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Best Anti Dandruff Shampoo for Color Treated Hair

April 23, 2019 1

To make your hair look instantly spruced up, you can get a new haircut or change your hairstyle forever. If you really want to try out something different with your hair then actually the best option for you would be to go for hair color. There is nothing that can make you look as unique and different as coloring your hair. It helps in bringing out a new side to your look and let us admit that pulling off a hair color is no joke! Yes, choosing the right color for your hair can transform your entire personality. And that is probably the reason why a lot of women across the world are treating their hair with hair color. For those who want to experiment a little with their looks and make sure that they bring about a difference to their entire attire, hair color is actually a very good option that you can try out too! However, maintaining it can get a little tough until and unless you are very particular about it. Not only do you have to make sure that you use the best quality hair color, but you also need to use a shampoo that is friendly for hair color and helps to retain it over a longer period of time. So, are you taking proper color safe dandruff shampoo for color-treated hair?

You might probably understand that coloring the hair is not all rainbows and butterflies. When you color your hair, it’s not just the color of the hair strands that changes, even your hair care routine sees a sea change. This changed routine needs to be followed for as long as the color is there in your hair or even after that. You will have to switch to a different hair care routine even if that means bidding adieu to your favorite shampoo or embracing a color-protecting one. All such people who use hair color must go with color safe dandruff shampoo.

Color Causes a Great Deal of Damage to the Hair

The reason why extra care is required for color-treated hair is that color causes a great deal of damage to the hair and the scalp. Yes, a lot of people might not experience any such side effects, but more often these hair colors prove to be harmful to the health of the hair and the scalp. And that is why you should think before you take the plunge. Get a proper assessment of your hair health done. If it is in a condition to withstand hair color then great, go ahead and get it done. But if your hair is dry, brittle, and frizzy, then hold off a little, get your hair treated properly, switch to a shampoo which will be good for your hair, and then go for coloring your hair. The shampoo from Ketomac is the best dandruff shampoo for colored hair.

Once you have taken the leap and have changed your hair color or opted for something as simple as streaks, then it would be wise of you to embark on a strict hair care routine. This routine is not just to keep your hair smooth and silky but also to protect your scalp from developing issues like dandruff. Hair color can affect you in more ways than one and hence you need to make sure that you take every measure from your end to protect your hair from damage, all the while retaining your hair color for a longer period of time. Now, you must be wondering if treating your hair with color causes dandruff. Well, this is not something one can say with a guarantee. But because hair color is harsh on the scalp and hair, which can lead the scalp to become dry which in turn might result in pesky dandruff! And it is because of this you will need dandruff shampoo for colored hair.

Coloring is Also a Reason for Dandruff

The problem of dandruff can be very much embarrassing especially in the case if one is wearing dark color clothes. The formation of dandruff will also depend upon various factors like the age of the person, climate, and various individual related habits. This problem is more common in the winter seasons and to the people who are much exposed to light. Dandruff is a problem that arises due to many different reasons and hair color can be one of them. It is characterized by shedding of an excessive amount of scalp skin cells. Some of the most common symptoms include redness, flaking, and chronic itching. Having dandruff on your clothes might feel embarrassing; but to be honest, it is not an extremely dangerous dermatological condition as well. One needs to visit the dermatologist in the cases of skin diseases and other issues caused by the itchy scalp. This is very much important to seek professional advice in all such cases. Dandruff when unchecked can easily spread to your eyebrows and even your facial hair, which in turn can lead to the development of pimples. Yes, all your skin related is interconnected!

So, what are you supposed to do – not color your hair, even if you really want to? Not at all – you can safely get your hair colored with the right coloring products and then use a shampoo that will help you to be dandruff at bay. Now, that doesn’t mean you should reach for any dandruff shampoo you catch sight of. If you have dandruff and your hair is color-treated, then you surely have to be extremely careful while choosing your shampoo. Go for Ketoconazole Anti Dandruff Shampoo in India that is meant especially for color-treated hair. Ketomac is the shampoo that you need to opt for in this regard. Safe and easily available, this shampoo has proven to be extremely useful when it comes to treating dandruff related issues. The reason why they are a better choice than routine shampoos is that they are specially formulated for colored hair; as a result, they do their work pretty well in a different manner though, focusing mainly on improving the overall health of your hair.

When Should You Use A Dandruff Shampoo (The Frequency)?

If your hair is color-treated, then you should avoid using your dandruff shampoo daily. Using it two to three times a week is more than sufficient. On days when you are not using your dandruff shampoo and you feel like washing your hair, you can use Ketomac shampoo which is the best antidandruff shampoo for Women/Ladies. Moreover, when you use your dandruff shampoo, make sure you massage it on the scalp gently so that the scales on the scalp loosen and get rinsed off with water. Then after applying this on the scalp it should be left for at least 10-20 minutes before washing. Balance out your use, because over-using it might lead to your hair color fading earlier than you want it to!

What Considerations to Take Into Account?

There are quite a few difficulties as well when it comes to using an anti-dandruff shampoo, which can be managed effectively if you follow a few measures from your end. A dandruff shampoo can be harsh at times and to counterbalance its harshness, you can use a conditioner immediately after rinsing off the shampoo from your hair. Make sure the conditioner you use is also good for color-treated hair. Otherwise, you won’t be able to reap great benefits from cleansing your hair with a color-safe dandruff shampoo.

You should also make sure that there is no tar in the dandruff shampoo that you are using. Tar based dandruff shampoos are not good for color-treated hair. The reason why such shampoos are not advisable for colored hair is that tar might cause an ugly discoloration of the hair. So check the ingredients of the shampoo before purchasing it. One must also follow common hair care tips in all such cases. Some of them are as follows:

To avoid the problem of dandruff, one must also avoid things like blow-drying based upon the high heat settings. Proper hair care products that are certified must be used in all such cases so that there is no issue to the scalp. This will also help in preventing the problem of split ends.

The styling procedures must be carefully chosen so that split ends are concealed and there is no issue with the hair of the people. Proper and timely care will also help to add a glow to the hair. One must avoid using the metal combs in all such cases.

There is a proper way to shampoo the hair which must be strictly followed to maintain the shine of the hair and cause no damage to it.

Various home remedies can also be followed. One can try to treat the scalp with the green tea, by using neem leaves and many more things that are readily available at home. The mild dandruff related issues can be dealt at home very easily. Apple cider-based vinegar can also be used in all such cases and it is very successful in reducing the itchiness on the scalp.

The hair washing must be based upon the consultations with the experts so that there is no loss to the hair color, and it is retained for a longer period.

To give a fresh look, the people with colored hair can go with the option of dry spray-based shampoo so that the hair is shiny, and the roots are refreshed.

After one has got the coloring done, then one must wait for 2 days for shampoo to be done. This will help to give plenty of time to the color to set in the hair.

A Word of Caution-

If you have already used a good dandruff shampoo for several weeks without any improvement in your condition, then you should talk to your doctor. You might need a topical steroid for the treatment of the problem. The best you can do to prevent this problem from getting worse is avoiding scratching the scalp. Scratching could irritate the skin even more, which in turn will expose it to harmful microbes. For all such cases, people can also use the best dandruff shampoo for colored hair. Visiting a doctor is also a good option as the experts will be able to suggest the best possible way to get rid of this issue.

The Best Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for Color Treated Hair

The best dandruff shampoo for colored hair in the market is Ketomac. Ketomac is a high-quality medicated color safe dandruff shampoo having a powerful compound, ketoconazole in it. Ketoconazole is a synthetic broad-spectrum antifungal agent that helps in the removal of dandruff effectively.

Use this dandruff shampoo for color-treated hair two times a week for a month and then you can use it once a week. This is an effective shampoo and will help you get rid of dandruff all the while helping you retain your hair color over an extended period of time. This is the best product from the house of Ketomac.

Coloring your hair requires extra care, so make sure you are ready to put your best foot forward in taking care of your hair health before you opt for coloring it.

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