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A Complete Guide On Symptoms And Precautionary Actions For The Nail Fungal Infection

June 30, 2022 0

Microorganisms are present everywhere like in the environment, air, at the surface, and even inside our body. But when they make a home in our body or skin then they become harmful to us. Most of the time we just ignore learning about the microorganisms as we are just concerned with the skin issues that we face. But we must know the reasons behind those skin concerns. Our skin is the most delicate part of our body and that is why it asks for more care. But what it gets in return is our non-attentive attitude towards our skin. 


We just dream of healthy skin, hair, and body but we forget that in order to get the one we have to put in some effort. There is a need to take a note on an everyday basis which should motivate all of us to care for our skin and body. The skin infections do not leave our skin easily as they just make their home in our skin and forget to leave. For this, we need to put some efforts in for the treatment. There are so many skin issues that we face and fungal infections are also one of them. The fungi a very well-known microorganism cause this infection and can affect any part of our body. 


The fungal infections can take many forms and are of many types including nail fungal infections, ringworm, jock itch, athlete foot, lip fungus, etc. The warm environment and moist areas are loved by the fungi and that is why it is found there. Any part of the body can be affected by the fungi and most likely to be affected are the foot area, nails, inner thighs, groin, etc. The nail fungus issue is becoming a lot more common nowadays, there are so many people out there who are facing this issue. If you are also one of those suffering from the same issue then this article is a complete guide for you. Have a look to know more about this:


Nail fungal infection what it is?

The nail fungal infection is an infection caused b the fungi on our nails. This means the formation of fungi in abundance has caused this infection. If fungi make their home in our nails, they will take a long time to heal. The best nail fungus medicine in India is available with Ketomac that we can use. You will not be able to see the fungus but you will clearly see what the fungus has done to your nails. The nail fungal infection ruins the whole nail texture and you can clearly notice a person with the nail fungal infection. 


Common symptoms to know- 

So, there are symptoms of this nail fungal infection that can be clearly seen. With the help of reading symptoms, we can easily detect whether we are suffering from a fungal infection or not. The symptoms that are seen when someone is suffering from the nail fungus are discussed below:

  1. Ill-nail texture: So, we all know that healthy nails are having clear and plain texture but in case your nails are not having this then this means something is wrong. The ill-textured nails are easily noticeable as you will see that the texture of the nails is not normal. Either they are thickened or look ill-shaped. This means the thickened humps will be seen on nails that are affected by the nail fungus. 
  2. Changed nail color: The healthy nail color is clear or white but in case you are noticing any change in the color of your nails then you have to take it seriously. This can be due to this fungal infection. The most noticeable nail color in this fungal infection is blue, yellow, or dark brownish. Those who have seen the nail colors this way should have to see a skin specialist for the treatment. If it is the beginning of the fungal infection then you may notice the yellowish layer forming on your nail. 


  1. Pain in nails: If you are facing frequent pain in your nails then this may be due to the fungal infection only. The starting of this infection does not cause any pain in nails but when the time it becomes severe you will feel the pain. The pain is usually experienced when the infected person wears tight shoes, or socks, or whenever the nail touched any hard surface. 


  1. Discomfort in wearing closed footwear: The closed footwear like shoes may cause some extent of discomfort to the infected person. The closed footwear usually makes our feet uncomfortable as they we have to place our feet straight and they cannot move properly in this. Those who are having the issue of nail fungal infection cannot wear closed footwear as they will start experiencing pain in their nails while wearing. 


  1. Smelly nails: The infected nails that are of ill color may also cause the smell or odor. You will experience the smell in your nails and also in the socks due to the infection. 


So, these are some of the very common symptoms that can be noticed by people if they are suffering from this infection. There is a need to look forward to the best treatment in order to treat the nail fungal infection. No treatment can show its result overnight especially when it is nail fungus. You have to wait patiently when you undergo the treatment for the nails. The antifungals can do their magic as taken in the best format. Ask your doctor about the antifungal that your skin needs. As the fungal infection cannot be treated without them. Also, you need an antifungal ointment for your nails. The antifungal cream will work like a magic in controlling the fungus growth on the nails. You have to apply the nail ointment carefully so that no area can be left uncovered. Also, apply it on your nail beds, on the nails, and around the nails. There are so many precautions or preventions that we all should keep in mind if we are suffering or someone in the house is suffering from this infection. Some of them are:


  1. Getting the best antifungal medicine: As we already discussed that you must get an antifungal medicine prescribed by the doctor to heal this infection. Without over-the-counter medicines, it won’t be possible to treat fungal infections. But the dose of the antifungal medicine will purely depend on the kind and level of your fungal infection. In case you are having a severe infection in your nails, you may need a higher dose of antifungal medicine.


  1. Choosing the best antifungal ointment: Our skin needs the best antifungal ointment to treat fungal infections. Ketomac is one of the best antifungal ointment brands on whom we can easily trust. They offer the best ointment that we can use on our nails regularly as a treatment. If you think only consuming antifungal tablets will work then you are wrong. In order to treat it properly, you must use the right ointment for this purpose. 


  1. Maintain nail hygiene: Nail hygiene is something that we should never underestimate. Not keeping or maintaining our nails will make you suffer from this nail fungal infection. Nail hygiene involves proper washing of nails and feet with soap and water. Using only water to wash your nails is not enough. The soap is required to keep the germs at bay from your nails. So, wash it with soap and water. Make sure you choose gentle soap to wash your feet and nails. There are some soaps that make our feet dry. As they take away the essential oil from our skin and cause dryness. 


  1. Keeping the nails dry all the time: There are very few situations in which we are having wet nails. For example, after washing our feet nails also become wet and wet feet can spread the infection. The fungi make their home in a place that is warm and wet. That is how the nail fungus is caused. You can also keep the nails dry by using the hair dryer. After washing your feet, you can use a clean towel to dry your feet and nails. 


  1. Not repeating the socks: So, if you think you can repeat the socks for two or three days without any reason then you are wrong. Repeating socks may even make the situation worse. The socks absorb the sweat from our skin and sweating may lead to bacterial and fungal infection. In case you repeat the same socks then this will make the infection severe. Sweating in the socks can infect our nails and that is why we need to keep check that we should never repeat our socks ever. Even this point is the same in the case of undergarments. We should wear only clean and washed undergarments and not repeated ones. So, keep this thing in mind to avoid the risk of infection. 


  1. Ignoring closed footwear: In case you are already suffering from this infection, you must avoid wearing closed footwear. The closed footwear does not allow our feet to move and let the air gets in. Those who are infected should wear footwear that is open like sandals, flip flops, etc. Avoid wearing bellies, shoes, etc to avoid inconvenience.


  1. Don’t use the same nail cutters: In case there is someone who is having an infection of nail fungus should keep a separate nail cutter. The nail cutters must be well clean and sanitized if in case someone in an emergency may need it. It is advisable to not to share the nail clippers or even the nail fillers with those having infected nails. Sharing nail clippers will also make the other person infected with the same infection as this infection can be easily transferred this way. 


  1. Not sharing the same footwear: In case someone at your home is suffering from this infection already then you must avoid wearing the footwear of that person. If you will wear the footwear of that person then the infection will definitely be transmitted. As our shoes or other footwear holds our sweat and also some particles of the infections that can be transmitted. No matter if you are in hurry or not don’t use the shared footwear in any case. 


  1. Let the sweat dry: Most of the time we just place our footwear inside the rack without giving it time to dry. When we wear footwear for longer, they usually become wet due to the skin sweating. We need to give it some time for the natural air to dry so that the wetness can go away. Failure to do this will also increase the infection risk. So, the next time you wear shoes or bellies doesn’t keep them inside the cupboard immediately let them dry. 


  1. Prefer breathable fabric: While choosing shoes or socks or even undergarments always prefer the fabric that allows your skin to breathe. Wearing the opposite fabric to this will create complications for your skin and should be avoided in every possible case. While purchasing undergarments as well make sure you choose cotton or the other fabric that is breathable and airy. 


  1. Avoid wearing tight things: In case you are still wearing tight socks, shoes, or undergarments then stop doing it. Wearing tighter things just causes discomfort to your skin and causes sweating. Whether it is tight shoes or socks or undergarments wearing any of them will cause you more sweating and also increases the chances of risk of this infection. 

So, all these above-discussed are the best actions that we should follow if we want to avoid this infection or want to treat this. Antifungal nail polish India is also available to treat nail fungal infections. They are made from antifungal compounds that kill fungi and help in healing the skin. Your nails will also be treated with the help of the antifungal cream by Ketomac.

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