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Shampoo And Hair Washing Myths Debunked

April 4, 2020 0

Do you love your beautiful and strong hair? Do you think that they would stay the same? Or are you upset that your excellent and firm hair is now getting weak and dirty? Come on, and you cannot take your hair for granted. It would help if you were more considerate about your hair than ever now.

Moreover, the most important thing is to stay away from the hair and shampooing myths. You cannot simply try everything and anything that comes your way. Come on, and once you go the wrong way to fix your hair issue, your hair might lose its natural charm and effectiveness.

You know most folks wash their hair regularly or every other day. Because individuals do this so often, you may be astonished to learn how much misinformation is related to hair care. Some aspects that you believe about shampooing your hair could be incorrect. Whatever you listen about your hair might not be true, and you must know what should be followed and what not. It would help if you stayed away from hair washing myths.

Using Cold Water to Make the Hair Shine

Well, maybe a cold rinse could be refreshing. It would not make your hair any shinier; that’s your conditioner’s job. A cold rinse might be ineffective and harmful to your hair, and it might trigger the blood capillaries in the scalp to constrict, making it more challenging for them to bring the essential nutrients to every hair follicle. So, if you thought that you would get your hair shined with cold water showers and baths, you were wrong. It would help if you were thinking about this aspect a little more.

Shampooing Too Often Dries Out the Hair

This is one of the most predominant myths about hair washing out there. A considerable number of individuals that wash their hair too frequently dry the scalp and strip the hairs of their natural oils. However, this might not be further from the truth. Shampooing can moisturise your hair once you use the right products and hair washing methods. The natural oils formed up by your scalp remain on the top of the hair shaft and don’t reach the entire length of the strand. You can easily make your hair appear healthy and moisturized by using an excellent hair thickening shampoo.

Conditioner is not Essential.

You realize that shampoo and conditioner have an essential role in daily hair care. The shampoo cleans up the scalp and hair while the conditioner does moisturize it. For optimum results, apply conditioner to the length and ends of your hair and allow it to sit for nearly three to five minutes. The point is clear, once you do it properly, you get the best results. Many people apply shampoo to their hair and wash it thoroughly. And then, they apply the conditioner, keep it there for a couple of minutes, and rinse. Hence, the hair gets the care and pampering that it demands.

Switching Your Shampoos Regularly

Some people believe that changing shampoos is essential to keep their hair healthy. You can certainly, change to a different shampoo if you wish to experience a different effect, but doing so is not essential. For example, if your hair is thin, you could want to switch to a volumizing shampoo. However, it is just suitable and okay to continue using the same product; it is entirely up to you. Of course, if you think that the shampoo you are using currently is not too good for your hair, there is no harm in changing it to a new option. But again, if you know that using shampoo is good and even then, you are switching shampoos, it might not be in your favour. The point is clear, change your shampoos only when needed and not for fashion’s sake. Of course, if you know that the hair thickening shampoo you are using is good for you, don’t change.

Frequent Hair Washes Lead to Hair Fall

You know what? It is entirely natural for hairs to fall out every day, and many of these may do so when you are shampooing. However, this is something that does not indicate a cause-and-effect relationship. The task of washing dislodges hairs that might have already detached from the follicle’s base and are ready to fall out. Shampooing your hair does not cause it to fall out, and it is something that helps it along in the natural process. The point is clear if your hair is falling after a hair bath, it is natural. Everyone would experience some hair fall after every hair bath.

Wash Your Hair Every Day: Really?

There is no hard-and-fast rule about how often you require to wash your hair. Some folks say you should wash it every day, while others wash it every other day. However, there is not at all one schedule that works for everybody. Everybody’s hair is dissimilar, so pay attention to the appearance and feel of your hair to figure out when you require to wash it. Wash your hair when it begins to feel oily again. You must always wash your hair when your hair needs it and not when you feel like washing it. Too much or too little would not work for your hair. But again, if you are not good at making out when you should wash your hair, you can go for either of the options like washing your hair two times a week or a maximum of three times a week.

Usually, everyone has different hair needs and cycles. If you do so much physical activity, you can wash your hair three times a week. Otherwise, two times would work wonderfully. But again, you would fall in either of the categories mentioned above.


So, whether you are looking for the best anti-dandruff medicated shampoo or you want to use any other shampoo, you need to be careful about all the aspects related to its usage. Half of your hair issues will disappear if you stay away from myths.

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