractive the hairdryers are; you have to be watchful here. Blow drying can make the scalp extremely dry and peeling, and the eventual outcome of this is certainly going to be a greasier scalp. If you use the dryer in extremely hot weather, it would make your hair steamy and oily. You would rather end up adding oil to your scalp. It would be good if you allow your hair to dry up naturally.

Thus, once you adopt these loving hair care tips, you would never get trapped in the oily hair. Your hair and scalp would stay fresh, clean, and blooming with these tips and excellent shampoos like Ketomac Shampoo.


Your hair enhances your beauty and gives you the glow that keeps you fresh. You can do many things with your hair by styling them, if once you know the techniques to wash and style your hair. It might interest you that washing has a big role in helping you make different hairstyles.

 Give your hair a Proper Wash

Before you go any further, give your hair a proper wash. Make sure that the hair is properly wet and then apply the right shampoo like Ketomac anti-dandruff shampoo for women/ladies with your fingers. Make foam and ensure that the shampoo reaches to the roots. You have to clean your hair to get rid of any dust or grease. If you are using the right shampoos, you will get soft and smooth hair after your wash. These shampoos contain conditioning and moisturizing ingredients that battle curl and leave your hair looking silky and soft. The type of shampoo you use makes a great difference. As an example, in case, you have greasy hair, then you require a shampoo having more concentration on the cleansers than moisturizers. It will help in the deep cleaning of hairs.

What is your hair routine?

Washing is not all about soaking in the water and applying the shampoo, there is a lot more to this. You have to make sure that the shampoo enters your hair properly and touches the scalp. And when you talk about conditioners, it is a whole new story; you have to concentrate on applying it into the tips rather than allowing it to touch the scalp. Apart from this, there are even leave-in treatments too that can help keep your hair healthy and firm. You can know about different treatments and go for the one that suits your needs and hair type. Suppose you have oily scalp then you can go for Ketomac shampoo for oily scalp.

What should be your hairstyle this summer?

  • Once the humidity arises, every day seems like a bad hair day. On the dull and draining days, all you have to do is just add one braid on the one side of your head and next top it off with a cap of your choice. It would keep you cool and smart.
  • Next, make sure that you keep your back free from hair locks. Just keep hair off from your back and shoulder both. What you can do is you can tie the hair in a high ponytail, ponytail straight back, and secure. You can give your hair a fresh spray to keep them clean and fresh.
  • You can go to a chignon too. It conventionally includes a sleek twist with inserts at the ends. Talking about the summer version, it is way less serious. You have to twist tinier sections of hair at the back of the head and pin them up with right pins. This way, you would get rid of all those lurking hair on your neck.

Thus, there is a myriad of things that you can do with your hair and keep them stylish and clear of dust, grease, and oiliness with the help of Ketomac shampoo.


When it comes to your hair, you always have plenty of queries. You are always up with a doubt in mind. What if you get all the answers to your questions? Keep your hair in the best shapes with the right information in hand. You can keep your hair clean, stylish, and soft with proper hair care tips.

The term hair care is broad and you should not deter its importance. If you provide proper care and attention to your hair, you not just get healthy and clean hair but strong and shiny looks too. Your hair would never become a source of embarrassment for you if you take care of them in the first place by using Ketomac anti-dandruff shampoo.

Give them a proper wash  

Many people wash their hair daily, and then, some people wash after weeks. What is the ideal time to wash the hair? What should be the interval between the two washes? What washing pattern do you follow in your life? Generally, you can wash twice a week and it would be good for your hair. But if you have a specific type of routine then the pattern of your hair wash would change accordingly. If you are into sports and do it regularly, then you would need a different routine to keep your scalp and hair fresh and clean from day to day sweat and dirt.

Similarly, remember that over-washing can be risky for your hair mainly if it is colored, bleached, or has been treated chemically or is naturally dry. If you wash your hair every single day, it rips away the natural oils and proteins that you require to keep the hair and scalp healthy. So, you should try to limit washing your hair three times a week if possible.

It’s Normal to Have Greasy Hair

Greasy hair is normal and everybody produces natural hair oils. But when this oil builds up, that can leave your hair looking greasy and possibly lead to scalp itchiness. But don’t worry we have good news too. There are various hair care tips to deal with it and picking up the right kind of shampoo like Ketomac Shampoo for making a couple of simple changes to your hair care routine. You should try to wash your hair quite often to ensure that the oil washes away.

Don’t Comb it all the time 

Many women have a habit of running fingers or doing comb throughout the day. It is unhealthy for your hair. It would lead to breakages of hair and you might find that your hair is getting thinner. Similarly, if your hair is wet, there is no need to struggle to get your comb through them. Let them dry up a little and then run the comb. It would be good if you prefer a large-tooth comb or brush for combing your hair. You can apply a little oil to give that soft texture to your hair after taking a bath.

Thus, once you apply these tricks in your life, your hair would thank you for that!


Yes, you know when to resort to anti-dandruff shampoo, but do you know how to find the best variety? Probably not! And if not, here is a guide that can help you zero in on the right anti-dandruff shampoo for the kind of hair you have-

Tips To Select-Best Anti Dandruff Shampoo

  • If you have dandruff in your hair, then you should choose a shampoo that has zinc pyrithione in it. Zinc pyrithione has antifungal and antibacterial properties because of which microbes do not grow on your scalp. As a result, the growth and breeding of Malassezia globosa, one of the biggest culprits when it comes to dandruff, get checked. This is a fungus and the mentioned chemical fights it effectively.
  • Go for a tar-based shampoo. Some anti-dandruff shampoos contain coal tar which slows down the pace at which skin cells get damaged and die. As a result, the scalp does not get flaky. And that is probably the reason why tar-based shampoos are considered one of the best dandruff treatments. One thing that you need to keep in mind here is that tar-based shampoos are not good for colored hair, especially blonde white or grey hair. Hence, if your hair color is one of these, then refrain from using any shampoo that contains tar. Choose to use Best Anti Dandruff Shampoo for Color Treated Hair.
  • Tar based shampoos also make the scalp excessively sensitive to sunlight. That is why you should never move out of your house without hair protection if the shampoo you use has tar in it. You can either cover your hair with a piece of cloth or wear a hat for optimum protection.
  • Shampoos containing selenium sulfide are also great to be used when you have a dandruff problem. The way Selenium sulfide works are pretty much similar to how tar works. Both of these chemicals slow down the pace at which skin cells die. As a result, the flakiness of scalp skin never surfaces as a problem. Selenium sulfide also fights the fungus called Malassezia globosa. But don’t use a shampoo containing this chemical if you have light-colored hair as this compound causes discoloration of hair. And even if you use such a shampoo, make sure you rinse your hair thoroughly so that shampoo residues don’t settle on your scalp and hair strands.
  • You can also go for a shampoo that contains salicylic acid. Although salicylic acid is acid by nature, it is extremely mild. It can soften the skin by removing dead skin cells from the scalp. But the results are not going to be the same across all the users. While some might benefit immensely from salicylic acid-containing shampoos, others might grumble about flakiness and dryness. The dryness and flakiness can be controlled by following your hair wash with deep conditioning.
  • You can also go for ketoconazole shampoo. Ketoconazole is an extremely effective antifungal agent that fights a variety of fungi.
  • Although there are many ketoconazole anti-dandruff shampoos in the market, there is no one better than that of Ketomac. Ketomac is a medicated shampoo having ketoconazole that helps effectively treat dandruff. So, what makes you wait? Try out this shampoo and bid adieu to dandruff once and for all.


Can dandruff cause hair loss? Could there be a way to link these two issues? These are some of the most common questions people suffering from either dandruff or hair loss or both ask themselves or others.

Does Dandruff Cause Hair Loss

Dandruff is extremely common. And sadly, it is a chronic condition. That means, there is no permanent cure for this health issue. The most prominent characteristic of this problem is flaky white skin that covers your shoulders and appears on your hair. This loose skin comes off your scalp. The uppermost layer of your scalp has dead skin cells on it. When these dead skin cells begin to fall off your head, things turn ugly, and this problem is popularly referred to as dandruff.

These skin flakes are the biggest reason why people with dandruff feel intense itching on the scalp. And when they scratch their head with their nails vigorously to ease the itching, dandruff gets aggravated. To get rid of this problem you should pick the best shampoo for dandruff and itchy scalp.

One thing you’ll, however, have to keep in mind here is that dandruff doesn’t cause hair fall directly. There is an indirect relationship between these two problems. This means, when you suffer from an itchy scalp caused by dandruff, you generally itch your head with your nails. The stroke of nails causes the dead skin cells of the scalp to fall out. As a result of which dandruff gets intense and hair starts falling.

A lot of studies dedicated to finding the link between hair loss and dandruff suggest that there is no direct connection between the two. It is the routine scratching that accompanies dandruff that causes hair to fall off.

Now let’s have a look at some of the most important facts surrounding this issue-

  • Around half of the women who suffer from both of these problems have no idea that these problems don’t have a cause-effect relationship. Even if there is a relationship, you have a big role to play in it. It is because you fail to control scratching caused by dandruff on your head that leads to hair fall. Dandruff is a condition in which the scalp skin becomes extremely dry. This dry skin makes you feel like scratching your head all the time.
  • A lot of people suffer from dandruff and hair loss due to the presence of a condition called dermatitis. Dermatitis is a common problem and more often men suffering from hair loss also suffer from dermatitis, but they don’t even know about it. The most effective solution you can get from is Ketomac shampoo hair loss.
  • There is no specific answer to what comes first, dandruff, or hair fall. In reality, these two problems are parts of the same vicious cycle. While dandruff causes hair fall at times, hair fall can be the reason why you have dandruff on your hairs.

Sadly, dandruff is not a curable disease. Yes, you can keep it at bay but it is going to return with even a little laxity in the matter of care. And that is why experts say, you should use a good quality anti-dandruff shampoo to beat both of these problems. Yes, there are numerous anti-dandruff shampoos in the market, but there is no product more effective than Ketomac anti-dandruff shampoo. Ketomac has ketoconazole in it which is an effective antifungal agent. By being antifungal in nature, ketoconazole, in turn, Ketomac can help you get rid of the problem of dandruff that leads to excessive hair fall.


Is it possible to have hair loss due to dandruff? Is there a way to find a connection between the two? Or is there any shampoo for hair fall and dandruff? These questions are frequently asked by people to themselves, especially those who are suffering from dandruff and hair fall problems.

Dandruff is a common chronic scalp problem. This problem is characterized by the shedding of dead skin cells from the scalp. These white skin flakes are a menace because they don’t just make your scalp feel uncomfortable but also cause you to feel embarrassed in front of people. Although these dead skin flakes come off the upper layer of the scalp, they can cause extreme itching. And when the sufferer begins to scratch the scalp, issues like hair loss arise.

Many studies have been conducted to establish a connection between hair loss and dandruff. Some of them offer enough evidence that proves dandruff doesn’t directly result in hair fall. It is aggressive scratching by the sufferer that leads to this problem. Since the victim often scratches the scalp for relief, the hair roots become weak and as a result, the hair strands fall out.

Early Symptoms of Dandruff

Certain symptoms may indicate that you have dandruff. Most people consider the white flakes to be the initial symptom. But, it could be accompanied by dryness or itching. Before dandruff breaks as flakes, they bring itchiness. White flakes usually follow it. The skin surfaces that have been triggered are usually itchy. The nerves send the behavior signal through the spinal cord and brain to scratch. Sometimes, people are so compelled to scratch. It is a good early warning sign. Others report experiencing irritation, redness, tightness, or dryness. These are usually the early signs and symptoms. The best way to deal with this condition is to use the best shampoos in India for hair fall dandruff.

Here are some facts that you might like to have a look at-

Around 20 in 50 people, especially women, suffer from the problem of mechanical hair fall. This is often caused by aggressive scratching to get relief from itching. Even if you use the best shampoo for treating dandruff and hair fall, you might experience delayed recovery because of the habit of scratching your head incessantly. Since, dandruff is a condition that arises mainly due to excessive drying of the scalp skin, the urge to scratch the head is almost insatiable. Scratching is a major concern for a lot of people suffering from dandruff. They end up getting hair loss because of the friction that gets generated due to scratching the scalp.

Other important reasons might cause your dandruff to result in hair loss. There is a health problem called dermatitis, which is a skin condition that not only causes dandruff but also hair loss. Hence, if you are not too much into scratching your head, then dermatitis could be the reason why your hair is falling off.

Another important aspect to consider is that dandruff doesn’t cause hair to fall directly. It is mostly indirect. Sometimes, scratching undertaken on the head is so aggressive that the skin of the scalp gets removed. These injured areas of the head become the breeding ground of microbes, which often cause hair loss. And that is why you will have to control yourself from scratching too hard on the scalp. Otherwise even the best shampoo for dry hair and dandruff won’t be able to save you.

Things to Keep in Mind

One thing that needs to be kept in mind here is that dandruff and hair loss is part of a vicious circle. It is not always that dandruff will cause hair loss; sometimes it could be the other way around too.

Now, the question arises which comes first? Is it hair loss or dandruff? So, it is pretty much like that situation of egg and chicken which is hard to solve. There is no denying that dandruff can cause hair fall and we have already analyzed how this happens. But sometimes, using the wrong hair fall treatment shampoo can also cause problems like dandruff to pop up.



One thing that enhances your looks and appearance is your hair. If you have beautiful hair, make sure that you are giving it much attention. Once you have lost the charm and beauty of your hair, you can never get it back. Always take all the precautions and shampoo for dry hair that you can take to ensure the proper health and upkeep of your hair.

Luckily there are plenty of things that you can do in this present era to guard your hair and maintain their charm. You can lookout for the best shampoo for dry hair and dandruff if your hair is getting rough and is dotted with dandruff. These things should never be ignored because once they get out of proportionate; they create a lot of inconveniences.

Why Is Dry Hair Prone to Dandruff?

The dry scalp usually occurs when the scalp doesn’t produce enough natural oil that is needed for lubrication. Similar to cases of dry skin, dry scalp could also lead to irritation, flaking, and itching. It could also make the hair look dry as the oil production is minimal. A dry scalp could be a result of:

  • Skin conditions, like eczema
  • Excessive washing
  • Dry air, usually during the winter season

The scalp sheds dead skin cells on a regular basis. When you have a dry scalp, it could trigger the shedding process. It may also make dandruff look like flakes. If the scalp is moisturized correctly, it could help in preventing or treating dandruff significantly. Getting the best anti-dandruff shampoo for dry hair could do the trick as they have ingredients that can help moisturize the scalp.

Stick to a Good Shampoo 

There are good shampoos like Ketomac shampoo which is the best anti-dandruff shampoo for men that have the potential to fight all the roughness and dandruff that you might be facing. If you think that general washes will give you an escape from these issues then you are wrong. There are proper matters that play a significant role in rubbing off the problem. When you pick Ketomac Shampoo, it does play a crucial role because it contains Ketoconazole that is a broad-spectrum synthetic antifungal agent in a focus of 2% in an aqueous suspension.


This Ketoconazole works by eradicating fungi on the skin known as Malassezia. These fungi take place naturally on the skin; however, people suffering from dandruff appear to have much of Malassezia. The shampoo works by interfering with ergosterol, a crucial component of fungal cell membranes, thus weakening it. The enfeebled cell membrane permits the matter of the fungal cell to slip out resulting in its death. So, in this way, you get rescued by your issue, and there is proper upkeep.


Why should you pick the best shampoo for dandruff right away?

If you know that you are suffering from dandruff, then there is never a bad time to pick the best anti-dandruff shampoo for Women/Ladies for the solution. Dandruff causes extensive hair fall, and this dandruff can be extremely unsightly which makes it an embarrassment. What is the point if you are sitting with your date in the restaurant and one of your shoulders is spotted with heaps of white powder (dandruff)? Wouldn’t it be so embarrassing? Come on, maybe you don’t care, but people do. Such an instance can ruin your moment and forms a dull impression about you.

When you have the best anti-dandruff shampoo for dry hair, you can escape these embarrassments. You would never have to be sorry about your hair. Rather your hair is going to complement your personality and life. Don’t forget that dandruff can affect your social life because it usually leads to a lack of confidence and lower self-esteem. So, before your dandruff hampers your confidence and self-esteem; it is time to guard your hair!

Thus, in India, you have the best choice of Ketomac shampoos for your hair care, dandruff free, and dry free experience. Once you begin to use these best shampoos, your hair would start showing positive results in two weeks of usage.


Irrespective of whether you are a man or a woman, there are many chances that you will suffer from the problem of dandruff for at least once in your life if you already haven’t. Thankfully, treating dandruff doesn’t come at a cost. There are many amazing ways or best anti-dandruff shampoo for women to cure dandruff that help have a healthy scalp without you having to compromise on the looks of your hair.

The first and most important question that probably strikes your mind is whether a woman can get dandruff. Well, women are as prone to developing dandruff as men are. And because dandruff is mostly caused by microbes that are found in both male and female scalps, you cannot stay away from this problem for long, even if you are a hygiene-conscious woman.

 Here are some of the most important reasons behind dandruff. Check out-

The exact reason behind dandruff is not known to scientists. But, certain associations have been made between different factors. Increased oil secretion and production are one of the major causes of dandruff. Bacteria don’t result in dandruff, but poor hygiene is also a cause of developing this condition. People who do not wash or shampoo regularly have to deal with this condition. The body’s immune system may also have a role to play. People who suffer from severe dandruff could be a victim of chronic illnesses like AIDS or Parkinson’s disease. Other triggers include stress, weather conditions, poor immune system, and genetics. To get rid of this condition, many rely on a good dandruff shampoo for women.

Just because you do not see a lot of dry skin flakes on your hair or shoulders, doesn’t mean you don’t have dandruff. Dandruff is more visible in men simply because they generally keep shorter hair. If you are a woman who has long tresses then it is certainly difficult to figure out if you have dandruff. Sadly, dandruff plays its part even when it’s not visible. That means, even if a lot of dry skin flakes are not visible in your hair or scalp, they are going to cause harm to you if they are stealthily there. And that is the reason why you should treat dandruff as soon as you find out you have got it.

And the best way to find out if you have dandruff is through its symptoms. Yes, the most common symptom of dandruff is the appearance of dry, flaky skin in hair and on the scalp, but that’s certainly not the only symptom. Some other symptoms include redness of the scalp, itchiness, and scaling. If you experience any of these symptoms, then it’s likely that you are suffering from this nasty dermatological called dandruff.

If you want healthy hair then treating dandruff is a must-

Dandruff causes a great deal of damage to your scalp. And that is why if you have found out that your hair has dandruff in it, then taking steps to do away with it is highly advisable. The reason why you should address this problem at the earliest is that it hampers the growth of your hair. And women generally love long, healthy hair, getting which might become an uphill task with dandruff on the scalp.

If you want to maintain a healthy scalp or wish to restore the health of your damaged scalp, then it is important to use a good dandruff shampoo for women. Cleaning dandruff in your hair with an anti-dandruff shampoo will make it easy for the hair strands to grow without hindrance.

For great hair, you need a good quality dandruff shampoo-

If you are a woman, then it’s probably not just getting rid of dandruff that you want from your shampoo, you also want hair-beautifying properties in it. And that is why you should choose a shampoo that doesn’t just address the problem of dandruff but also does its part in beautifying your hair, leaving it shiny and healthy. A healthy fragrance and a little moisturizing essence are a must in the shampoo. So with the best dandruff shampoo for women, you will not just be able to do away with all those irritating symptoms of dandruff-like dryness, itchiness, and redness, but also will be able to get enviably beautiful hair. Some shampoos are also packed with volume inducing properties. So, that means when you use such a shampoo, your thin hair receives some volume.

Never stray far from the routine-

It would be beneficial for you to remember that dandruff treatment is not a one-time affair, it is a continuous process. Hence, if you are using an anti-dandruff shampoo to treat dandruff, you should use it regularly. Only a single wash is not going to help you uproot the problem. This is because dandruff is something that comes back when the conditions are favorable for it. So, this simply means that dandruff cannot be cured permanently. For effective results, you will have to use the best anti-dandruff shampoo for women, and wash your hair now and then to have silky-smooth hair, free of dandruff.

It’s also not advisable to keep switching between beauty and anti-dandruff shampoos. Once you use a beauty shampoo, you remove the anti-dandruff protection that your anti-dandruff shampoo must have ensured for your scalp. Hence, try to stick to your routine- don’t swap your anti-dandruff protection for beauty.

The Best Anti Dandruff Shampoo for Women Around-

If you do a thorough search in the market, you will come across a large number of brands dealing in anti-dandruff shampoos. But if you want to treat dandruff without any side effects, then opting for a best medicated anti-dandruff shampoo would be the best bet. But remember quality matters a lot. And when quality is concerned, there is nothing that can beat Ketomac anti-dandruff shampoo. It is the most reliable anti-dandruff solution available today, and the credit for that goes to an ingredient called ketoconazole. Being a synthetic broad-spectrum antifungal agent, Ketoconazole anti-dandruff shampoo removes microbes like fungi from your scalp effectively. Ketoconazole anti-dandruff shampoo is present in the shampoo at a concentration of 2%. So, the problem of an overdose doesn’t arise here.

For desired results, you will have to apply the shampoo to wet hair and scalp. Make sure you massage your scalp and hair well with a little product and try to form the lather.

Leave the shampoo on your scalp and hair for around 5 to 10 minutes, before using it off thoroughly. If you have just begun using this shampoo for dandruff treatment, then apply it twice a week for about a month. After that, you can reduce the number of applications to once a week. This will help prevent the recurrence of dandruff. See to it that you do not completely stop using Ketomac because that could help your dandruff make a comeback.

So, women need to take good care of their hair like using the Ketomac shampoo regularly, if they want to stay away from dandruff.


A healthy scalp is a vital part of having healthy hair. A portion of hair inside the scalp is the only living part of the hair. So, for hair health, one must also have a healthy scalp. Dandruff is a condition that impacts the scalp, and dandruff affecting the scalp causes damage to hair growing in it. Dandruff doesn’t need to slow down the growth of hair. But, surely, the hair that grows from dandruff impacted scalp will be less healthy and more prone to breakage and damage. You must know the way to fight dandruff issues to have healthy hair.

Dandruff has other harmful symptoms like an itchy scalp. But experts recommend that one must resist scratching the itchy scalp at any cost. If you scratch, you will damage hair follicles and prevent the production of hair of good quality.

Dandruff also causes damage to the natural moisture barrier of the scalp. This leads to both dry hair and dry scalp. When the scalp fails to retain moisture, the hair it makes is also less moisturized. Dry hair is prone to frizz and breakage. In extreme cases, dandruff also causes hair to fall.

Symptoms of Dandruff

The symptoms of dandruff manifest in feelings of irritation, which is a result of the main reason for dandruff – Malassezia Globosa (fungus).

  • Redness
  • Itching
  • Flakes
  • Dryness

Flaking is the most obvious sign of dandruff. They may appear on your scalp and also your shoulders. Flaking is caused by the tendency of the body to speed up the rate at which there is a renewal of skin cells. Thus, excess cells develop on the scalp and will flake off. Though flaking is the most evident sign, it is not necessarily the first.

The first symptom is often itchiness, which indicates a warning sign for the progress to flake generation. Redness and dryness are also early signs resulting in tightness of the scalp. When such symptoms appear, it is a good sign that one must switch over to an anti-dandruff shampoo.

Ketomac Products

Ketomac is essentially a formulation of Ketoconazole. It is a topical application of synthetic, broad-spectrum, and an antifungal agent in a concentration of 2% in cream/ shampoo base. 

It is an azole, anti-fungal which works by preventing the growth of the fungus. Ketomac is in the same class as drugs like miconazole and fluconazole.

Ketomac cream/ shampoo/ tablets contain Ketoconazole, which kills yeasts and fungi by affecting their cell membranes. Ketoconazole prevents fungi from producing a material called ergosterol, which is a crucial part of the cell membranes of fungi. These cell membranes are weakened when there are barriers to the production of ergosterol. As a result, the contents of the fungal cells leak out causing their death.

Ketomac Shampoo

This shampoo is utilized for the treatment and prevention of dandruff. Ketomac shampoo also treats dandruff, itching, scaling, and flaking. In addition, It helps to ease inflammation resulting from dandruff. The shampoo is a synthetic, broad-spectrum, antifungal agent in a concentration of 2%, available in an aqueous suspension. Best used to fight dandruff issues.

Ketomac Cream

It is an antifungal medication that prevents the fungus from growing on your skin. It is used to treat multiple conditions like candidiasis, jock itch, ringworm, athlete’s foot, etc. Basically, it helps treat flaking dry skin and inflamed skin with scaly, red, and greasy areas.

Ketoconazole Tablets

These should be used when another powerful antifungal therapy is not tolerated or available. Tablets are considered for the treatment of systemic fungal infections in patients, who do not respond to other therapies.


Taking care of your crowning glory needs special attention. You may be wondering about the issues like dealing with hair problems such as how to wash hair, how to deal with heat damaged hair, or how to tackle the problem of dandruff. Here are some main issues related to hair care:

Washing and Styling Hair

We all know that we need to wash our hair. But it is confusing which is the best way to do it. Different experts advocate different routines, but all of it boils down to what you require.

For example, if you are seeking to care for hair damaged by heat, you require a hair care regimen that will bring back life to your hair. Another scenario is when you play sports regularly. In this case, you need another routine to keep your scalp and hair clean and fresh from day today.

How can a shampoo help?

Two main things are done by good shampoo:

  • Clean your hair to remove grease or dirt
  • Leave your hair smooth and silky

For doing this, they need cleansers to trap dirt and oil, wash it off and leave your hair fresh and clean. They contain conditioning ingredients and moisturizers, which combat frizz and leave your hair silky and smooth.

Not all shampoos are the same. The right one for you depends on your hair type and the look you are attempting to achieve.

For instance, in case your hair is damaged by hair styling, then you require a damage rescue shampoo, which helps to strengthen and moisturize your hair. But if you have greasy hair, your shampoo must have more cleansers rather than moisturizers – a deep clean shampoo.

How to use the shampoo?

It is not simply, lather-rinse-repeat. You must work the shampoo into the scalp and avoid damaging hair by abstaining from towel drying. As for conditioners, apply them to the hair tips rather than the scalp.

Dealing with Greasy Hair

When people describe greasy or oily hair, they are referring to the amount of natural oil-referred to as sebum- which is prominently visible on the hair. In the case of some persons, more sebum is produced, making their hair appear oily.

Sebum is secreted by the sebaceous gland, and its main role is to moisturize the hair and scalp, making them healthy. Sebaceous glands are concentrated in the scalp, chest, and face. There are around 200 to 500 of them in every square cm of your scalp.

Scientists say these natural oils have evolved to help protect human skin. This oil is continually produced by your body leading to scalp problems and oily hair because sticky oil traps pollution and dust, making your hair dull.

There is no natural remedy, but you can keep oil under control by using oil-control shampoo. You must wash your hair at least 3 times a week. By the frequent washing of hair, you can remove accumulated oil. In hot and humid conditions, you may want to wash more often because heat and sweat can make the problem worse.

Dealing with Dandruff

Dandruff is an infection of the scalp caused by a microbe called Malassezia. These fungi proliferate on the scalp to cause dandruff. Dandruff manifests in the form of itchy scalp, redness, inflammation, and flaking. Flakes are a typical symptom.

One proven solution for dandruff is Ketomac shampoo. It contains Ketoconazole- a synthetic, broad-spectrum antifungal agent in a concentration of 2% in an aqueous suspension. It works by weakening the cell membrane of the fungi, killing it in the process. These were the best practices for dealing with hair problems.