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Best Shampoo For Hair Fall And Dandruff

July 8, 2018 0

Is it possible to have hair loss due to dandruff? Is there a way to find a connection between the two? Or is there any shampoo for hair fall and dandruff? People frequently ask these questions, especially those suffering from dandruff and hair fall problems.

Dandruff is a common chronic scalp problem. This problem is characterized by the shedding of dead skin cells from the scalp. These white skin flakes are a menace because they make your scalp feel uncomfortable and cause you to feel embarrassed in front of people. Although these dead skin flakes come off the upper layer of the scalp, they can cause extreme itching. And when the sufferer begins to scratch the scalp, issues like hair loss arise.

Many studies have been conducted to establish a connection between hair loss and dandruff. Some offer enough evidence that dandruff doesn’t directly result in hair fall, and aggressive scratching by the sufferer leads to this problem. Since the victim often scratches the scalp for relief, the hair roots become weak, resulting in the hair strands falling out.

Early Symptoms of Dandruff

Specific symptoms may indicate that you have dandruff. Most people consider the white flakes to be the initial symptom. But, it could be accompanied by dryness or itching. Before dandruff breaks as flakes, they bring itchiness. White flakes usually follow it. The skin surfaces that have been triggered are usually itchy. The nerves send the behaviour signal through the spinal cord and brain to scratch. Sometimes, people are so compelled to scratch. It is an excellent early warning sign. Others report experiencing irritation, redness, tightness, or dryness. These are usually the early signs and symptoms. The best way to deal with this condition is to use the best shampoos in India for hair fall dandruff.

Here are some facts that you might like to have a look at-

Around 20 in 50 people, especially women, suffer from the problem of mechanical hair fall. This is often caused by aggressive scratching to get relief from itching. Even if you use the best shampoo for treating dandruff and hair fallyou might experience delayed recovery because of the habit of scratching your head incessantly. Since dandruff is a condition that arises mainly due to excessive drying of the scalp skin, the urge to scratch the head is almost insatiable. Scratching is a primary concern for many people suffering from dandruff, and they end up getting hair loss because of the friction that gets generated due to scratching the scalp.

Other essential reasons might cause your dandruff to result in hair loss. There is a health problem called dermatitis, which is a skin condition that causes not only dandruff but also hair loss. Hence, if you are not too much into scratching your head, dermatitis could be why your hair is falling off.

Another essential aspect to consider is that dandruff doesn’t cause hair to fall directly. It is primarily indirect. Sometimes, scratching undertaken on the head is so aggressive that the skin of the scalp gets removed. These injured areas of the head become the breeding ground of microbes, which often cause hair loss. And that is why you will have to control yourself from scratching too hard on the scalp. Otherwise, even the best shampoo for dry hair and dandruff won’t be able to save you.

Things to Keep in Mind

One thing that needs to be kept in mind here is that dandruff and hair loss is part of a vicious circle. It is not always that dandruff will cause hair loss; sometimes, it could be the other way around.

Now, the question arises, which comes first? Is it hair loss or dandruff? So, it is pretty much like that situation of egg and chicken, which is hard to solve. There is no denying that dandruff can cause hair fall, and we have already analyzed how this happens. But sometimes, using the wrong hair fall treatment shampoo can also cause problems like dandruff to pop up.

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