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Which type of Hair Gloss Treatment You Should Go For?

January 30, 2021 0

In case you wish to boost your color and add a glow without setting foot in a salon, then the perfect answer is: Yes, you are surely going to want a hair gloss.  You can be sure that your hair stays stunning, shining, and smooth.

The way you use products like dandruff shampoo colored hair to ensure that your colored hair stays free of dandruff, similarly, you can go through some other procedures too that make your hair in the best looks.

What really is hair loss treatment?

A colored hair gloss treatment may assist you in correcting the tone and refresh the hue of your beautiful hair between dye appointments (in the absence of any regrowth or damage involved in more permanent color). It is the reason that stylists often use them in blend with root touch-ups in salons.

You can easily pick a color that would correct the brassiness or make your shade a little bit richer, but you wish to stick close to the color you already ow. Remember that more permanent dye is essential if you are hoping to drastically change your color or get lighter. Glosses can add both shine and color to your previously colored hair as well as your virgin hair.

In simple words, hair gloss is a semi-permanent shade that adds shine to dull tresses. Continuous hair styling, overexposure to the sun, hair colors, hard water, and pollution can harm the hair strands and rip off your hair of its natural shine. A hair gloss treatment helps you to fight such damage. It simply smoothens and conditions your hair’s cuticle, reinstating health, and shine.

What type of hair glosses are there?

You can find hair glosses in different tints to ensure that you match your pre-existing hair color. At times it is included as the last stage in your hair dyeing procedure, to add up additional shine or tone the dye to your wanted shade.

The point is, in case you have never really colored your hair before and desire a gloss treatment, then clear or colorless glosses are ideal options. These tint-free demi-permanent shades do treat and condition natural hair to give it a frizz-free, lively look. It acts amazingly on that of greys too.

Is there any harm to hair gloss?

Hair gloss closures hair cuticles and conditions your hair. it is far less damaging than that of any sort of regular hair colors. Regular hair colors include ammonia and hydrogen peroxide that opens up the cuticle layer, permitting the dye to enter the hair shaft. Hair strands lose their natural oils and turn out to be rough and dry. This is the reason that a hair dyeing procedure mostly ends with a gloss treatment.

However, if you undergo hair gloss treatments often, especially with products that are high in chemical content, it can harm your hair locks. You must understand that dimethicone, a kind of Silicon, is a chief ingredient in hair gloss and creates a glossy layer over your hair. Extensive use can lead to silicon build-up on your hair and avert the nutrients and moisture from penetrating the overall shaft.

Then you should also know that there are certain hair glosses that even possess Parabens, a carcinogenic chemical preservative. Then there can be a great alternative for you like an herbal gloss that not just enhance the shine of your strands, but even nurture your tresses, with no sort of side effects.

No matter you wish to condition and smoothen hair that is harmed or has lost its shine, hair gloss treatments even help to tone your current color. You just need to go for a safe product, and you are good to go.

Why should you consider hair gloss treatment?

There are many reasons and a few of these are like:

A gloss will repair any summer damage you get-

Did you really spend a little too much time in the sun and chlorine recently in summer? Then you must get a gloss treatment. This would actually repair your hair and undoes all that harm. So, you will definitely feel a lot better. The gloss will return texture and deep condition your strands for extreme silkiness and shine.

A gloss offers you translucent color and intense conditioning-

A gloss is going to work with the variation of tone that your hair naturally has. It permits for a more subdued shade. In case you have Gray hair and in case you put a gloss on, it is going to have a very tonal effect as contrary to being one solid opaque color.   It even automatically makes your hair super shiny and absolutely smooth. It is even going to lessen a little bit of frizz, and overall, your hair feels like you had a perfect conditioning treatment and color done right away.

It will not be too harsh or permanent as regular hair color-

Yes, you read it right. A gloss is very acidic and shuts the hair and the cuticle real tight. The outcome is an extremely smooth surface texture that will reproduce a lot lighter and have a much softer tone to it.  on the other side, if you go for a regular color, it will contain ammonia that opens up the hair cuticle and deposits color into it, and hence, damaging your hair.

This tones down highlights

In case your highlights end up looking a little too brassy, then you must attain a gloss treatment right after to tone down the color. Once you do it, you feel the difference in a short time and can experience the best outcomes.

How often can You go for Hair gloss?

Hair professionals advise a gloss treatment every 4 weeks or only when your hair color is nearly to fade. Whenever you experience any type of problems such as dryness, frizz, and split ends, visit your salon or do a gloss at home. Hair gloss will definitely extend the life of your hair color and once you apply it at regular intervals, you will end up keeping hair damage away. for your home gloss treatments, you can use:

  • Aloe Vera
  • Amalaki (Indian Gooseberry) along with Methi (Fenugreek)
  • Japa (Hibiscus)

Once you do the procedure of gloss in the right manner, you will see no side effects and absolutely shiny and smooth hair.

The duration of hair gloss

A hair gloss is a type of demi-permanent color and it will last nearly six to eight weeks if it is performed in a salon. Hair glosses are meant for home and you can use them. they will have a shorter effect and can even need to be used every two weeks. moreover, you can even use a Ketomac color protectant shampoo and conditioner to wash your hair. but make sure that you keep the water temperature to a minimum to extend the life of your hair gloss.


So, you must get the best anti-dandruff shampoo for color-treated hair and ensure that your hair is safe, smooth, and clean.  In this way, you can be sure that your hair will not lose its luster and style. And since you know about the types of things you can use to perform the hair gloss treatment, you should not hesitate.


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