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A Guide On How The Ketomac Antifungal Cream Helps

May 1, 2022 0

We all know that whenever we face any skin-related issue, we have to suffer a lot of inconveniences. Our skin is the sensitive part of our body, and we all know about it. But it is challenging to save our skin from every possible infection or exposure. Fungal infection is also one of those infections that we cannot prevent but can take a step to minimize and slowly treat. When we discover that we are suffering from a fungal infection, we may feel depressed. 


But one thing not to worry about is that it can be treated with the help of over-the-counter medicines. It is not dangerous to our health, and instead, we can get it treated. The fungal infection is due to the fungus that makes it home on our skin. We all should know about fungi growth because it is mainly found in the areas with the highest moisture levels. This means where there will be moisture; there will be fungi. We need to keep the body part area clean to prevent fungi growth from increasing. 


Fungal infections can be treated using antifungals, and Ketomac offers the best antifungal foot cream. It can also be used for foot infections, lip fungal, nail fungal, etc. Nail fungal or toenail fungal infection is becoming common nowadays as we are not taking care of the proper hygiene in our feet or our shoes. 


About antifungal- 

The antifungal cream is meant to reduce or treat the growth of fungi in the infected area. The antifungal compounds present in the antifungal ointment can kill the fungi. The growth of the fungus cells needs to be minimized, and this is possible with the help of antifungal creams. Antifungal creams are used for various infections caused by the fungi, most commonly athlete foot, nail fungus, ringworm, and jock itch. 


The antifungal cream works by focusing on the growth of the cell membranes that are infected with the fungi. 


We all know that fungal infection takes a lot of time to treat, and it can never be treated overnight or on some days in any case. You need to hold on to your patience level to avoid the further severity of the fungal infection. The consistent use of antifungal ointments is required to get it treated. You have to wait for a long, and during this period, you must see the doctor regularly to ask about your anti-fungus status.


Application of the antifungal cream- 

The antifungal cream is to be applied carefully to the affected area so that we can cure it quickly. Here are some of the tips before and after you apply the cream. 


  • Apply cream as prescribed: As per the doctor’s prescription, you must apply the antifungal cream. Most of the time, the doctor prescribed applying the antifungal cream twice a day for the minimum. If you are directed to apply more or less than once, make sure you do it in the same way possible. 
  • Let the cream dry: You must let the antifungal cream you have applied dry out entirely before it comes into contact with anything. Make sure you apply it well, and it is absorbed in the skin well. 
  • Don’t forget to wash your hands after applying the antifungal cream. Make sure you wash your hands properly. Because there are chances that some part of the cream may leave on our skin and thus you must wash your hands. 
  • Be consistent in applying: One thing that you must note forever if you are dealing with a fungal infection is the word consistent. If you are consistent in your efforts, the infection can be treated. If you are not well determined to solve the problem of fungal infection, it will not go away quickly. You have to follow one rule of consistency, and only this is the key to a solution for this problem. Make sure you are well-consistent in taking medicines, applying ointments, etc. Try Ketomac antifungal cream for the best possible results, but you must remember the word consistent. 


Get the antifungal cream this way-

You can get antifungal creams in many ways. Make sure you have researched it well to find the right one. Here are some ways to get it:


  • From the chemist shop: You can get the best antifungal cream by Ketomac from the local chemist shop near you. IT is the easiest way to get the cream as we all can seek the shop quickly and conveniently. Most drug stores have antifungal ointments and medications available to them. So, you can buy them anytime. 
  • Consult a doctor: If you suffer from a severe fungal infection, you must see the doctor. Consulting a doctor well before you take any step while suffering from this infection will be helpful. You can seek the doctor’s advice before applying or taking any antifungal medication. Everyone has different levels and types of fungal infections, so consulting a skin specialist will help. 
  • You can also buy it online: You can also search for antifungal ointments online. They are also readily available on the internet. Online shopping websites or applications are now also selling creams or ointments. You can search where you can buy them as different platforms offer them. 
  • Search on the internet: The internet has helped us a lot, and we cannot run away from this fact. It has changed our lives as we can easily find everything, literally everything, on it. We can search for the content, find where to shop, etc. Searching for it will help us to know the easiest way to buy the one for ourselves. Also, we will get to know about many other facts, symptoms, and treatments of fungal infection. 


Antifungals are a necessity when you are facing this infection. They are meant to treat the following- 


*For ringworm– The ringworm infection also comes under the fungal infection. This is also a common skin infection that infects your skin and makes a ring shape infection on your skin, making the infected area red and swollen. Antifungal cream can be used to treat this infection, and you can apply it to the infected area as prescribed by the doctor or twice a day. 

We can also get infected with this in case of-


  1. Contact with the pets: The pets may also have some infections that our skin can catch quickly if we do not care. We need to wash our hands carefully after contacting the pets, especially cows. 
  2. From the infected things: If you are touching the surfaces or the things that are already infected or the fungi are present, you can get this infection. 
  3. Skin to skin infection: The ringworm infection can also be caught if another person having the problem comes into contact with our skin. This can be due to using the same clothes or other items.  


*For athlete’s foot– Athlete’s foot is very common among athletes, as its name suggests. This infection infects the area around our toe fingers. We all know that athletes have to wear shoes most of the time, so they are more at risk of this infection. Some of the reasons for this infection are- 


1) Wearing shoes for a long- One of the reasons behind this is the long wear of shoes or footwear.

For the practice sessions as well the players have to wear the shoes. Wearing closed footwear is also why it won’t allow the skin to breathe as air does not circulate in such footwear. 

2) Over sweating- We all know this will cause sweating shoes when we wear closed footwear. The sweat in shoes is transferred to our skin, and when we wear them for longer, it stays in. This is where the infection starts. Even the fabric of the shoes does not allow the sweat to absorb when we wear them for long. 

3) Walking barefoot: You can catch this infection if you do not wear any footwear while walking in public places or even in locker rooms. While practice sessions or during the match, we may need to visit the locker rooms. During this, if we walk barefoot, then we are at risk.

4) Wearing tight footwear: Wearing tight footwear while playing is also one of the typical reasons. Try wearing the perfect size footwear.


Jock itch: Jock itch is familiar among people facing eczema or obesity issues. The jock itch is very similar to the ringworm infection. It is caused by the fungus, makes the infected area red, causes burning, feels like skin cracking, etc. Some tips for this infection are:

  1. Keep the body area clean: You must make some efforts to clean your body area. Hygiene is the key, and with it, we can avoid many skin infections. You must use your body clean by bathing every day. 
  2. Keeping the body areas dry: You must make sure that after washing every body part, use a clean towel to dry your body. Avoid using used towels, infected towels, or harsh towels to clean. If you do this, you are more at risk of this infection. 
  3. Use antifungal creams: You must use the antifungal cream on the infected area so that it can be treated at the earliest. The more we ignore the infection, the worse it will become. Once you have seen the beginning of the infection, you must use an ointment for the infection. 
  4. Read who is at risk: Some people who are at more risk of getting this infection are-

* Who prefers tight clothes: Those who prefer tight clothes are at risk of getting this infection. Wearing this type of clothes does not allow your skin to breathe, so we face such infections. They also irritate our skin and take the form of infection. 

* More sweating in private areas: We all know that we face more sweating when wearing tight clothes. In the summers, sweating is so common, and we cannot avoid it. We can take steps to minimize the chances of infection by keeping a check on hygiene. Make sure you wash that area with water to avoid sweat, smell, or infection. 

* Sharing clothes which are already suffering: In case you are exchanging clothes, towels, or other things with the ones who are already suffering from this infection, then you are also at risk. Make sure you use your towel or clothes to avoid such issues. People who sweat more should say no when someone asks them to share their things. So, with this, we can take a step forward to minimize the chances of this infection.

All these were details about the fungal infections we may get due to various reasons. We must take some steps to avoid or solve this issue, and this can be done with the help of Ketomac. It also offers the best fungi toe foot cream for these types of infections on the skin. This means with the regular or prescribed use of the ointment by Ketomac, we can treat it. Ketomac also offers other products, including the anti-dandruff shampoo for our hair. Along with the cream application, you need to check on your routine so that no wrong action can be taken. 


Ensure you maintain the proper hygiene in your body areas to avoid this infection. Try over-the-counter medications for this only after consulting the doctor. 

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