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Facing Toenail Fungus- Know How To Treat It Quickly.

April 29, 2022 0

The microorganisms are present almost everywhere, and we can’t stop being where they are. They are present in abundance, and not all of them are dangerous for our skin or body. But some can affect our skin and can cause many infections. It is necessary to check our skin so that we don’t face many skin-related issues. But the thing is, we usually ignore our skin’s health and do not find a solution for our problems. The skin is sensitive is exposed to those microorganisms.


The infections can be bacterial, viral, and fungal infections. But one which is more likely to affect your skin is fungal infections. They can affect any part of your body, but most importantly, the one with the high moist. One bad thing about the fungi is that it starts making their home in one place and do not leave quickly. You need to take oral medication and require fungal ointment for this purpose. The fungal infections are jock itch, nail fungus, lip fungus, athlete foot, etc.


Nail fungus is a common infection that many of us face but are unaware of it. The nail fungus can be caused due to the fungi making a home on your nails and giving you many symptoms. Some of the symptoms that can be visible of the toenail fungus are:


  1. Thickened nails: You may notice your nails’ thickness makes them look weird. The nail fungal infection can make your nails thick than the usual nails, and this is the first symptom that you may notice in your toenails if you are nail fungus.
  2. Change in the color of nails: The next thing is the changed nail color due to the severe nail fungus. It can make your nail color yellow or blue.
  3. The crumbly nail edges: You may also notice the crumbliness on your nail edges that makes them ill-shaped.
  4. A bad odor: The severe nail fungus also makes your nail smell foul.
  5. Pain in nails: The following common symptoms are the pain in nails. Even when your nail touches any surface or even your bottom wear, you may face the pain.


All these are the symptoms that you may notice, and you must ignore them in any case as they are the initial starting of the toenail fungus. One more fungal infection in your feet, known as athlete’s foot, will affect the skin. We need to follow many preventive steps to get rid of this infection quickly. Here is what you must try for sure:


  • Washing feet correctly: One thing that we all should do is to wash our feet regularly without missing any day. Washing your feet using soap and wear will help maintain the proper hygiene that may help prevent the nail fungal infection. Whenever you come back home, you must wash your feet as your feet’ skin may contact the dust or dirt that can affect the nails.
  • Keep hands clean after touching toenails: You must wash your hands or sanitize them properly when you touch the infected nails. Moreover, you must avoid touching the nails so often that the infection does not scatter and become adverse. If you are touching your nails to apply ointment or anything, keep your hands clean.
  • Keeping the nails intact: You must keep your toenails in the right shape by trimming them with a nail cutter. If you stop doing this, then they will even become more ill-shaped. Not only this, but also use a nail filer to trim or shape the edges of the nails as well. You may need a large nail cutter for infected fungal nails as the nail becomes thicker when infected with the fungus.
  • Use a disinfectant on the nail trimmer: We all know that the fungal infection may spread if the others also use the infected nail trimmer on their nails. This means you need to disinfect it after every use. Or you can also keep a separate nail cutter if you are suffering from a nail fungal infection. So, if anyone at your home already has nail fungal, you must stop sharing the nail trimmers, footwear, etc., with them.
  • Use disinfectant in your footwear: Repeatedly, it can worsen the infection when you wear the infected footwear. You must wash your old shoes or use a disinfectant on your shoes. Wearing the same old infected shoes will not help as the fungus may be present in them, and it can again transfer to your nails. So, take care of these small things if you want to get rid of the toenail fungus quickly.
  • The oral medications or antifungal: If you have severe or even mild nail fungal infection, you need oral medication to treat it. You must see a doctor get the medications referred to take them. Avoid taking any oral medication without the doctor’s reference. As the fungal medications should be taken only according to the severity of the infection, always consult a doctor before.
  • Using antifungal ointments: You need to use the best antifungal cream for toenails to treat the nail fungus. The nail fungus needs antifungal agents that can kill the fungi residing on the nails and cause nail infection. The fungi can also affect the skin between the nail and the foot. That fungal infection is known as an athlete’s foot. Apply a layer of antifungal cream on the infected nail and nearby skin so that it can heal and kill the fungi.
  • Please consult a doctor: One thing that we should not ignore in any case is to consult a skin specialist who also looks out for nail infections. Consulting a doctor can guide you on which medications to take, how to use an ointment, and other prescriptions. So, don’t forget to consult a doctor first before taking any step further on your own.


All these above-discussed points will be beneficial in quickly treating the toenail fungus which you are suffering. Many ointments are also available in the market, but Ketomac offers the best antifungal cream for nails and our skin. The antifungal cream by Ketomac can also be used to treat ringworm, jock itch, yeast infections, and many other fungal infections. It can stop the fungi growth that is making the infection severe. After stopping its growth, it will slowly kill the fungi causing the infection.


You need to check on your nails that either there is any difference on not. You will not be able to see the results in a shorter time; instead, it will take a long to cure the fungal infection. The fungi did not leave their home sooner, and that is why it will take time to cure. So, keep using the antifungal ointment with patience, and you will see the results.


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