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Is It Possible To Lighten Up Your Hair Without Bleach?

July 30, 2020 0

You can always get the experience that you crave. You can always ensure that you have the best arrangements for your health. It is all about your choices and precautions. Once you look around, you can ensure that you have the right things for your hair care. Since your hair is essential to you and you adore them, make sure you take care of them properly. You cannot simply take your hair for granted. After all, when you have the solutions and provisions for the best hair, make sure that you use them.

You can find the best products for your hair care once you look around. You can pick the best summer shampoo for dry hair or any other hair type. You can explore the options and ensure that you have the shampoos or the items that are good for your hair care. Many of you might want to lighten up your hair. What do you think you need to do? Do you don’t want to do bleach? Well, then what you can do is go for the other ways. Instead of getting back to bleach, you can always find other ways to lighten your hair. Of course, many of you do not want harsh chemicals on your hair and wish to lighten your hair without bleach. So, it is so good that you can find natural shampoos for lightening your hair and home remedies to ensure that your hair is lightened.

Get some sunshine for your hair.

You know what, your hair will lighten on its own once exposed to us and ova rays. To quicken this process, you need to sprit equal parts lemon juice and water onto all over your hair and soak up the sun. The most convenient way to lighten up your hair is by sitting out in the sunshine as it helps the process.” But you know what? It is a method that would be effective even more for individuals who possess naturally blonde hair. Using brunette hair might trigger a reddish or an orange hue to emit out of your hair.

Magic of cinnamon and honey

It has been said that cinnamon and honey are unique combinations when doing it yourself methods. Once blended with cinnamon, the tiny amounts of hydrogen peroxide in honey become activated and act as a brightening agent like lemons by lifting the highest layer of shade from hair. If you want to utilize them properly, you might require creating a hair mask. Then the recipes characteristically need coconut or olive oil as a blending agent for convenient application. Of course, some people have experienced excellent results from this method.

If you want to combine the honey, conditioner, hot water, and olive or coconut oil in equivalent parts of half a cup, you need to add a tablespoon of cinnamon. Leave it on for half an hour. Then it would help if you washed it out. Remember that the more frequently you use the mixture on your hair, the better results you will gain and experience.

Use lemon for your hair.

If you have always praised lemon for your beverage cravings, now is the time to use lemon for other things. Yes, this juice of the lemon is one of the most convenient and most common manners to lighten your hair, but there are some qualifications to the process. You know this juice works just for pale brunettes and that blonde. If you are a dark brown or a redhead, you will achieve either no lightness at all or your hair will turn out to be brassy. For this reason, lemon juice possesses citric acid, which opens the cuticle of the hair when it’s exposed to heat (like sunlight) and eradicates the first layer of colour. This forms a lighter effect for blondes, but brunettes will more likely experience an orange tone.

If you are a light brunette or blonde and want to test out this simple method, you need to mix two parts, leave in that of the spray conditioner with just one portion of lemon juice, and then use a spray bottle to apply to damp hair. It would help if you got enough sun exposure for your hair to heat up when you are done. Then wash out the lemon a couple of hours later. But remember that you would get some results though not entirely like bleach. But again, it will be a natural way of lightening your hair. Also, remember that you wash your hair correctly and politely. Once you are done, you surely will experience good results.

Apple cider vinegar

Now, this is something that works similarly to that of lemon juice. Yes, once you do repeated use, apple cider vinegar starts to lower the hair’s ph. It is going to open the cuticle slightly. Then, the top layer of the underlying shade is stripped away once exposed to sun or heat. You indeed would find some change once you use it on your hair. If you want to apply it, you need to use a spray bottle with equivalent parts of apple cider vinegar and water and spritz it across the length and ends. But make sure that you are using it in a standard quantity and without harshness. Many products in the industry tend to be for lightening your hair, but they hardly show any such ingredients like lemon, apple cider vinegar, or similar ones. For this reason, these ingredients do not appear gorgeous on the top. But believe it or not, once you use these things for your hair, you surely will be full of praise for them.

Always keep your hair clean.

Moreover, once you are using all these ways to keep your hair light, make sure that you are ensuring that your hair is clean too. You can use the best shampoo for summer in India and ensure that your hair is fresh and clean. You can always ensure that you have proper and safe colour if it is clean and hygienic. You need to ensure that your hair stays in the best shape. After all, it is about your hair care, and you cannot take a risk.

Ensure that you are washing your hair twice a week or extensively if you are into sports or extreme physical activity. After all, it is about your hair, and you cannot take a risk. Once you keep your hair clean and safe, you can ensure that your hair is clean and adequate. These remedies work even more fabulous once you have clean hair.


So, it is time that you lighten up your hair without even using bleach. You do have the ease to get the lighter shade for your hair without dipping into the chemical oriented bleaches.

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