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How can you say goodbye to oily hair & greasy scalp?

July 27, 2020 0

It is true that you are proud of your looks, but do you really are happy with your hair? Do you think that your hair is getting your nerves always? Do you feel that your hair is too oily or greasy? Well, then you need to watch out for your hair properly. You cannot simply neglect it. If think that you are using a general shampoo and it is working on your oily aspect, then you are mistaken. Come on, a general oil only works as a general thing and only cleans up your hair. It does not clear your hair of oiliness.


The point is once your hair accumulates dust, so much sweat, and other components; your hair and scalp become really oily. You need to use a specific type of oil like that of oily scalp dry hair shampoo India and ensure that you keep your hair in the best shape. You can be sure that your hair shine, stay smooth and strong with the right oil.  If you think that oily hair is just a small thing then you need to think again. Oily hair is one thing that people feel really annoyed about. It is because oily hair is not just about too much oil in the hair, but it also brings along too much itching, irritation, dandruff, and inconvenience.  There are people who are too much oily hair by default and then the dust and sweat add up.

It is irritating!

Truth be told oily hair and greasy scalp are really irritating. An oily scalp in turn might head to persistent itching, dandruff, and even that thousand other issues. Not simply this, it could also make your scalp prone to infections and even that of hair fall as well.  If you want that your hair stays safe and smooth and free of extensive oil and grease; make sure that you keep your hair assisted with the right products like Ketomac shampoo.

Change your hair washing ways & frequency

Yes, washing your hair in a proper way is the main step to get rid of an oily scalp. Your pores secrete extensive oil from your glands and make your scalp really greasy and greasy. Regularly washing your hair with the right and suitable product will avert your scalp from excessive oil build-up and keep your hair effective and absolutely healthy. It would be good if you rinse your hair 2-3 times a week.  Yes, you cannot simply leave your hair abandoned and wash them only once in a week or month. In case you are a person who works out a lot, you can wash your hair each alternate day.  It would be good if you use only the safe shampoos, which means use a shampoo that is natural and does not have any chemicals in it, you ensure the health of your hair.  You can pick Ketomac shampoo.

Then it is also important to realize that just shampooing your hair is not enough, you need to be sure about how you do it. Once you apply shampoo in a proper manner, you get the outcomes that you deserve. You need to ensure you dilute the product with water, lather it up and then simply massage it in a gentle manner onto your scalp. It would be important to rinse your hair well so there is no type of product left in your hair or on the scalp.  Also, remember that you are not using hot or extremely warm water on your scalp as it would not do any good.

Don’t apply conditioner deeply on your hair, please!

It does not really matter whether you have an oily or a type of dry scalp, applying conditioner on your scalp is a severe no. It makes your hair and scalp greasy promotes hair fall and even that bacterial growth. But it does not mean that you shouldn’t apply conditioner at all. Apply the conditioner simply to the tips of your tresses and work your path upwards. It would be fine if you stop nearly two inches away from the scalp.

Usage of heat tools is a big no

You know what, it is time that you shun your love for heat tools.  Yes, whether hair straightener or the curling wand; no matter how much you feel for them; you need to avoid them for the health of your hair.   You need to think about the damage that these heat products can do to your hair. In case you have an oily scalp, heat tools are actually your worst enemies. They can make your scalp completely greasy, hair weak, and hamper your tresses in the longer run. In case you still wish to style your hair, it would be good if you try out the no-heat styling ways and save your hair from unnecessary damages.

You glean can be triggering factor

You know, if you are thinking that you do nothing to your hair but even then, your hair and scalp are really oily then you must consider your genes. Yes, genes play a major role in determining if or not you will have an oily scalp. In case your immediate family members experience oily scalps/skin, there is every possibility that you could also have it as well. So, it might be a big factor for you to have an oily scalp and hair.

Keep your stress in check

Indeed, in case your stress levels are high, there are all the chances that your sebaceous-gland activity could enhance. It can cause your hair to get really oily. What is the point if your hair and scalp are getting too much oily?  Remember that once you keep your stress in control, you would also find great products in your hair too.

Change your diet

It is good that you are using the right shampoos for your oily hair. But you know what, diet also has a role to play in your oily hair and scalp.  If you eat up high -carb diets, it has been linked to oily skin and scalps. Of course, you need to be more thoughtful about what you eat and how often.

What is your way of shampooing your hair?

Well, it is also important that you pay attention to how you wash your hair. What type of pattern have you developed to wash and apply the shampoo on your hair and scalp?  It could be possible that you take your hair washing move for granted.   Shampooing does not mean that you just rub it on your hair and scalp; you need to ensure that the shampoo reaches out to your roots and every area of the scalp. Even the best shampoo would not work well if it is not reaching out to your hair and scalp corners. Also, remember that once you wash and rinse your hair, the shampoo should not remain in your hair or scalp.


So, once you can get oily scalp dry hair dandruff shampoo like Ketomac shampoo, you would experience good results. After all, it is all about what you use and how you are applying it. Once you switch to a good shampoo that fights your oily issue and you keep your health in control; you experience the best hair for sure.

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