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Skin Care For Your Baby And Kids Face

November 25, 2019 0

There is no particular routine that you could follow to protect your baby’s face from any skin trouble, but yes, one should be aware of the different skin conditions that could protect your baby’s face. Let us begin by discussing these skin conditions. Rashes on your newborn are among the most common reasons one runs to a doctor, and even more disheartening is when these rashes are on your child’s face. Learn how to deal with issues related to skincare for babies and kids’ faces.


Eczema: even though one may think that rosy cheeks are cute in kids and are desired mainly by parents, that is not always the case. These red cheeks could be signs of atopic dermatitis, which is among the most common skin conditions that a baby can have. In situations where the kid has eczema, the skin is unable to lock in moisture, and therefore it leaves the skin looking cracked and extremely dry. The next stage is itching, followed by scratching the face and then forming a perfect base for outside infections to grow. A Child’s face is something that usually gets attacked first by eczema. And in this case, you need skincare for babies’ and kids’ faces.

Triggers like wool, chemicals in soaps and lotions, heat, and even detergents could worsen the case. In most cases, doctors prescribe an intense moisturizing of the skin, and in case the situation gets worse, even steroids need to be given.


Acne: Sometimes, when you see acne on your child’s face, you wonder how great your genes are, and they travel right through your placenta into your child. You are not the only one who suffers from acne; acne is prevalent in kids. The use of detergents, crying, and even heat make these worse. But like all things in life, even acne is not permanent, and they usually get okay with time. Doctors usually prescribe soft and gentle products, natural baby skincare, and proper hygiene for bigger kids to soothe the condition. Studies have also shown that neonatal acne treats itself in 3 months.


White pearl-like cysts are often seen on babies’ forehead, cheeks, nose, and sometimes even chin. This condition is not common in older children and is mainly seen in newborns. With no particular treatment and no cause for occurrence, these could still irritate the child. One thing to avoid in a condition like this is picking it.

Irritant Contact Dermatitis

This rash is seen when there is inflammation on your child’s face. In older kids, this may occur due to excessive sweat staying wet for a more extended period. As for newborns or babies, red patches or pink bumps are usually found near the mouth area, and the reason for this is drools and even those self-fed messy meals. Once the newborn stage is passed and the child is a little older, these are found on cheeks, chin, and neck since they start taking solids and could occasionally drop them around these areas.


We spoke about infections that were not as severe, but this one indeed is. It is contagious and is bound to happen when bacteria enter the child’s skin via eczema patches or even something as basic as cuts.

Skin Care for Babies and Kids Face from Any Skin Infection 

Children have skin thinner than adults, precisely why even a minor infection could irritate the child’s skin. Some tips that could help you as parents are:

  1. Protection from Sun: even though the Sun is an excellent source of vitamin d, excessive sun exposure could burn your child’s delicate skin. As parents, one should encourage their child to be indoors while the Sun is most vital. If the child has to be for something or the other, they should be covered well to avoid exposure. An important thing you could add as a Natural Face Care for Babies is an all-natural Sunscreen. Several companies have come up with organic and all-natural products.
  2. Choosing perfume and dye-free products: Several products may seem fancy by their looks but are harmful due to perfumes and dyes, which could irritate the child’s skin. Something as basic as detergents and fabric softeners could be the reason for your child’s irritated skin. Choosing skin-friendly products for your child is essential, and reading labels is also an important thing to do before buying stuff.
  3. Brushing hair, regular bathing, cleaning the diaper areas properly
  4. Moisturizing your child’s skin: Using moisturizers that doctors advise dermatologists to test. Selecting products that are all-natural and soft on the skin is essential.
  5. Getting help for irritated skin: In case the skin of your child is severely irritated, one must visit a doctor, and in most cases, the doctor would prescribe a safe ointment or cream that can be applied topically. Ketomac is one such trusted brand that has ketoconazole as the main ingredient. The ketoconazole baby face cream is excellent for kids that suffer from itchy or irritated skin. The cream is all-natural and can be used to treat bacterial and fungal infections.


Having a child is the most precious gift that God can give any human; even the most minor tear in your child’s eyes would hurt a parent deeply. Certain things are not in our control, but many of them are in our control. We could avoid many types of fungus and bacteria by taking minor measures like washing and cleaning the child well, switching to organic products, maintaining basic hygiene, etc. Also, in cases where there is an infection, use only natural products trusted by doctors, and most importantly, effective in treating the skin infection. For this reason, creams like Ketomac have found a place in all families since they could work wonders for the child and the parent.

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