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Getting Rid of Yeast Infections Quickly

November 25, 2019 0

Fungal infection is something that is extremely common in the world. Several individuals go through these infections at some point or the other. These usually occur when a form of fungus takes over a particular part of the body or an area and its existence is beyond the control of our immune system. Fungi live in the air, water, soil, and even plants. There are several types of bacteria that live inside our bodies. Some of these are helpful and some of them are harmful. It is when these harmful bacteria take over the body and become difficult to kill, they start to survive and affect an individual in a way that it becomes difficult for the person to get better. The market is filled with several products as individuals are constantly looking for antifungal cream for yeast infection, and other types of fungal infections. Go through the post to get rid of yeast infections.

Types of Fungal Infection

To treat a particular type of fungal infection it is first important to identify it. The different types of these infections are:

  • Athlete’s foot
  • Yeast infection
  • Jock itch
  • Ringworm

Causes of Yeast infection

The most common type of Yeast infection known to humans is a vaginal yeast infection. When these good bacteria in the vagina are disturbed and the chemistry is unbalanced it leads to itching and other symptoms. The most common reasons are:

  1. Changes in hormonal levels
  2. Pregnancy
  3. Antibiotics and sometimes even other drugs
  4. Diabetes
  5. An immune system that has become weak
  6. Transfer from someone else that has had this infection

Even though when we say that this is very common in women, it does not mean that men cannot have it, but, yes it is very rare for them to have it.

Effects of Yeast Infection:

When we speak on yeast infections, in particular, we need to understand here that yeast infection could affect different parts of the body is too different ways:

  1. White patches in the mouth caused by yeast infection called Thrush.
  2. Women usually get infections with a vaginal infection.
  3. Yeast infection on your skin can cause rashes and itching.
  4. It is when these yeast infections affect your blood it becomes life-threatening.
  5. Yeast infection could also affect the esophagus, the main pipe that transports food from the mouth to your stomach.

In most cases, the best way to treat a yeast infection fast is by using Antifungal medicines. One of the most reviewed and successful antifungal medicines that are available in the market areKetomac. This cream is antifungal cream, which can prevent the growth of fungus on the skin. It treats both fungal and also yeast infections. To make this cream, we use a synthetic antifungal agent, Ketoconazole. Ketoconazole kills these bacteria and infections by the means of interfering with the cell membrane of these fungi and yeast infections. The membranes are an essential part of the survival of these bacteria and ketoconazole makes holes in them and leads to leakage of the fungal cells. This finally clears out the fungus and finally the infection.

When applied on the affected area for a prescribed period of time, which is usually 2 to 4 weeks, this Ketomac cream can protect an individual from any fungal disease.

Home Remedies:

Apart from all the antifungal creams that are available in the market, there are also some home remedies that one can consider in order to get rid of yeast infections. These are:

  1. Boric Acid: Uses of Boric Acid includes the treatment of vaginal infections in women and is given to them who have a tendency of recurring yeast infection. These come in the form of capsules of 600mg and are easy to insert directly into the vagina to treat the infection. Boric acid works successfully in 70% of the cases.
  2. Tea Tree Oil: This oil has amazing antifungal properties. research proves that this oil kills a wide range of fungi and yeast. Not only is this safe to apply on the skin but is also safe for women to use in their vaginas for treatment of vaginal infection. One thing to remember here is that concentrated forms of tea tree oil can cause severe irritation, especially when used in the vagina, so a good way to use it is by mixing it in a carrier oil.
  3. Garlic and oil of oregano. Go through a few more list of home remedies below:

Probiotics: Method to treat yeast infections naturally

Probiotics: Probiotics are a great way to naturally treat yeast infections. Probiotic drinks are now commonly available in pharmacies, stores, and even health stores. Yeast infection is very common in females so a lot of companies have come up with probiotic drinks that are made specifically for women and help them balance out the bacteria and yeast that are present in the vagina. These come in the form of drinks and also can be inserted.

Yogurt: We commonly search online as to how to treat a yeast infection fast whereas all we need to do is look inside our kitchen cabinets. It is a well-known fact that yogurt has some beneficial bacteria that occur naturally in unsweetened and non-flavored yogurt. Yogurt is not only good for eating but you can also apply this directly to the infection.

Coconut Oil: This oil has really nice antifungal properties and has been used widely for the treatment of several skin-related diseases. As a matter of fact, one can use raw coconut oil by either applying it to affected areas or even consuming it. One more essential use of this oil is using it as a carrier oil and therefore can be mixed with any other oil.


Finally, one should remember that yeast infection is not a form of STD. They are neither contagious nor spread to another person. But yes, sexual contacts can sometimes cause yeast infections. Nevertheless, with all the natural remedies and of course antifungal creams and medicines available, one can get rid of them in no time, unless they have not been treated well in time.

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