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Everyone has a different style of taking care of their hair. Some do not hear to anything and some do more than needed things. The point is you have to be really thoughtful about what you are doing for your hair. Most of the people wash their hair regularly that means every day or every other day. Because people do this so often, you might be surprised to learn just how much half-truth there is out there about hair care. Moreover, there are even some things that you believe about shampooing your hair could even actually be incorrect. What you can do is you can try not to fall victim to hair washing myths. Indeed, stay away from myths if you want a healthy and lasting life for your hair.


Many women are found to have long flowing, silky hair. This could be either genetic or their hard work and best efforts to keep them in this amazing condition. You may perhaps long to have a hair-like Cinderella or Rapunzel. But given today’s increasing pollution and dust outside, it becomes a challenge to maintain good hair. Thick, bouncy, shiny hair is a dream that many tend to see. Fritzy, weak and dull hair is not desired by anyone. If you want that lovely looking hair and appear like a glamorous doll, then you do need to know the top hair care secrets that can help you to achieve your set objectives, naturally.


Dandruff is pretty common these days. Most of us have experienced dandruff at some point in our life, especially those who are into dancing, swimming, gyming, and other physical activities. This is because we tend to get sweaty all the time. This means we should take good care of our hair and body to maintain a healthy scalp, hair, and body. So, what is dandruff? Dandruff is a layer of dry or greasy white flakes of dead skin that appear on the scalp, hair, and Shoulders. Most of us know how embarrassing it is to have dandruff. Dandruff is a chronic problem, but it is controllable. Most people with dandruff avoid wearing dark Shades such as Black and navy. What if I told you don’t have to give up on your favorite shades of clothes anymore? What if she got rid of dandruff instead? To find out how to get rid of dandruff and maintain a healthy scalp, read the following post.


In case, you feel only women love their hair then you are mistaken. Man has a deep-rooted love with their hair. The deep and serious looks they give and the charming personality they carry; it all is possible only because of their hair. If you think men don’t do much about their hair, then you are mistaken. You should definitely look for these hair care tips for men to be awesome.


Yes, you know when to resort to an antidandruff shampoo, but do you know how to find the best variety? Probably not! And if not, here is a guide that can help you zero in on the right antidandruff shampoo for the kind of hair you have-

  • If you have dandruff in your hair, then you should choose a shampoo that has zinc pyrithione in it. Zinc pyrithione has antifungal and antibacterial properties because of which microbes do not grow on your scalp. As a result, the growth and breeding of Malassezia globosa, one of the biggest culprits when it comes to dandruff, get checked. This is a fungus and the mentioned chemical fights it effectively.
  • Go for a tar-based shampoo. Some anti-dandruff shampoos contain coal tar which slows down the pace at which skin cells get damaged and die. As a result, the scalp does not get flaky. And that is probably the reason why tar-based shampoos are considered one of the best dandruff treatments. One thing that you need to keep in mind here is that tar-based shampoos are not good for colored hair, especially blonde white or grey hair. Hence, if your hair color is one of these, then refrain from using any shampoo that contains tar.
  • Tar based shampoos also make the scalp excessively sensitive to sunlight. That is why you should never move out of your house without hair protection if the shampoo you use has tar in it. You can either cover your hair with a piece of cloth or wear a hat for optimum protection.


  • Shampoos containing selenium sulfide are also great to be used when you have a dandruff problem. The way Selenium sulfide works are pretty much similar to how tar works. Both of these chemicals slow down the pace at which skin cells die. As a result, the flakiness of scalp skin never surfaces as a problem. Selenium sulfide also fights the fungus called Malassezia globosa. But don’t use a shampoo containing this chemical if you have light-colored hair as this compound causes discoloration of hair. And even if you use such a shampoo, make sure you rinse your hair thoroughly so that shampoo residues don’t settle on your scalp and hair strands.
  • You can also go for a shampoo that contains salicylic acid. Although salicylic acid is acid by nature, it is extremely mild. It can soften the skin by removing dead skin cells from the scalp. But the results are not going to be the same across all the users. While some might benefit immensely from salicylic acid-containing shampoos, others might grumble about flakiness and dryness. The dryness and flakiness can be controlled by following your hair wash with deep conditioning.
  • You can also go for ketoconazole shampoo. Ketoconazole is an extremely effective antifungal agent that fights a variety of fungi.

Although there are many ketoconazole anti-dandruff shampoos in the market, there is no one better than that of Ketomac. Ketomac Shampoo is a medicated shampoo having ketoconazole that helps effectively treat dandruff. So, what makes you wait? Try out this shampoo and bid adieu to dandruff once and for all.


You cannot afford to mess with your hair. You have to take the best precautions to ensure that your hair stays clean and hygienic. No matter how professional your lifestyle is or how sophisticated you are in your day-to-day life; what if your hair tells a different story? You need to keep your hair in the best possible shape. Make sure your hair is free from dandruff. you might need to make habit of using natural hair shampoo to keep your hair fit for day-to-day life.


If you are a man who has thin hair along with the problem of dandruff, then be certain that you are not the only one in the world. The counting of suffers from both problems is more than you can even imagine. But dandruff and thinning of hair are not caused by the same factors. While thinning hair is a problem linked to your hair, dandruff is an issue that plagues your scalp. But since a lot of people relate these two problems, they end up treating their hair loss in a way that makes their dandruff even more aggravated.


The problem of dandruff is extremely common among people- both men and women. Every person must have experienced this issue at some point in their life. But do you know what results in dandruff, what are the most prominent symptoms of dandruff, and what’s the best way to get rid of this problem, is there any dandruff control shampoo? If your answer is ‘no’, then here is a guide that you can follow-