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What Are The Reasons For Lip Fungal Infections And How To Treat Them?

July 8, 2022 0

So, not a single but multiple things together make us look beautiful. If you think only good hair can help you look beautiful then you are wrong. Healthy skin, lips, and hair all together complete a personality of a person and hence make them look pretty. We all know that we all are always concerned with our skin issues like acne, scars, dull skin, and. Sometimes we forget how perfect lips are to be. We want to have soft and moisturized lips but we don’t know how.

The lips complete our personality and we all are blessed with a distinct lip. No two persons can have the same shape, colour, or texture of lips this is all just god gifted. But what is in our hands is to keep them healthy. So, we can say some are really blessed with hydrated and healthy lips but there are certain exceptions to this. Yes, you heard it right certain conditions make people with healthy lips suffer from some problems. Here we will talk about the most common issue with which we all are concerned which is of dry lips. There are probably many reasons behind dry lips and we cannot blame only one for it.

Here we will read about some of the reasons that come above when we talk about the dry or chapped lips problem, here you go:

  • Weather conditions: One of the most known and common reasons of all is the weather. Most of the lips did not suffer from this issue throughout the year. They just get this issue during the humid climate or during the extreme winter weather. These two kinds of weather are most likely to give us dry or chapped lips. This means saying that we get it naturally will not be wrong here.
  • Health conditions: So, it is not always due to the weather there can be other conditions as well that can make us suffer from this. For example, it can be a reaction to a medication that you have taken. This means it can occur because of the medical reaction in our body. Some medications can make our lips and even skin too much dry. Ask from the doctor if you are getting this due to medicinal effects.
  • Direct sun exposure: So, we can cover our skin using sunscreen when we go out at an extremely high temperature. Sunscreen always did a great job in protecting our skin from the harmful rays that can cause us sunburn. But have you wondered what about your lips? Most of us never bother about our lips as we think they are self-protected. But in reality, they are not. The weather or warm sun rays can also cause sunburns. It can make our lips more sensitive. That is why we need to layer it up with a lip balm or a hydrating lipstick for protection purposes. Direct exposure to the sun is even not good for our hair they are also harmed if we did not cover them properly.
  • Bad habit of licking: If we say someone has a habit of licking his or her lips then this thing appears to be very common. As most of us are always seen licking our lips. Those who are in more habit of licking lips are mainly due to the dry lip feeling. We feel like our lips are too much dry and we used to use our tongue to lick them. So, if you are also in the habit of licking lips then you may have to face fungal infections like angular cheilitis due to this. To treat this you have to make use of the fungal cream for lips.
  • The habit of biting lips a lot: Those who lick their lips also used to bite them on their own. If you find it funny then you must know its side effects. Biting lips can make you suffer from cracked lip corners which will further create issues. So, biting lips should be avoided as biting can dry your inner and outer lip skin. Cracked corners are the most obvious sign of lip fungus.
  • Happens due to the use of skin creams: Not all skincare creams are good and we all have learned about this many a time. Most of the creams contain compounds that can further create complications for our skin or lips. So, you may have heard of the retinol creams or creams containing vitamin A. These creams are most likely to cause us to suffer from dry or chapped lips. So, avoid the excessive use of these creams or manage their use. You can use them in the correct way so that they did not touch or intervene with your lips.
  • The dietary reasons: So, those who are not much concerned with their diet also face this issue more. Your diet always has its say in your health and that’s how it bothers it. Those who are fond of salty and spicy food are likely to suffer from this problem more. The extremely spicy or fried food like chips, etc can make your lip skin scaly. Salty food can also trigger lip problems. If you are already suffering from a lip fungal infection then eating too much spicy or salty food will worsen the situation.
  • The growth of yeast: The angular cheilitis happens due to the increased growth of the yeast or also known as candida growth. Yeast infections are most likely to affect the corners of the mouth or even enter our mouth. This will result in cracked lip corners, redness around the lip skin, skin peeling out from the lips, and so on. If the growth of yeast is experienced then you must take some anti-fungal medicines for this saviour. The antifungal cream should also be used for the purpose of quick healing. You can get advice from the doctor before making use of it. Ketomac offers the best antifungal cream that we can use for these types of infections.
  • The dehydrated lips: Dehydration is also one of the reasons if you are suffering from dry skin or lips. Most of the people did not even complete their water intake which makes them suffer from these types of infections. The dehydration can easily be seen on the skin or on every part of your lips whether it is your arms or lips. You will see the white peels or scaly skin on your body. You can also check it with the help of finger scratches on your skin. The same causes dry lips as well.

In order to treat this problem, you have to level up your water intake in the body. Drinking enough water will definitely help in avoiding the problem of dry lips.

  • Exposure to dry air: The weather conditions are also making us suffer from this. Including exposure to the dry air, in dry weather, the air that blows is also dry. This can make your lips chapped and scaly. You need to keep them moisturized. The only difference is that our lips and skin are a way too sensitive and asks for some extra care during this weather. Taking some precautions will help us save ourselves from these types of infections.

The dermatologists are having so much to say about this. This problem can be treated using some simple remedies as well. Make sure you just follow their advice if you want to get rid of this issue. Some of the tips that will be helpful are:

  1. Keeping your body hydrated: By keeping your water levels up in your body it will be helpful for you to avoid many skin-related issues. It will help you solve dry skin, dry lips, eczema, etc type skin conditions in an easier way. All you need is to make a habit of drinking water and keeping a check on your water consumption so just go for it.
  2. Going for the natural lip balms or lipsticks: You must always find herbal or non-irritating kinds of skin or lip products. Being sensitive of all, your lips are also prone to many infections. Many of us just mistake the use of lip balms or lipsticks that are not good for our skin or lips. If they are drying your lips, causing a sensation, or discomfort then you must get rid of them now. There are some ingredients that help us treat chapped lips that are castor oil, shea butter, petroleum jelly, etc. Using these ingredients or products made from these ingredients on your lips will be quite relieving.
  3. Don’t forget to reuse or reapply the balm: Take a lip balm made from the natural ingredients that suit your lips. It must be non-irritating so that even after several uses it does not have any bad impact. If you are getting relief from one then don’t forget to reapply it. Whenever we speak, eat, or drink the balm just flew away and that is why we need to reapply it. You can apply it on cracked, chapped, or dry lips.
  4. Find a lip balm or lip products that contain sunscreen: So, this may sound a little weird that you should find a lip product that contains some SPF content. But when you will aware of its benefits you will never skip it. Using lip products with some SPF content will protect your lips from sun exposure which will further save them from burns, dry lips, or sensitivity issues. So, whenever you step out use lip product with some SPF.
  5. Install a humidifier: If this problem is becoming severe and is also common for everyone in your home then the idea of installing a humidifier at home will not go wrong. You can read more on installing a humidifier at your place to get rid of this problem from its roots. It will purify the air and will be helpful in this humid weather. There are so many brands that deals in this and you can about them on the internet for details.
  6. Quitting your bad habits: So, we all are having some habits that are too bad for us. Once you get to know about them all you should do is to quit them. The following habits should be quitted now:
  • Smoking: Quit this habit as soon as possible as it is so injuries and life-threatening as well. You also face many issues relating to this habit of yours including lip fungus, cracked lips, dark lips, etc.
  • Licking lips: No, no you don’t have to hydrate your lips on your own you can use a lip moisturizer instead. Avoid using your tongue on your lips to avoid these problems to happen.
  • No lip biting as well: So, if you just start biting your lips whenever you think of something or are sitting free. Biting your lips is only making the skin dry and saggy. It can also cause other lip problems. Many of us are even habit of touching their lips with our hands. Using dirty or infected hands increases the risk of lip fungal infection.
  • Using antifungal ointment: So, always pick a cream for lip infection whenever you suffer from this. The antifungal ointment by Ketomac is quite helpful and is preferable. You can use it as prescribed to heal your lip fungal infection more quickly. Without the use of antifungals, it won’t be possible to handle the fungal infection so always get one.

Ketomac is also having anti-dandruff shampoo, Ketomac tablets, and antifungal cream. You can also take some precautions to prevent the starting of the fungal infection. Not only before, but you need to follow some simple protocols even if you are already suffering from them. The only ointment will not work for it you have to take actions like maintaining cleanliness, keeping hands well clean, following the hydration key, quitting bad habits, and so on.

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