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Lip Problems And How To Fix Them

August 29, 2020 0

Your lips do have a dominating place on your face, and hence, you must ensure that you keep your lips in the best shape. You cannot take a risk with how your lips look and all. Come on. If you are not taking good care of your lips, your lips might encounter problems that become harmful or dangerous for you. And don’t you forget that your looks would go for a toss.

The way you have the best antifungal nail cream, you can find the creams meant for your lips. You can experience different conditions on your lips if you do not take proper action in time. Of course, your lips can get healed and stay in the best shape with suitable creams. After all, it is about keeping your lips healthy.

The Condition of lip dermatitis or eczematous cheilitis

You know what, eczema on the lips is also known as lips dermatitis or eczematous cheilitis. It causes a characteristic redness, drying, and even scaling of the lips. Eczema refers to a group of skin situations that might trigger itchy rashes, cracked skin, and even painful sores and blisters. People who have eczema generally experience periods of flare-ups and even reduction throughout their life.

Now you must be thinking, how can people get this Condition on their lips, right? Folks may get eczema on the lips because of genetics or environmental factors, like that irritating substance in lip products or even that habitual licking of the lips. Yes, if you are licking your lips now and then, you need to stop it immediately. Such are the habits that may lead to this lip condition.

What are the Types and signs of lips eczema?

Eczema on your lips may emerge because of an allergic reaction. Remember that there are various kinds of eczema on the lips, encompassing the following:

Irritant contact cheilitis emerges from external irritation, like lip licking, cosmetics, and even different environmental aspects.

– Allergic contact cheilitis is an allergic reaction to lip products, toothpaste, dental materials, or medication.

Angular cheilitis could be found standard in folks having diabetes.- Angular cheilitis develops because of a fungal infection, generally Candida, or a bacterial infection. An individual could get the infection because of dentures, lip licking or braces, or other factors that cause saliva to construct saliva in the corners of the mouth.

Remember that the signs of lip eczema might emerge or occur on one or both lips and might even impact the skin inside and surrounding your mouth. The signs of eczema on the lips could include:

– A red rash on or around the lips

– Extreme itching

– Dryness or flakiness

– Scaly or split skin

– Burning

– Pain

– Inflammation

– Triggers

Diverse types of factors can trigger lip eczema in varied people. It could help to note when the sign emerges to determine what is causing lip eczema. Aspects that could trigger lip eczema include:

– Specific kinds of lip products, such as specific chemicals in lipsticks and even chopsticks

– Fragrances, household cleaners, soaps, and fabrics

– Dry skin that cold, dry climates might make worse particular foods

– Cigarette smoke

– Pollens

– Different respiratory infections

– Sweating

– Alterations in hormone levels

– Stress

If you experience these things and doubt that something is up with your lips, it would be good to consult a dermatologist right away. And you can even start using the lip creams of Ketomac to ensure that your Condition weakens and ends sooner than you feel. Remember that if you are a person who has sensitive skin, you can be prone to eczema on your lips.

The Condition of angular Cheilitis 

Angular cheilitis is a type of skin condition that triggers one or both corners of your mouth to turn out to be painful and inflamed. Remember that the technical term for the areas impacted is the labial commissures. The commissures refer to the two corners of your mouth, where the upper and lower lips link. Angular cheilitis is the inflammation, encompassing redness, swelling, and even pain at one or both the commissures. It would help if you kept in mind that the inflammation linked to angular cheilitis could extend onto the lips or even that of the skin of the face slightly, but it is mainly confined to the corners of your mouth.

Quick facts to Know about angular cheilitis:

– It is not a disease but a sign of something else.

– Extreme moisture on the lips or mouth might lead to the Condition.

– Anybody of any age might develop angular cheilitis.

– The treatment includes addressing the underlying cause swiftly.

Angular cheilitis is sometimes known as angular stomatitis, cheilosis, or perleche. In simple words, angular cheilitis is a kind of pain in the corners of your mouth. This Condition itself does not spread beyond the corners of your mouth. However, if it is infected and left untreated, the infection might spread. Because of the risk of infection, a doctor must determine the reason for the inflammation so it gets treated correctly.

How to Stay Away from these Conditions? Are There Treatments?

You can do various things to ensure that your lips stay safe and away from these conditions. Also, you can use the creams and speak with the doctor to find the best healing procedures for your lips.

For now, keep the following things in mind:

– Never pick, lick, or peel your lips. Once you apply the product, do so with your clean fingers – presenting extra bacteria to your lips could trigger a secondary infection.

– Sometimes less is more. Yes, you need to pick lip products with lesser ingredients. Pure white petroleum jelly could be your most acceptable option until things improve in extreme distress. You can check out the creams and products of Ketomac for the best options.

– It is essential that you evade acidic, salty, or even hot foods (either spice or that of temperature). Orange juice, salad dressing, red wine, salsa, and chips could irritate the lips further in the compromised state.

If you feel you have an allergy, you must see an allergist for patch testing of your skin. If you’re failing to do this, you can check out the ingredients in all products you use on your lips area, and hence, you would know what might be the reason for your issue.


So, just like the reasonable ketoconazole shampoo price, you can get the best quality lip creams and products to heal and guard your lips. Go for it since you know about the lip problems and the treatments you might embrace.

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