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The Fungal Infections- All You Need To Know

May 3, 2022 0

The sensitive part of our body is our skin, as we cannot protect our skin from every possible thing. It is prone to environmental conditions, medical conditions, and microorganisms present in the environment. They are almost everywhere. The point is we cannot see them with our naked eyes. But the microorganisms are even present inside our body, but they are not harmful. In case harmful microorganisms accumulate, it can cause infection. The excess of everything is bad, which is why the excess fungi growth can also cause fungal infections. 

The skin is not only prone to bacterial infections, but it can also have fungal infections. The number of fungal infections is too many, and we all should be aware of that. If we are not even aware of how they look, what they can cause, or other things, we cannot diagnose them correctly. Antifungal ointment in India is the best solution for these infections, and Ketomac offers it, and we can easily use them. Fungal infections are too easy to diagnose as we can easily see the inconvenience it causes to our skin.

The antifungal ointment can be used for various purposes, and here are some of them-

  1. For yeast infections: The antifungal cream can also treat yeast infections. Vaginal yeast infections are more common than any other yeast infection. The increase in the growth of yeast causes this infection. It can be in vaginal yeast infection, mouth thrush infection, nail bed infection, etc. Some of the symptoms of the yeast infection are-
  • Rashes on the skin: Your skin may look like having rashes due to this infection. It can affect any part of our body with those rashes. 
  • The itchiness on the skin: If your skin is infected with the yeast infection, then having itchiness is so common. Itchiness can make you scratch the infected area with harsh hands to get some relief. 
  • Discharge from the vagina: If you are suffering from a vaginal yeast infection, it can cause the discharge from the vagina like white or yellow. It can even make intercourse painful due to this infection. 
  1. For the fungal infections: The word fungus is very broad in itself as so many infections come under this. All those infections are caused due to the growth of fungi microorganisms. If the growth of fungi increases every day, then the fungal infection can become worsen. If you can manage or control its growth, it will be helpful. The fungi love the moist areas, which is why there will be fungi where there is moisture or sweating. The fungal infections are-
  • Athlete foot- The athlete’s foot is so common among athletes or sports practitioners. This means those more prone to sweating are most likely to get this infection. Footwear is the leading cause of this infection as the sports person has to wear the footwear to practice or play well. They have to be in their shoes most of the time, which is why this infects them. The athlete’s foot infection is caused near the foot area or between the toe fingers. Some of the more things you should know about this are-
  1. The reason is over sweating- Sports or footwear is not only the reason but over sweating is also one of it. If you have a nature of sweating too much, you cannot run from this infection. When the sweat stays for longer in our shoes or any other footwear, it may cause an athlete’s foot. 
  2. Skin looks cracked- The skin infected with the athlete’s foot looks cracked. It becomes flaky and starts looking different from far. It causes skin cracking and peeling as well. 
  3. The inflamed skin: The skin infected with this infection looks paled or different in color. This is mainly due to inflammation. The inflammation makes it look different in color, like reddish or purple. 
  4. Difficult to wear closed footwear: Due to this infection, you will not be able to wear your footwear comfortably. It will not allow you to wear footwear, especially the closed ones like shoes, belly, etc. 
  1. The ringworm fungal infection: The ringworm is a widespread infection caused by fungi. It can be anywhere on your body, and we have no control over this. Ringworm, as the name suggests, is a circle in shape. This infection is even common in animals. The most likely affected areas with this infection are the beard area, scalp, groin, feet, neck, hands, etc. Some of the symptoms to identify this infection are:
  • Itchiness on particular body areas: If you feel itchiness on the area and want to scratch it, there are chances of ringworm. 
  • A round patch: you will notice the round patches on the skin if it is infected with the ringworm. The overlapping round patches will be very easy to identify. 
  • The raised outer area: The ringworm infection can be most easily identified due to its appearance. You cannot identify it as when it begins; it begins with the round red patches on the skin. One more thing to identify concerning this is the raised outer area. The skin infected with the ringworm will be like round, raised edges. This means the edges of the round patches are raised and broader. 
  • Different causes: The causes behind the fungal infection are very different. This can be transmitted from person to person, animal to person, or from any object to the person, and from mud. If anything is affected by the ringworm, you can easily catch this infection. 
  1. Jock itch fungal infection: The jock itch fungal infection is most likely to affect the body areas, which are prone to more sweating. The areas like the inner thighs are mostly affected by this. It can also be due to tight undergarments. Easy ways to treat jock itch are-
  • Use antifungal ointment: Make sure you apply Ketomac’s antifungal cream to the areas infected with this. Cover it well and let it absorb into the skin for better results. 
  • Improve hygiene: You have to work on the hygiene levels around your inner thighs or other areas infected with this. Hygiene can be improved if you use water and soap to wash the inner areas. Most of the time, while bathing, we skip paying attention to the inner thighs, which is why we face this infection due to poor hygiene. 
  • Avoid tight underwear: If you like to wear the tightest garments, you have to skip this idea now. The tight undergarments cause many infections and itchiness around that area. I prefer wearing loose undergarments or proper fitting but say no to the tight ones. 
  • Change it frequently: If you skip changing your undergarments on some days, you are making the biggest mistake. It is an invitation to the fungal or other bacterial infections around that area. The skin around the inner thighs or groin is susceptible, so they get infected so easily. It would help if you made this rule, you will never forget to change your undergarments every day.
  • Keep the area clean & dry: When it is said that you have to keep the area clean, the next thing that comes with this is to keep it dry. Only the clean or wet area is insufficient; you must make sure that the inner area after you wash is dry now. Use a clean and soft cloth or towel to make it dry. 

The easy remedies that we all can try-

 Some of the other more accessible ways to treat the fungal infections more efficiently are:

  1. Use of oregano oil: You may have heard about it but may not have heard about its relevance. It possesses many antifungal agents that make it super beneficial for us to use. We can apply it to fungal infections but only after the doctor’s consultation. As it may cause some burning sensation or allergies to the one having sensitive skin, so don’t take a risk. 
  2. Adding vitamin c to your routine: You must start the direct intake of vitamin c in your diet. You can also go for vitamin c tablets. They will also be helpful. It will boost your immunity to fight against those infections efficiently.
  3. The garlic remedy: You may not believe that garlic can also help us treat our fungal infections. It possesses many antibacterial or fungal agents, which makes it suitable for this. Garlic is no less than a herb and can be used to treat this infection. Read some more ways to use garlic on the infection. 
  4. The coconut oil: The coconut oil never goes out of style as this oil is helpful for us in multiple ways. This oil can also work as a topical medicine to treat fungal infections. It can also be used later for the scar of the infection as it possesses properties that can lighten the scar of the infection. 
  5. Keeping proper hygiene: You must improve your hygiene levels by opting for water and soap every time. Make sure you use the proper method to wash to take away the germs from the area.
  6. Adding probiotics to your diet: The probiotics can be obtained directly from the curd, so there are no more excuses to eat curd. You can prefer eating homemade curd for a more probiotic diet. Don’t forget to eat one bowl of curd every day. 
  7. Lemongrass oil use: As oregano oil is effective, lemongrass oil is famous for treating fungal infections. The lemon grass oil can be found on online platforms to buy. Add any carrier oil to this oil and apply it to the infected area. You can get advice from your doctor before you use such products for the infection. 
  8. Use of honey: This remedy looks like a joke, but it can work best for our skin infections. The honey can be used on the infected area as it has properties to kill the fungus growth. It can even heal the infection quickly to get some relief. But it is for temporary relief only as you have to rely on antifungal ointments for this. 
  9. Antifungal medications: We all know several ways to treat fungal infections as it is now so common among the people around us. We can use medications, ointments, and easy home remedies to treat this. We can also try all these together to see the results quickly. For example, along with using the above-discussed remedies, you must keep on applying the antifungal cream by Ketomac. 

These are the easiest ways to treat fungi, but they alone will not be sufficient. We need to speed up the healing process if we start using everything together. Antifungal medicines or tablets are also essential if the infection is severe. Ketomac offers the best antifungal ointment in India on which we can easily rely. We can use the cream for the numerous fungal infections we are facing, and it can reduce the growth of fungi and treat the inconvenience caused by those infections. 

The fungal infections also make us embarrassed as infections like nail fungus, angular cheilitis, etc., do not look good. We need to treat them at the earliest so that we don’t have to face the inconvenience and discomfort. Make sure you follow every tip or the hacks discussed above for the best possible treatment, so go for it. 


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