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Can Ketoconazole Help You Deal With Cracked Lips?

June 3, 2022 0

If you’re struggling with lip cracking, don’t feel alone — it can affect a lot of people, especially if they suffer from cold sores. And while it’s tempting to just ignore the problem and hope that it goes away, lip crack is one of those pests that requires active extermination.


So what is lip crack anyway? It’s actually not a medical condition like cold sores; it’s simply a symptom. This means that the cold sore virus, which is the primary cause of lip crack, is just one of several factors that can lead to this uncomfortable condition.


There are four main causes behind lip crack:

  • cold sores
  • wearing lipstick and/or lip balm in a dehydrated state
  • chewing your lips or licking them too much
  • eating funky food products like mustard and mayonnaise

So how do these four causes work together to cause lip crack? Here’s an explanation of each factor followed by some tips on what you can do about them:


  1. Cold Sores

Cold sores are caused by a strain of the herpes simplex virus that’s been dubbed HSV-1. This virus exists in the body of any person who ever had chickenpox or has been kissed by someone with cold sores. After lying dormant in the back of our mouth (or sometimes in the throat), this virus can become active and cause cold sores. However, only certain people will develop green-tinged cold sores when HSV-1 is activated. There are several reasons why some people develop cold sores while others don’t, but a major factor is dehydration.

The cold sore virus thrives in an environment that’s high in sugar and low in moisture –i.e., your mouth. This creates a perfect environment for the virus to multiply and cause cold sores, which is why cold sores are much more contagious when you’re already dehydrated or have recently had a cold or flu.

Cold sores can also be triggered by pollutants like cigarette smoke, second-hand smoke, air pollution, car fumes and fireplaces. So if you’ve been around these things lately, it’s possible that you’re having more frequent outbreaks of lip crack than usual.


  1. Lipstick and/or Lip Balm

For most of us, lipstick solves a lot of beauty problems. It can hide a bad hair day and make our lips look fuller. However, using lipstick or lip balm can also make our lips drier than they normally are, which is the second cause of lip crack.


  1. Chewing Your Lips or Licking Them Too Much

The third cause of lip crack is chewing your lips or licking them too much to compensate for the dryness caused by cold sores and/or lipstick/lip balm. This kind of excessive use of your lips can cause sores called angular cheilitis or perleche.


  1. Fungal Infections

The last major cause of lip crack is the fungal infections. As mentioned earlier, many people have HSV-1 dormant in their mouths and sometimes this virus activates and causes cold sores in these people. If a person with cold sores also has a yeast infection or another fungal infection, the two types of infection can “team up” to cause lip crack.

According to a study published in the Journal of Oral Pathology, over 90% of people with lip crack have some kind of fungal infection. The good news is that fungal infections are relatively easy to cure, but they must be treated as soon as they’re discovered.




How does Ketoconazole help?


Ketoconazole is a type of cream that comes in a variety of forms, depending on your needs. They are often used by dermatologists to treat moderate skin conditions like acne and rosacea. The lip cream is an effective way to relieve cracked, sore lips caused by a dry winter or windy days in the wintertime. It can also relieve symptoms of chapped lips caused by conditioning or solar radiation in the summer months.


Ketoconazole cream for lips is a cream made of an anti-fungal agent called ketoconazole. Lip balm with ketoconazole works by stopping the growth of bacteria and yeast in the skin. This helps to prevent infections, which can lead to pain when the cold and dry winter weather makes your lips vulnerable. The warmer the weather gets, you will definitely need to make it a habit of using this lip cream often.


There are a lot of benefits that you can receive from using ketoconazole for lips, including the following:


  1. Resolves the symptoms of cracked and dry lips.


Ketoconazole lip cream has the ability to heal and nourish the skin, which protects it from infection and other harmful diseases. It is a great way to get rid of chapped lips or dry, cracked lips caused by cold or windy weather conditions.


2 . Works quickly.


Using ketoconazole for lips is easy and convenient. You can apply it anytime, anywhere, whether you’re at home or traveling and you don’t have to visit the doctor or buy expensive lip balm. It works immediately after applying so that extra waiting time is eliminated.


3 . No side effects and chemicals.


Most people are conscious about using chemicals in their skin care products, especially those with sensitive skin like lips. However, with ketoconazole lip cream, you don’t need to worry. This is because the product is completely free of any chemicals or side effects.


  1. No preparation required.


Ensuring that your lips are in good condition is not only a matter of convenience; it also keeps your lips healthy and able to resist bacteria, which can cause infections and irritation. Having to prepare what medicines you should and should not use can be very difficult for people who suffer from severe skin conditions like rosacea and acne. It is best to avoid unnecessary irritation and just keep using the simple lip balm while you wait for the condition to heal.


  1. Considered by dermatologists.


The effectiveness of antifungal cream for cracked lips is a result of years of research and studies done by dermatologist experts who recommend it to their patients with skin conditions such as acne and rosacea. They have all approved its effectiveness in treating chapped, cracked lips, especially in cold weather conditions when the skin is more prone to cracking and drying out.


  1. Highly trusted and effective.


The use of ketoconazole for lips is a highly-trusted and effective way to treat chapped, dry lips. It is one of the best products that dermatologists recommend to their patients who suffer from dry and cracked lips because of dry weather conditions. Its high effectiveness has made it one of the most popular skin care products used by dermatologists across the world. This means that it should also be used by ordinary users like you and me.


7 . Preserved its effectiveness even when reusing it continuously.


Ketoconazole antifungal cream for cracked lips is one of the most effective and safest skin care products. This means that it will continue its effectiveness even if you keep re-using it. The product is usually sold in tubes that allow the user to apply the product more than once before having to throw it away. Because of this, you won’t have to worry about running out of your product too soon because you only need to use a few drops at a time.


8 . Free from any kind of side effects or unneeded chemicals


There are many skin care products on the market today that contain harsh chemical ingredients that can cause irritation and other skin problems for users. This is why it is best to avoid using these products on your skin; some of them can even cause blindness. This is why using ketoconazole for lips is the best choice. It is completely free of any kind of side effects or chemicals that can cause such damage to the skin.


  1. Available at a reasonable price.


Ketoconazole lip cream is normally sold in tubes with a small amount of product (2-3 drops) inside each tube. This means that you don’t need to buy a large amount of the product because you only need very little every time you apply it, which results in significant savings over time.


  1. Quickly relieves the symptoms of cracked lips


Ketoconazole lip cream is non-greasy and can easily be absorbed by the skin and is perfect for people who want to quickly relieve the symptoms of chapped lips. It can deliver fast relief, so you won’t have to struggle anymore with dry and cracked lips. For best results, use it on a regular basis.


That’s why this product has proven to be effective in treating your chapped or cracking lips caused by dry and cold weather conditions, as well as sunlight exposure during the summertime months. The restorative process will take several weeks, but in the meantime, you can use this lip cream as often as you need to.


The benefits of using ketoconazole for lips are numerous. If chapped and dry lips cause you discomfort in the midst of wintertime weather conditions, then it is time to turn to this lip cream! Try its benefits today! You will definitely be happy that you did!



Why use ketomac?

Are you in a search to find the perfect antifungal cream for lip infection?  Ketomac’s biggest difference lies in its ketoconazole applicator that provides 20% more medication than other brands. Ketomac has been a brand to look up to because of its high quality ingredients and it’s proven results. If you are looking for an effective yet natural lip cream, the Ketomac formula may just be your ideal choice.  For ketoconazole antifungal lip cream:


  1. Top Quality Ingredients – While Ketomac’s formula may seem like the same old with its over-the-counter variety, it is definitely anything but that! The formula is packed with active ingredients such as zinc oxide which benefit from higher concentration levels than other brands. These ingredients have been proven to be effective, especially when combined with the high concentration of ketoconazole.


  1. Long-Lasting Results – The active ingredients in Ketomac’s lip cream will last longer than other drugstore brands. While at first it may be difficult to tell, your skin will start to feel and look smoother within a few weeks after you apply it. The long-lasting results are what make Ketomac’s formula so much more effective than its competitors’ lip creams!


  1. Great for Dry Skin – One of the most common issues that acne-prone skin can go through is dryness. Ketomac’s lip cream contains ceramides and natural extracts like licorice root extract to help boost hydration levels in the skin. High quality ingredients like these can also help make your battle against acne more bearable because they give you a less sensitive lip treatment.


  1. Effective – Ketomac’s lip cream is a great option for anyone who wants to fight acne with a gentle solution. Its applicator provides 20% more medication than other brands, making it more effective than its competitors.


  1. Variety of Flavors and Colors – Other brands only offer the same old colors and flavors, but Ketomac offers an array of colors and flavor combinations that would suit anyone’s preference! If you’re looking for something with a different taste or want a lip cream that will give your lips the boost of color they need, Ketomac has got you covered!


  1. Great Quality – One thing that differentiates Ketomac from other brands is its tube packaging. All of the lip cream is packed in a tube, which means there is less chance of the product leaking. This further ensures that your lips will get the full benefit of its ingredients.


  1. Affordable – A small tube of Ketomac’s lip cream costs low That makes it an affordable formstore choice for anyone who wants to apply a good quality skin treatment for their lips and acne-prone skin.


  1. Great Reviews – Ketomac’s customers have praised the brand for its ability to work quickly for them. It doesn’t take long for the lip cream to begin working its magic, which is why there are so many satisfied customers who have raved about the lip cream online.


  1. Does not Irritate Skin – Some brands of acne-fighting lip products can be irritating at times, but Ketomac’s formula is gentle enough that it does not cause any kind of side effects! That means you won’t experience redness or a burning sensation on your lips after using this product, making it great even if you have really sensitive skin.

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