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Cracks And Cuts On Lips: Symptoms And Remedies

January 12, 2022 0

Almost every part of our body is sensitive and needs care so that you can avoid the different problems associated with them. To enjoy life, you should have a healthy mind and body. We all want to be healthy, but very few of us even make any effort to be healthy and happy, which we lack. One of the biggest mistakes we all commit is ignoring every condition at its initial stages.

Most of us don’t take things seriously unless they become something too big. The same is the case for skin problems as well. We all face many skin infections and issues; they can be solved if identified and diagnosed on time. But we all like to ignore them first and then complain about it. The fungal infection is one of the common skin issues you will see nowadays. There is no specific reason why this infection is becoming so common as it depends on many factors.

Anyone can suffer from fungal infections, which can occur on anybody where moisture is exceptionally high. The fungus causes fungal infections. The fungus is present in almost every place, but some people are more allergic to it than others. These can be the various risk factors that make them face this. But mainly it is due to our efforts and gestures. Lip fungal is also so common, and even kids are suffering from this issue. The lip fungus can give different symptoms, and it will be better if we diagnose them at the earliest.

The lip fungus can be in the form of corner cuts, also known as angular cheilitis. Some of the symptoms that will help you to identify this issue are:

  • Cracks on the angle: You will experience cracks on the corner of your lips, and it feels like a wound. The cracks on that angle are very painful and will not allow you to eat and drink comfortably. It is known as lip fungus or angular cheilitis.
  • A feeling of burning: The feeling of burning sensation in the corner of your mouth is also one of the symptoms of this problem. You will feel a burning sensation in that area. It can also cause itchiness and feels like the most dried area. It also causes difficulty opening the mouth, difficulty eating, etc.
  • The white patches: You will also see the white patches on your lips or inside your mouth. This is one of the common symptoms of this problem. The white patches start the lip fungus, and with a suitable antifungal cream like Ketomac antifungal for lips, we can indeed treat this issue.
  • Redness on or at the corners of the lips: The easiest way to diagnose this problem is the redness on your lips and the corners. It makes your sensitive lip area red, and it is the beginning.

Keep these symptoms in mind so that you can quickly diagnose this issue. There are many creams available but trust only antifungal ointment for lips by Ketomac in this. You can also give some easy remedies a try to get some relief. Some of the remedies to try for this are:

  • Easy saltwater remedy: The warm salt water can give you temporary relief, so you must try this. Use only warm water and not the normal or colder one. Warm the water and then add salt to the water. You can rinse your mouth with that water. The salt has cleansing as well as soothing elements that will surely help. Instead of drinking this, you can rinse and spit.
  • Using baking soda remedy: Baking soda helps treat many types of fungal infections, including lip fungus. You can add baking soda instead of salt also. Baking soda has antifungal properties that make it suitable for antifungal treatment. You can take warm water and add baking soda to it. Try to rinse it properly and then spit the water.
  • Yoghurt remedy: The yoghurt includes the probiotic in higher quantities, which is why it is the best remedy for lip fungus. The yoghurt contains good bacteria, which kill the harmful bacteria causing infection. You can add yoghurt to your diet or can increase its quantity. You can prefer eating unsweetened yoghurt instead of flavoured one. So, add yoghurt to your diet for temporary relief from the problem. For the permanent solution, you must use the antifungal cream by Ketomac.
  • The lemon juice remedy: The lemons also include antifungal properties that help relieve this issue. They are antiseptic as well, so you must try them. You can add a juice of a half lemon to any water, cold or warm, as you want. You can also drink this water or can use it to rinse your mouth. It will be helpful, but it can also cause a slight burning sensation in the affected area.
  • Turmeric remedy: Turmeric is antiseptic and has properties that can reduce inflammation. In this case, the inflammation is too high, and we must try anti-inflammatory elements. Turmeric milk is also known as golden milk, and that is why you must try it. You can add turmeric to the warm milk and add a pinch of black pepper. This remedy can offer you relief from this problem. Try to drink the milk by swishing it in your whole mouth for better results.
  • The apple cider vinegar: The following most used remedy for fungal infection is apple cider vinegar. You can add apple cider vinegar to the cup of water and use this to rinse your mouth. And it possesses antifungal properties and can help you in this. Try to add unfiltered or raw apple cider vinegar to the water for better results.

So, these are some of the easy remedies for lip fungus or angular cheilitis that we must try. But don’t forget to use the antifungal lip treatment by Ketomac. It is specially designed to treat fungal infections like jock itch, nail fungus, ringworm, athlete foot, lip fungus, etc. It includes Ketoconazole which is the best medication for fungal infections. This element kills the fungus and helps reduce its growth, hence treating this fungal infection at the earliest.

It starts with the cell membranes and keeps the unwanted substance away. It impairs the elements that help the fungi to live in our cell membranes. It is one of the best treatments for fungal infections that we should prefer. Curing it properly will take time, and we must hold on to our patients to remove this fungal infection altogether.

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