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Does Hair Texture Change With Age

March 4, 2019 0

It is not rare for older adults, both women, and men, to witness hair loss and greying. But it might also surprise you that hair texture can change with changing hormones in the middle to an older age. Once bone-straight hair can turn wavy or coarse, dense hair can begin to develop thinner and more delicate.

In some instances, alteration in hair texture, such as fragility, can result from years of colouring, bleaching, or even straightening hair. Here it might help you know that treating hair gently and using a deep conditioner once a week might help avert damage, or you can consider taking vitamins like silica or biotin to help strengthen hair. If hair gets damaged, it could be time to cut off some locks or hug the grey. A healthy scalp of hair of any shade is a definite improvement over damaged, dry, and brittle hair. You cannot shun the reality that hair texture changes with age.

Hormonal changes impact the hair texture.

Hormonal changes during the time of menopause can trigger hair texture to alter over time gradually. But in case the change is sudden, it might be a sign of a primary health problem such as hypothyroidism, malnutrition, or even infection and has to be discussed with a medical expert. A quick change in hair texture can be a health warning signal, coupled with other signs. Some medications can even trigger a change in hair texture, so you should talk with your doctor about troublesome side effects.

Your diet is also a contributor.

Diet can also be a contributor to maintaining healthy hair. Hair and skin require biotin, zinc, iron, vitamin E, and even omega fatty acids to remain thick and shiny. With your age, the oil glands in your scalp generate less sebum, and hair starts to thin. You can start trying foods like dark leafy greens, salmon, eggs, oysters, and avocados as a portion of a healthy diet.

Time to change the products

If hair texture has changed, it could also be time to manage and adjust the kind of hair products you use. Once coarse hair is getting thin and straight, conditioners, lighter weight shampoos, and styling products could be helpful. Allowing hair air to dry is quickly becoming trendy after years of hair straightening, which might also help prevent damage. A fresh hairstyle could also help make the maximum of the change in texture. If you always wanted curly hair but have straight hair, don’t worry; who knows, you will encounter curly hair later in your life! Indeed, change can be expected in your hair texture down the lane.

So, to rebuff the thing that changes in hair texture with age is not possible is uncool. Remember, a change in the texture of your hair can come into your life, and you already know why. Next time someone tries to tell you it is impossible, hand them these reasons and second you.

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