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Itchy scalp is a common problem for most people. Certain itchy scalp conditions impact those with oily scalp while others affect dry scalps.

It is vital to identify the cause of your itchy scalp in order to go in for the best proven and effective treatment. To understand your problem, know your scalp type, recognize secondary symptoms and identify wrong points in your routine for scalp care. If you suffer from flaking and itching of the scalp caused by dandruff, it is time to switch to scalp shampoo for dandruff.


Dandruff is a chronic condition occurring when the scalp is either excessively dry or oily. It manifests as flakes of dead skin cells appearing on collar, shoulders, and hair. This condition impacts more men than women and may affect sides of nose, eyebrows, and beard.

Dandruff is associated with the excess presence of fungus Malassezia on the scalp. This means that professional dandruff shampoo must be used to deal with such fungi.


Dandruff is a skin problem which impacts the human scalp. Symptoms of the disease range from flaking to the sensation of itching.

Dandruff is not related to the hygiene of the head, but it can manifest as a self-esteem or social problem. A severe version of the problem causing inflammation of the skin is called as seborrhoeic dermatitis.


Dandruff is a layer of dry or greasy white flakes of dead skin that appears on the scalp. Dandruff leads to dry hair and also causes hair fall. Dandruff can be very embarrassing and cause a decline in a person’s confidence. Having dandruff can also lead to embarrassment in work or college environment. Most people with dandruff avoid wearing black or any other dark shade to avoid any embarrassment. Black being one of the most loved colours, it is almost impossible to imagine not wearing dark shades to a party or even class. What if I told you do not have to get rid of your favourite clothes! Yes, just get rid of dandruff instead.


Hair colouring has become a trend these days’. Earlier, it was only people with grey hair who used hair dye but these days’ people love to flaunt various colours on the hair. Apart from the traditional black and brown colours, people are choosing from a wide variety of fancy colours. Most of these colours require you to bleach your hair for them to show on your hair. This bleaching damages your hair up to a great extent.