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The Fungal Skin Infections You Should Know About

July 6, 2022 0

We all think that we know everything about our skin but in reality, we did not know very much about it. There are chances that due to this fact we face a lot of problems relating to it. Most of the time we just skip taking care of it by having an assumption that it will have automatically cared. We do so many actions whose reactions are seen via skin infections. Despite knowing the fact of its sensitivity, we still keep on ignoring it.

If you are not taking care of it then you must be ready to face the skin issues very soon. Not only the issues but also the infections if we will stay ignorant. The diverse skin conditions are caused due to the various microorganisms that stay in or around us. Some of them are bad for our health and if their growth increases, we will face skin issues. We need to focus on cleanliness and hygiene for our skin if we don’t want to face any skin condition or infection. By taking care of it we can keep it smooth and problem-free.

So all of us have heard about the word fungal infection as it is nothing uncommon about it. Most of the people suffer from it and it is not life-threatening. Some are facing mild whereas some are having severe fungal infections. The fungal infections are having some say on our immune system as well. Those who are having a weaker one will face it more quickly and vice versa. Various treatment options are available for us to treat it which include cream and tablets. You can read about the Ketomac tablet uses in Hindi before using it so that you can know more about it. You must be aware of some common infections caused by fungus so that you can quickly be diagnosed and proper treatment can be given beforehand.

Take a quick view of the various fungal infections that we can come across:

  1. Nail fungal infection: So, starting with the most common of all we are here at the nail fungus infection introduction. This infection can be found in every age group of people. Some say it is genetic whereas some say it is not having any genetic reasons, and so on. Nail fungal infection can be easily diagnosed as people suffering from it will feel the following symptoms-
  • Pain in nails especially foot thumbnails.
  • Discoloration caused by the fungi growth.
  • Thickened nails without any reason.
  • Change in the nail shape as they will look more on the skin.
  • Ill-shaped nails with a blue colour lining.

These are the easy to notice symptoms of the nail fungus that can be easily noticed. You can see a skin specialist who deals with nail-associated infections as well. The nail fungus infection needs to be treated using antifungal tablets and ointment.

-Preventive actions to be taken:

You must take every possible action that can prevent this fungal infection. Start by keeping the nail area clean by washing it regularly with soap and water. Also, try to always dry the nail and around the skin with a clean towel to avoid the spread of infection. You must take anti-fungal tablets in order to prevent fungal infection. The antifungal cream should also be used on the affected area for the right treatment.

  1. Athlete’s foot infection: The next fungal infection to know about is the athlete’s foot. This infection looks a little like a nail fungus because it also affects our feet. This infection as suggested by its name is very well common among athletes. So, you might be wondering how the athletes get this infection. They have to wear closed footwear especially shoes most of the time while practicing and playing.

While wearing the shoes most of the time there are chances of extreme sweating on the feet which can lead to fungal infection. Most of the fungi only love the moist area with the sweating and that is why they will also make their home on our feet. The athlete’s feet can affect thumbnails and around the areas. There are some common symptoms that we can easily notice if we are suffering from an athlete foot infection are:

  • Redness on the feet’s skin.
  • Can cause itchiness and discomfort.
  • The skin will look scaly and also looks like breaking out of the skin.
  • The blisters can also be formed in that area.

Common causes why we get this infection are-

  • Catching it from the locker rooms as athletes walk barefoot in the locker rooms while changing footwear or clothes.
  • Over sweating caused by continuous practice and playing can also lead to this fungal infection.
  • The sweating in shoes allows the fungi to make a home in the soggy and moist areas.
  • Not maintaining proper hygiene while playing or wearing shoes. As you may sometimes underestimate the feet hygiene by not changing socks regularly.
  • Wearing the same shoes every day without giving them time for natural drying.

You must use an antifungal cream by Ketomac on the affected area to cure it. Also, avoid all such things that are inviting this infection like maintaining feet hygiene, washing your feet regularly, not repeating the socks, drying your shoes before wearing them, and so on.

  1. Vaginal yeast infection: The yeast infection is also common in ladies in the vaginal areas. It is also known as candida growth. It can cause discomfort and irritation in the vaginal area. It is due to the increased growth of fungi in the vagina area. Some of the symptoms that help you to address this infection are-
  • The continuous irritation- in case you are experiencing some or the other kind of irritation in your vagina then it can be due to the yeast infection.
  • The odd vaginal discharge- The vaginal discharge is very normal but when it is somehow different from the normal then it can be a symptom of yeast infection. Like excess watery discharge or the heavy white or other colour discharge can be suspicious.
  • The bad odour- If you are also experiencing the bad odour from your vagina or from the discharge then it can be a sign of some yeast infection and you cannot ignore it.
  • The burning sensation- Feeling some type of burning sensation in your vaginal area is also not normal. This may cause difficulty in even passing the urine.
  • Painful intercourse: In case you are also facing some pain or difficulty during intercourse then you must see the doctor before this. It can be due to yeast infection as well. It can also make the vaginal area red.
  • Rashes- The rashes are also one of the causes of yeast infection. If the rashes are not normal and are not going away easily then you must consult the doctor.

For all the above symptoms, consult a doctor and also go for the antifungal ointments that are safe to be used. Not ever commit the mistake of ignoring the yeast infection as it can become severe and can cause further complications. There is a need to focus more on vaginal hygiene so that you avoid the problems associated with this. Try to wash it with an intimate wash or clean water to maintain proper hygiene. Wear breathable undergarments and change them regularly to avoid the risk of infections.

  1. Jock itch fungal infection: Jock itch is also one of fungal infection that is common. We all know that the fungi love the soggy and warm environment and whenever it finds one it makes it home. While making home it causes discomfort to us and also causes the fungal infections to become severe. The jock itch fungal infection looks like a rash on the skin. Some of the symptoms to know of this infection are-
  • The rashes formed on the skin are more prone to sweating which includes the groin area, inner thigh area, and buttocks.
  • The rashes look red in colour and looks like severe blister accumulated in a circular shape.
  • The skin affected with the jock itch looks peeling and scaly after the wound become dry.
  • You will feel the dryness in the area affected by the jock itch.
  • A feeling of rubbing the affected area using harsh equipment due to the extreme itching caused by the fungal infection.

All these causes can be easily noticed and should not be ignored in any case. You must take antifungal ointment that is to be applied to the affected area to get some relief. Taking antifungal tablets will also be useful during this.

  1. The lip fungus infection: The fungal infection is not only limited to only inner or moist areas like the groin, inner thighs, vagina, feet, nails, etc. But it is also likely to affect the lip corners or mouth as well. In case your mouth came in contact with the surface owning a fungus you are most likely to get lip fungus. The other name of lip fungus can be angular cheilitis and it is having many symptoms of its own. Some of them are-
  • Cracked lip corners: The lip fungus is likely to affect the corners of the lips. This means you will see the cracks on the corners whenever you get affected by the fungus.
  • Redness on the corners of the lips: The lip fungus also causes extreme redness on the corners of the lips that are easily visible. It will look like a wound.
  • Formation of white lining: Another symptom of lip or mouth fungal infection is the white cotton lining formed on the tongue. It also forms on the inner cheek areas. The white lining on the tongue looks like white humps. These are due to fungal infections.
  • People having the habit of licking lips: Those who are in an extreme habit of biting or licking their lips can also experience this infection. There are many other microorganisms who are around or in the environment that enters our mouth and causes problems like these. You need to quit ding this otherwise this infection will not be cured.

The preventive actions to be taken-

You need to work on its preventive as well as precautionary actions. Maintaining good oral hygiene will help in avoiding this infection. Oral hygiene is of utmost importance you must use mouthwashes for the oral thrush. Also, if you wear any type of dentures then you must take proper care of those dentures before wearing them. They are the first invitees of the fungal infection. So, take care of all these things.

The above-discussed are some of the fungal infections caused by the fungi on our skin. You can consume Ketomac tablet on regular basis to treat these infections. You can also follow some easy preventive actions if you want to avoid various fungal infections. These are-

  1. Giving priority to hygiene: You need to put your personal hygiene as your priority if you don’t want skin infections to bother you. Taking a regular bath can also help in maintaining hygiene.
  2. Changing undergarments daily: You must change your undergarments every day so that you can avoid the risk of infections caused due to this.
  3. Avoid taking stress: Stress can also be one of the reasons why we face problems relating to our skin. That is why we need to keep a check on our hormonal changes so that the stress can be controlled or managed.
  4. Go for the best medication: You need to always pick the best medication possible whenever you suffer from any fungal or skin infection. You need to consume the best antifungal Ketomac tablets for this purpose. You can also try the best antifungal ointment for this purpose.

Ketomac is one of the best brands which we can trust whenever it comes to our skin infections. It helps us treat and heal the fungal infections caused on our skin. So, start using the products by Ketomac on your skin so that you can manage your skin infections quickly.

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