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Dandruff & Men: What To Know? Can You Do Anything About It

April 2, 2021 0

Many men in the world are suffering from dandruff problems. You can only feel the thickness of dandruff if you know how exactly it feels to be one of the sufferers. Dandruff not only gets you an ugly look but even makes you feel dirty. No matter how amazing you look or how fascinating your features are, if your dandruff dominates your personality, everything else won’t matter.

There is no requirement to lose your heart. You can always get rid of your dandruff issue. And, dear men, you’re mistaken if you feel that shampoos are only for women. You have no clue how effective and productive shampoos ensure that your hair stays safe, healthy, and even clean. You can find different types of shampoos that are effective for users. Whether Dandruff shampoo for coloured hair or shampoos for men with dandruff, the brands like Ketomac have shampoos for everyone. Shampoos are hygienic, safe, and refreshing. After all, your hair asks you for your attention, and you must not skip it. A good shampoo would always ensure that your hair is safe and has no dandruff.

What is attracting dandruff to you? 

So, what triggers dandruff? You can easily blame genetics for crippling anxiety, receding hairline, a bent nose, etc. But dandruff is not at all one of them. The reality is that you do. All those awkward white flecks and peeling are there because of your grooming habits, not any ready genetic order. So, if you thought you would blame your parents for this dandruff, you were so wrong. Dandruff is entirely preventable, and you can get rid of it without any regrets.

A few essential habits you must avoid:

– It is crucial to know that shampoo should not be used regularly. Accept the fact, and you will solve many of your hair care and scalp problems. The function of your shampoo is to clean excess oil, filth, and product build-up. A simple rinse will eradicate most of these things, and the additional build-up needs to be rubbed out with shampoo every second or third day. Otherwise, you could dry out the hair and scalp by removing natural oils that keep everything nurtured and firm. At such a stage, your skin flakes and of hair sags, and it is no benefit for you.

If your dandruff is persistent, it could hint at a more significant problem like a fungal infection, seborrheic dermatitis, or a scaly, itchy skin situation. There is no need to permit these things to persist. If any general shampoo treatment is not working on the issue, you must see a dermatologist right away to get a high-grade prescription medication.

Just because you are busy, it does not mean your hair should go for a toss.- Do you wash your hair infrequently? You cannot offer your hair a wash after long intervals, and your hair needs nurturing and proper care.

How can men get rid of dandruff?

If you are undergoing a dandruff condition, you should pay attention to your head. You need to understand your hair and scalp. If dryness is your problem, you must concentrate on hydrating your hair and scalp and averting dehydration throughout the day. It even helps to identify the finest – and worst – ingredients in the most common dandruff shampoos. In this way, you can easily make an intelligent choice about which hair products you choose.

Massage Your Hair 

For the best results with your dandruff shampoo, massage your scalp as you work the shampoo throughout your hair. You need to wait 2-3 minutes before you do rinse thoroughly – leaving residue in your hair will not help your dandruff problem. Ensure that you clean up your hair properly when you step out of the bathroom. Of course, putting your shampoo in every head area is a must.

It would help if you shampooed Less Often.

If you wash your hair daily, you should try switching to every other or alternative day or even less. Shampoos – even a gentle formula – eradicate some of the natural oils on your hair and scalp that aid seal in moisture. In case of dryness is your main concern, over-washing will worsen things. Please use an anti-dandruff shampoo by Ketomac twice or thrice a week. Indeed, washing your hair more than three times and less than two times a week would be wrong. So, make sure that you stay between these two categories and wash your hair accordingly with the right dandruff shampoo.

Use a Good Conditioner

You use a hydrating conditioner with nutrients that calm the scalp and endorse healthy hair growth. It will avert the excessive dryness and irritation that places you at risk for out-of-control dandruff.

If you possess severely dry skin, you could use conditioner daily but shampoo only every few days.

You need to find out what works for you and stick to that specific hair care routine.

Also, if you think that conditioners are for people who have long hair, you are sorely mistaken. Even if you possess short hair, you will have healthier, better-looking hair if you use conditioner. It keeps your scalp healthy and even diminishes the chance of flakes appearing. Make sure you choose a conditioner with ingredients that promote scalp moisture, lock in hydration, and even rebalance your skin after using good hair products.

Don’t stress too much. 

Yes, it may sound odd to you, but you need to be thoughtful here. You have no idea how stress can become be a significant problem for you. Dandruff belongs to a long list of problems brought about or accentuated by stress. The contemporary era has a lot of stress to throw at you. Your office and personal relations can be stressful. When there is a great deal of stress in your life, it would naturally result in a higher incidence of dandruff in men. Steps to combat stress will go a long way in averting dandruff. Devoting adequate time for relaxation, doing yoga, having a regular workout, and similar activities would help keep your scalp free from dandruff. Once you de-stress yourself, you will feel that notable difference. Your dandruff is going to wither for sure. Slowly, you would find your life healthier, not just in terms of your dandruff but otherwise too.


To sum up, it is time that you purchase the best dandruff shampoo for coloured hair, for your dark hair, or any hair type. There are anti-dandruff shampoos by Ketomac that can help you in this fight against dandruff. In this way, you can ensure smooth, shining, strong, and dandruff-free hair.

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