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Nine Ways To Treat Lip Fungal Infection That You Must Know

April 29, 2022 0

We all know how sensitive our skin is, which is why it is exposed to many infections and all. After skin, our lips are the next most sensitive part of our body, and they, too, are exposed to infections that may include fungal infections. So, now you might say that fungal infections are only specific to the skin or nails like ringworm, athlete’s foot, etc., then you are wrong. The lip area is also prone to fungal infection, especially the corners of the lips.


You might have seen the cracked lips or corners of the mouth that may be very painful. There can be many different symptoms that showcase the fungal lip infection we face. It includes cracked lip corners, swelled sides of lips, and white patches on lips or tongue. It can be termed oral thrush, fungal lip infection, or angular cheilitis. There are so many reasons why we face this issue, and nothing happens overnight. It is our actions that make us suffer these infections.


Earlier it was challenging to find a suitable antifungal cream that you can use for yeast or fungal infection, but you can use antifungal lip ointment by Ketomac. Some of the reasons why we face this problem are:


  1. Lack of oral hygiene: We all know it is essential to maintain oral hygiene in the same way as we keep our body hygiene. Failure to do this will make us suffer from such infections.
  2. Smoking habit: Having the habit of smoking itself invites so many health-related problems that we can’t miss in any case. Excessive smoking also causes fungal lip infection due to the ill effects of the smoke near the sensitive lip area.
  3. Cracking corners of the lip using teeth: Many of us are in the habit of doing this, which can be one of the causes of this problem. Avoid licking or biting your lip corners.


So, the causes can be so many, but we need to take a step forward to prevent this infection or try some helpful ways by which we can get some relief. Here is a guide on its treatment and prevention:


  • Make changes in your diet- We all know how important it is to make changes in your diet and lifestyle if you want to live a healthy life. It is applicable here. Also, you must add nutritious food to your diet to avoid this infection. Try the vitamin supplements or go for the natural consumption of the food rich in these vitamins to help fulfill the nutritional requirement in your body. People with a deficiency of nutritional requirements face this problem more than others.
  • Go for the oral treatments: You need to go for the oral treatments to get your problem solved. You must visit a doctor if the infection seems to be severe. There is a need to use antifungals and antibiotics to cure this infection. It would help if you used Ketomac’s antifungal ointment for lips to cure this infection. You may also need some oral medications for severe infection, so consult a doctor for that.
  • Maintaining proper hygiene: The hygiene part is essential to take care of your health. Once you stop maintaining your hygiene, you will start facing many skin-related infections. Avoid biting or licking your lips more often, as it will surely help. Make sure you do not have dry mouth or lips and keep yourself hydrated.
  • Try some natural remedies for this purpose: You can also try the natural remedies or use kitchen ingredients that can help you get relief from this infection. Try these-
  1. Using Aloe Vera: Yes, you heard it right. Aloe Vera can also help cure this infection and make the corners softer. You can try a fresh gel of Aloe Vera plant on the corners of your lips. Let it sit for some minutes, and then use a wipe to clear it off.
  2. Using honey: Honey is the next helping ingredient that we can easily find in our kitchen. Honey has properties that can kill the microorganisms that are causing infections. It will also help moisturize the infected part rather than making it complicated. So, gently apply honey to the corners of your lips and wait for the magic.
  3. Use coconut oil: The coconut oil, especially virgin one, has many benefits for our skin and health. The coconut oil is good for wounds, and it soothes the infection. Try virgin or edible coconut oil on the infected area of your lips.
  4. Use cocoa butter: You may have heard about cocoa butter which has properties to moisturize and repair skin cells. You can use cocoa butter or moisturizer and apply it to the infected part.
  5. Drink water: Drink enough tons of water to be hydrated. This infection is mainly due to the dryness of the mouth or lips and can be cured by staying hydrated. So, keep yourself hydrated all the time.
  • Use antifungal cream: You need to use the best antifungal ointment to curb the yeast or fungal infection. You can trust one to use antifungal lip treatment by Ketomac. It has all the antifungal compounds required to kill the fungus and the other bacteria causing infections. So, use the antifungal cream on your skin to curb this infection.
  • Quit smoking now: If you are suffering from this infection, you need to quit smoking now. You are unaware of how smoking kills you from the inside and ruins your body organs. You must stop this now and quit smoking; otherwise, this infection will not be cured easily.


So, all these above-discussed points are so helpful in curing the fungal lip infection, and that is why you need to try all these ways in some or other ways so that you can get relief quickly. Ketomac offers the best antifungal treatments that we all need to cure our fungal infections. The antifungal ointment by the Ketomac can be used for curing fungal infections like yeast infections, ringworm, athlete’s foot, jock itch, nail fungus, etc.


It has the best antifungal agents that are meant for this purpose. You can use the antifungal ointment by Ketomac as prescribed by the doctor or on the cream. It is for external use only, so use accordingly. It will help repair the cell membranes affected by the fungal infection. Ketomac also offers other products like Ketoconazole tablets, antidandruff shampoo, etc., that you need to solve your hair-related issues. So, apply antifungal cream for lip fungal on the affected area to treat the infection quickly. So, buy it now.

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