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Four Skin Fungal Infections We Should Learn About

August 29, 2022 0

We all know that health is our utmost valuable asset which we cannot underestimate in any case. But still, due to our busy schedules, we sometimes miss the chance to take care of our skin. It is also one of the most underrated parts of our body about which we hardly care. We are already busy in our daily routine and taking care of our skin seems a little bit difficult task that we always tried to skip. Even those who care for our skin still face many problems associated with the same. 


There are so many actions of ours that made us suffer from a variety of skin infections. We cannot still avoid the skin issues completely but we can definitely make some efforts to protect our skin from the adverse effects. There are so many things that can affect our skin and can cause skin problems these also include microorganisms, bacteria, and pollution. All these things collectively make us suffer from different fungal infections. We all know that fungal infections happen due to fungus which is one of the microorganisms. The fungus when make a home on our skin starts causing us infections. 


The risk from these infections is not deadly but they are very much discomforting types of infections. Anybody no matter what age, gender, etc you are in you can still suffer from these infections. This means anybody can come under the trap of these fungal infections. One of the best things we can do for these infections relies on antifungals. Both antifungal medicines in the form of tablets and ointment are available by Ketomac that we can easily pick. You can also read about Ketomac tablet uses in Hindi to know more in detail about them. The antifungal tablets by Ketomac are meant for the purpose of reducing the effects of the fungus on our body. 


They are helpful in keeping a check on the fungal growth so that it can be minimized to the maximum extent for the maximum benefit. But still, there are some things that we all consider before we start taking these tablets. Some of them are discussed below for reference:


Why do you need an antifungal tablet?


So, before even looking for the tablets you must know for what purpose you actually need them. Fungal infections can be stopped or prevented by antifungals only. Only they are having necessary elements that can help us treat this infection. So, this means the antifungal tablets are for fungal infections. You may have seen people complaining about various fungal infections and some of the infections about which we must know are-


  1. Jock itch: This fungal infection is common among males. It usually affects the inner groin area or inner thigh area. The jock itch is also a fungal infection caused by fungi. It appears as a rash on our inner thighs or private area. It usually affects people with-
  • A habit of wearing tight-fitted clothes: Those who like to wear fitted clothes are also more likely to face this problem. Tight clothes can make your skin compromise and also make us feel uncomfortable.  
  • Wearing tight undergarments for a longer time: The undergarments should be comfortable on our bodies so that we can wear them. But in case they are not of the right fit then we may face some issues. Especially in the case of tight-fitted undergarments as they can cause rashes on our skin that can take the form of jock itch. 
  • More prone to sweating around the thighs: The inner thigh area is also prone to more sweating because of its physical appearance. The inner thigh area is a warm area where there are more chances of fungus to form and make a home. The sweating in this area may form a rash or jock itch. You can maintain proper hygiene of your body by keeping it clean and also dry. 
  • Common among the ones who come under the obesity condition: Those who are already at risk of obesity are most likely to suffer from this infection. Obesity is a health condition in which one is considered overweight. In case you also come under this category then you need to make some efforts to keep your body weight align. Make sure you eat healthily and keep your lifestyle active so that you can avoid this condition. Obesity can make us suffer from jock itch and skin rashes due to overweight conditions. 
  • Common among the people who are more engaged in sports or athletes: Those who are in sports or athletics wear mostly tight fitted sports dress that can cause rashes. Also, they are more prone to sweating in the inner thighs, groin, and other areas of the body. They need to be extra careful in maintaining hygiene to get rid of this problem.
  • People having weaker immunity, etc: Those who are having weaker immunity face more infections as compared to those one having hard immunity. That is why we always need to work on boosting our immunity so that we can avoid the risk of infections that are making us sick. 


So, these were the people who are at the most risk to suffer from this fungal infection. For the prevention of the same you have to make sure that you wear loose clothes, find the correct and breathable fabric, keep the inner thighs or groin dry, avoid tight fitting, etc. Also, go for antifungal tablets for the best possible treatment. 


  1. The nail fungal infection: The next one of the most common among all infections is nail fungus. Fungus when start loving our feet and moist in them then we are most likely to suffer from this infection. The nail fungal infection is quite stubborn that it will not go away from your skin easily. The nail fungal infection needs proper treatment in which you need to take antifungals and also the ointment for your nails. The nail fungus makes our nails look ill-shaped and discoloured. The nail bed looks bluish in colour and the nails can easily be noticed as ill. There are some people who are at risk of this infection-
  • The people with a habit of wearing closed footwear all the time: If you are also one of those who mostly wear closed footwear no matter what the weather is then you can be the next to catch this infection. Wearing closed footwear all day long does not allow our skin to breathe and sweat to dry. 
  • Repeating on the socks: So, most of us are in the habit of repeating the socks that we wore yesterday. As we think there is nothing wrong with the socks and we can repeat it. But we are unaware of the fact that the socks that you wore yesterday absorb all the sweat and repeating the same will increase the risk of infection. 
  • Those who do not let their shoes dry: Many of us just keep the shoes inside in the rack after we wore them. No matter how much time we wore them we need to keep them in the air or under a fan to let them dry. Otherwise, the sweat in the shoes can increase the risk of fungal infection. It is also advisable to make sure that your shoes are dried up completely before you put them inside the rack. 
  • Using infected nail cutters: In case there is someone in the family who is already suffering from a fungal infection then you need to be a little more careful to use the nail clutters. Avoid making use of the nail cutters that were already used by one with the infected nails. The fungal infection can be caught from infected nail cutters and filers. 
  • Sharing footwear with the infected person: Even if you wear the footwear of the infected person who is already facing the nail fungal problem then you can easily catch this infection. You should not share or wear the same footwear as worn by the infected person. The nail fungal infection can be shared through nail clippers, nail filers, socks, and footwear. So, avoid these things to also avoid the risk of this infection. 


So, these are the most possible reasons that can make you suffer from a nail fungal infection. 


  1. The lip fungus: Many of us have experienced this infection before but we don’t know what to really call it. The lip fungal infection is also very common and it is not specific to any gender or age group. This means anyone can get this infection anytime. Even infants and toddlers are prone to this infection. The lip fungal infection can form blisters on the corners of the mouth. It can cause redness around the corners of the lip areas. Sometimes it affects our tongue as we can see the white layering like a form developing on our tongue. There are many reasons why people get to suffer from this infection. Some of them are-
  • Poor mouth hygiene: Poor mouth hygiene is something that is of utmost importance. Failure to do this will further create so many complications which include difficulty in eating, chewing food, etc. If you did not brush or use mouthwash properly then you may face such problems. 
  • Using unclean dentures: Even if you are using dentures that are not clean or sanitized you can still suffer from this infection. Anything infected with any microorganisms or anything dirty may cause lip fungal infection. Make sure you did not underestimate this thing. 
  • People with the habit of biting lips: So, all those who are having the habit of doing this get the lip fungal infection so quickly. Biting your lips is not a good thing, especially the corners. They are a very sensitive part of your lips and you must avoid doing this. The cracked corners are one of the signs of fungal infection. 


So, the above reasons can make us suffer from lip fungal infection and we need to avoid these things if we don’t want to suffer. Ketomac tablet can be used against the fungal infections that we face.


  1. Ringworm infection: You may have heard of the ring shaped rash that can affect anyone. This rash is not like a normal rash rather it looks more upward on our skin. Ringworm is also a fungal infection caused by the fungi on our skin. It forms a ring-shaped rash on our skin that causes discomfort. Some of the reasons why we suffer from this are-
  • More sweating: If you are facing extra sweating on a particular skin area then you may have to suffer from this rash. The sweating makes your skin a place for the fungi to live and that is why we face such infections. Sweating is totally normal and we cannot avoid this in any case. But we can maintain the right hygiene to save ourselves from these types of infections. 
  • The fungal growth: We never know when the fungus will make a home and causes us a skin infection. We need to make efforts to control the fungus growth on our skin. With the help of antifungal ointment, we can reduce the fungus growth on our skin. 


So, the above-discussed are the most common of the fungal infections about which you may have heard many a time. But it is important to know about them in advance so that if you suffer from these you can easily identify them. After this, the next most important thing is the treatment of the fungal infection. The treatment includes both antifungal medicines and ointment that we need for the cure. Ketomac tablets are the best to deal with skin fungal infections and that is why we must consume them. You can also take advice from the doctor if you want before consuming these tablets. 


Don’t forget to apply the Ketomac antifungal ointment to the infection for quick and permanent relief from the infection. Also, go for the Ketomac tablets to stop the growth of fungus.

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