Ketomac Shampoo

“We Offer Comprehensive Solutions to Fight Fungal & Yeast Infections”

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About Ketomac

Ketomac is a brand which offers medicinal shampoo, cream, and tablets produced under TORQUE Pharmaceuticals. We are consistent in bringing high-quality products, meeting the varying needs of all people. The hard work and efforts of our highly qualified health professionals and skilful workers who stood with us throughout the journey have earned us a loyal customer base. 

Marking footprints in the domestic market, we are resolute to tap into foreign markets as well with antifungal products that resist the formation and growth of fungus.

  • High-Quality 

We bring you high-quality products that trigger your fungal and yeast infection and can diminish it for better results. 

  • Adherence to Excellence

Our team is dedicated to maintaining the quality of the products since the inception of the brand. 

  • Customer Satisfaction 

Prioritizing our customers, we believe in customer satisfaction through our services and the top-notch products that cater to their needs. 

Customer is our first priority. We must treat them as a god and try to give better quality products. So, try to make genuine products for customers and say no to fraud.

How Does Ketomac Work?

Ketomac shampoo/cream contains Ketoconazole that kills fungi and yeasts by interfering with their cell membranes.

What is it Used For?

Topical Ketoconazole is used for treating ringworm, jock itch, athlete’s foot, dandruff, and tinea versicolor.

How to Use?

Wet hair and scalp thoroughly. Apply a small amount of ketomac shampoo to your scalp and massage into a lather. Leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes and then rinse your scalp thoroughly.

Media Presence

Ketomac has provided ultimate results to our patrons, and our satisfied customers are a testimonial to it.

Print Media

Accolades in the media reflect the reach of Ketomac. With great reviews and experience sharing, the networking channel is instrumental in spreading its popularity.

Venture of Torque Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

At TORQUE, the pillars upon which its strength rests are – Impeccable Quality, Commitment to Excellence, Constant Innovation and an Environment Conducive to Growth and Affordable Medicines.

Impeccable Quality

The first company in Punjab to be awarded WHO-GMP Compliance Certificate by the Drug Regulatory Authorities in the year 2005.

Constant Innovation

Our team is always committed to finding better alternatives to more expensive and less feasible products which can be mass-produced for the benefit of mankind.

High-Quality, Affordable Medicines

Best-quality medicines are made available to the masses at the most affordable prices, giving us great satisfaction.

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