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Is Dandruff And Thinning Of Hair Interlinked

July 25, 2018 0

If you are a man who has thin hair and the problem of dandruff, then be sure that you are not the only one in the world. Counting suffers from both problems more than you can even imagine. But dandruff and thinning of hair are not caused by the same factors. While thinning hair is a problem linked to your hair, dandruff is an issue that plagues your scalp. But since many people relate these two problems, they treat their hair loss in a way that makes their dandruff even more aggravated.

Dandruff and Thinning of Hair

This is normal for people to shed hair regularly. And most of the time, we think, Can Dandruff Cause Hair Loss? As we notice, this hair falls during the washing of hairs. And that is probably the reason why a lot of men refrain from washing their hair just because they think washing will make their condition worse. In reality, there is no more prominent myth than this. To ward off dandruff, it is essential to wash your hair regularly. This is to say, staying away from your shampoo doesn’t help with hair loss. So, it will be wise of you to wash your hair frequently, at least on alternative days.

When you suffer from hair loss, it is natural for you to take medical care. Sadly, many medicines that stop hair falling make the scalp skin come off in flakes. This is undoubtedly an inevitable side effect, but it’s not tolerable. So, does that mean you should not take medicines to treat thinning hair? Well, nothing like that! You can, of course, opt for medication but try switching between medicines when you feel the need. Don’t stick to any particular medicine. If that is not helping you with your problem, you can go for Ketomac shampoo.

Dandruff is not an extremely harmful disease, and it’s also not contagious, nor does it lead to other health issues. Still, it would help if you never left it untreated, as it could make your scalp extremely inflamed. This inflamed scalp skin will not be able to hold your hair firmly in place, resulting in excessive hair loss. You need to treat the scalp first to get healthy over time, and your hair doesn’t fall off.

When you notice the problem of receding hairline and see skin flakes all over your shoulders, it’s not all alarms. There is a silver lining to this situation. By treating the scalp or dandruff, you will be able to get rid of the problem of hair loss.

Overcome with The Problem of Hair Loss

Although there are many different anti-dandruff shampoos on the market, there is something special about Ketomac. Ketomac is India’s best medicated anti-dandruff shampoo that clears dandruff most effectively.

This shampoo contains a solid and effective ingredient known as ketoconazole. Ketoconazole is an antifungal agent. Because the microbe Malassezia globosa often causes dandruff, ketoconazole can have a significant role to play in pulling you out of the problem of dandruff. So, what makes you wait? Try out this shampoo and say goodbye to dandruff and thinning hair.

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