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Natural Ways To Clear Off Skin Blemishes

April 26, 2022 0

Any type of imperfection on the skin is unwanted. Especially when it comes to the unsightly blemishes, they can be emotionally upsetting. Blemish is a loose or broad term used for any skin mark, and it can even be a whitehead, blackhead, a pustule, age spots, or even a post-acne mark.


Most of the blemishes on your skin are non-threatening, yet some could signal some underlying medical problem. Almost everyone will experience a blemish in their overall lifetime.


Indeed, once you know about the blemish you have, you can check out ketomac cream in Hindi to ensure you use it and get rid of your marks. Also, there are natural ways that help you remove your skin blemishes. The point is simple; if you are experiencing or suffering from odd blemishes and wish a problem-free skin, then this post will be helpful for you.


Talking about blemishes, they refer to any spot, that of the mark, flaw or skin discolouration left behind because of acne, whiteheads, blackheads or even pimples. They can grow or develop anywhere on the skin but mostly on your face, back, upper arms, chest, or any body part with hair follicles or open pores. Face blemishes are somewhat a common occurrence in most individuals.


How should you know if you have Blemish-Prone Skin?

Below are the common signs of blemish-prone skin:

– Rough skin tone

– Itching or skin irritation

– Skin discolouration

– Appearance of pimples that are inflamed and painful

– Brown or even reddish patches on the skin

– Inflammation of your skin

– Alteration in skin texture from soft to rough

– Dryness of your skin

– Outbreak of pus from the bumps on your face


Types of blemishes you should know about 

Blemish is an inclusive term and can have numerous types, as you know. Generally, scars left behind by acne lesions are somewhat one of the most common facial blemishes. A few of the other blemishes that occur on skin areas:


– Acne Marks – Scars emerge as an outcome of damage caused to the dermis layer of your skin. Anything that triggers the skin to open, such as a pimple or an injury, can lead to scarring.

Blackhead is an open area that occurs when the plug (formed up of sebum and dead skin cells) enlarges and expands the pore.

Whitehead: Whiteheads are somewhat closed comedowns as they are covered with skin different from blackheads. They mostly appear red and tender, with their tips packed with pus.

Papules are somewhat small to medium-sized bumps on the skin that are dome-shaped. Bumps can be purple, brown, pink or red in the shade and cluster into a popular type of rash.

Nodular Acne Nodules are vast and painful bumps extending somewhat more profound into the skin. The nodules are somewhat more solid and massive than papules in size. They, most of the time, leave scars on the skin. Some examples of nodules are somewhat skin tags and warts.

– Melasma Spots – Melasma is somewhat an ordinary emergence during pregnancy. They look brownish and occur because of hormonal changes and sun exposure.

– Acne Pustules – Pustules are somewhat lesions with a white or yellow base because of the accumulation of pus. They are developed when oil, bacteria, and even dirt get trapped inside the pores of the skin, fascinating blood cells to combat the infection.

– Sebaceous Cysts – these cysts are sac-like structures made up of oil, bacteria, white blood cells, and red blood cells. These could last for months and need advanced treatment. Different kinds of cysts include – epidermoid cysts, ganglion cysts, and even sebaceous cysts.

– Pigmented Blemishes – now Hyperpigmentation is a condition that is characterized by the appearance of dark patches or uneven skin tone because of overproduction of melanin.

– Age Spots or Liver Spots – Age spots are somewhat usually small, dark spots that can come up anywhere on the body that has been exposed to somewhat the sun. They are a standard sort of Hyperpigmentation and mainly occur in people over 50 but may also occur in younger age groups.



Not just is honey used to make dull skin radiant, but it is even known to bleach skin, hence reducing the appearance of dull spots. Antibacterial in nature keeps overall acne-causing bacteria at a distance while locking in the skin’s moisture. Honey can even be used in several face masks to make your skin glow. Adding a spritz of lemon to the honey mixture works wonders for your tired, dull skin while diminishing blemishes and pigmentation.


Lemon Juice 

Popularly used for its overall natural bleaching properties, lemon juice is used far and wide in face scrubs and overall masks to brighten skin. Sun damage mostly leads to pigmentation and blemishes; Vitamin C-rich lemon juice gets rid of the dead type of skin cells, and its antiseptic type of properties work to keep bacteria and infections at a distance. Of course, some amount of lemon juice daily, and you will get the best results in the form of removal of your blemishes. However, remember that you don’t forget to dilute lemon juice as it could be pretty harsh on your skin if used as-is.


Cocoa Butter

Apart from being a fragrant moisturizer, cocoa butter even helps lighten dark blemishes slowly. The creamy formula hydrates your skin, and it’s common knowledge that a healthy dose of that of moisturizing works towards repairing skin and even, in turn, lightening it.


Baking Soda

Though baking soda directly on the skin is somewhat not recommended, blending the same with water and applying it on blemishes aids in removing the appearance of the same. Baking soda has bleaching properties that work actively to diminish pigmentation. Apart from tackling pigmentation, it even fights acne and blackheads and removes dead skin cells.


Egg white can help 

A rich source of protein & amino acids, egg whites flush out bacteria while fending off the overall formation of bacteria. Egg whites absorb excess oil to dry up pimples and work towards diminishing pigmentation in the shape of blemishes. Beaten egg whites reduce discolouration, even out the overall skin tone, and make the absolute skin firm.



Being a bleaching agent & rich in starch, potatoes, or potato juice diminishes skin discolouration and blemishes. This root includes an enzyme called catecholate that accelerates healthy skin growth. In this way, potatoes can work wonders for you. Make sure that you use potato juice directly on the blemish to lighten it.



To sum up, you can try out even a ketomac tube to ensure that you get rid of your blemishes, and it is going to work effectively and in a safe manner. Once you stay consistent with your skincare, you will see no marks or blemishes on your skin anymore.





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