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3 Useful Tips To Stop Hair Fall Due To Dandruff

December 30, 2019 0

Your hair can be a victim of hair fall. If you think that your hair is falling because of seasonal change, that would be merely a consolation. You are simply comforting yourself and nothing else. There are different reasons behind hair fall, and not all of them are related to seasonal changes. It might be due to poor scalp health or improper blood circulation, and, more importantly, dandruff. It is high time that you find out why your hair falls. It has been seen that most people face the condition of hair fall because of dandruff. You know dandruff does not cause hair loss, but if your dandruff is supplemented with itching and you constantly find yourself scratching, the hair fall is mainly because of the scratching part. Every time you scratch your head, your hair falls. Though many tend to ignore the warning signs that this indicates, it is essential to act on it and act on it now! And so, you urgently need to put a stop to hair fall and dandruff, but how?

The link between hair fall and dandruff

As mentioned earlier, dandruff does not directly cause hair to fall. Everybody sheds some hair strands regularly. It has been seen that ordinary people tend to shed more than 50-100 strands of hair per day! No need to get alarmed because it is pretty standard. However, dandruff poses a more significant threat. How? When a person has dandruff, their hair falls at a faster rate. The problem with dandruff is that it weakens the hair strands from their roots, making them brittle, and they keep on falling off so quickly. One essential thing to note here is that the white flakes are not the only symptom of dandruff. People also have to deal with several other things, like redness, itching, irritation, and dryness. Dandruff comes with many problems and can be pretty irritating as well if not treated properly. When one has dandruff, people tend to scratch a lot. Scratching is the most harmful part since it is the primary reason behind hair fall. They end up making the roots of the hair weak. Therefore, they become more prone to falling off. This is precisely why dandruff could eventually lead to hair fall; hence, many people look for a solution to overcome this. And if you are experiencing the same problems, you will need a solution to stop hair fall and dandruff!

Indeed, you can find some excellent natural shampoos for fighting hair fall, and these would give you relief within a week. However, some helpful and effective hair fall prevention home remedies might be effective for you, too, to stop hair fall and dandruff. These are listed below:

Change your lifestyle habits.

Stress worsens hair loss, and it leads to scalp issues. Please take at least eight hours of sleep every night and avoid extreme temperatures. Similarly, it would help if you allowed your hair to air-dry. The less you stretch and pull it, the firmer the roots stay. You should use a blow dryer only when necessary to remove heat-related scalp stress. Equally, it would be good to avoid hairspray and gel that can cause scalp dryness, irritation, and much more, leading to extensive hair fall. Remember, the lesser the stress, the lesser the hair fall. You can also add yoga and meditation as a part of your daily routine if you want to stay stress-free. This will help your hair, physical, and mental health, so it is one of the most effective and beneficial practices to incorporate into your daily routine.

Clean up Your Hair 

It is important to rinse your hair a minimum of twice a week. If you regularly expose your hair to sunlight and dust particles, three times will be required. Remember that a clean and fresh scalp is the enemy of any amount of dandruff. You can use medicated shampoos that work well with your scalp. But if you are allergic to shampoos, you can opt for natural ones. These would keep your hair smooth, scalp clean, and hygienic. The trick is to keep your hair as clean as possible. If you feel that you cannot effectively cleanse your hair, you can always head out to a parlour with shampoo or natural ingredients and ask them to rinse your hair for you. Clean your scalp and hair to stop hair fall due to dandruff.

Coriander juice

Some natural ingredients work wonders when it comes to treating your hair. Coriander possesses essential vitamins and protein for the hair that assist your hair in ceasing hair fall and starting the growth of new hair once again. Its leaves are extremely well used in Indian kitchens to make curries, cereals, and even a specific garnish over salads. You only have to get some elements of coriander branches with leaves lenient in nature. It would help if you made a paste from it by using some water. Extract the juice and apply the stuff over your scalp, wherein dandruff is observed. You have to keep this coriander juice over the scalp for an hour and then wash it with shampoo.

One of the most challenging things when treating your hair right and cleaning it is choosing the right shampoo. When it comes to something as serious as dandruff, a persistent problem, you need to target the problem and get a shampoo accordingly, much like the Ketomac shampoo!

Ketomac shampoo and its benefits

What makes Ketomac one of the best shampoos that you can use for fighting dandruff? Well, to begin with, it contains Ketoconazole, which is its primary ingredient, and do you know what it is good at – fighting dandruff and protecting and reinvigorating your scalp health. Once your scalp health is protected, it prevents the formation of dandruff, which gives your scalp just the right amount of protection against it. Its many qualities also help protect the roots of your hair, which makes the strands more robust and less prone to damage and breakage in the long run. If you have been facing dandruff problems for quite some time now, you should start using this shampoo, and you will be able to see the change in just about a few weeks!

The natural shampoo nourishes your hair and freshens up your scalp effectively. Always remember, healthy, happy hair is always dandruff free hair! Thus, you can choose the best hair fall and dandruff shampoo like Ketomac for your hair care.

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