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A Guide For People Suffering From Angular Cheilitis Or Lip Fungus

July 3, 2022 0

So, we all know that every day we came across so many skin-related infections. The infections related to skin are not easy to go from our skin as they are a little stubborn. The more we delay the infection’s symptoms, the more severe it will become. In or around us there are microorganisms that are good and bad at the same time. If they will accumulate in abundance then they may cause infections. Fungal infections are also very common of all because they can affect many parts of your body. From your soft lips to your foot nails the fungal infection can be easily found.

The lip fungal infection is also known as angular cheilitis and it affects the lip area, especially the corners of the lips. Many of us face the dry mouth problem and it is very common nowadays. Those who face the problem of continuous dry mouth or problems in forming saliva in the mouth are more likely to face this infection. It is also known as cracked lip corners which are due to the fungal infection. The yeast infection can affect lip corners and have different symptoms as well. You can use an antifungal cream for lip infection to treat this infection. Here are some of the symptoms of this infection that can help you diagnose this infection. These are:

  • Cracked corners: The fungal infection on the lips causes cracked corners. You can clearly see the cuts on the side of the lips. Those cuts cause discomfort in eating and even drinking anything. Many of us also face difficulty in speaking when we are having cracked corners.
  • The swollen lips: The swollen lips are also one of the symptoms of lip fungal infection. It can make your lips swallow and also cause redness on the lips. The swelled lips are clearly not the starting o the infection as it will begin on increasing if you have ignored the infection at first instance.
  • Feeling of crusty lips: Crusty lips are also one of the symptoms of fungal lip infection. You will feel that your lip corners are looking like crusty layers. They have become chapped and crusty without any reason.
  • The itchiness on the lip corners: The lip corners may feel itchier and scalier if the infection becomes severe. You can get rid of the itchiness only if you apply the right ointment to the skin infection.
  • Sore mouth: The sore mouth is also one of the symptoms or we can say you will experience this once the infection starts. There will be a sore taste in your mouth all the time till it heals properly.

So, these symptoms can be noticed easily and cannot be ignored in any case. As soon as you discover any of them occurring just get the right treatment, consult the doctor, and take every possible precaution.

There are so many causes or we can say reasons due to which we can get this infection. There is a need to avoid all such reasons so that we can have a healthy mouth. Some of them are discussed as follows:

  • People with sensitive skin: So, many of us are prone to lots of infections due to just a simple reason that is sensitive skin. The sensitive skin can catch every possible infection because even by doing nothing they are still prone to infections. The sensitive skin issue is common and it is even more in the picture when it is the rainy season. People having sensitive skin will also have sensitive skin around the lips and that is why the problem is more common among them. There is no particular treatment we can do to get rid of sensitive skin rather we just have to be extra precautionary when we use anything on our skin.
  • People with braces: Those who are having braces on their teeth are also at risk to get this infection. It is even more common among them because our skin does not settle easily with the braces and in the meantime, we face cracked lip corners and dry mouth issues more. Even the people with braces also faces problem in eating in their initial days with braces. Braces came in contact with our inner cheek area and cause discomfort in closing the mouth as well.
  • Smoking can also cause this infection: So, those who smoke face a lot of problems and we all know that. It is very injurious to our life and body and also to our skin. That is why we need to quit it now but still, some people are having the habit of smoking even after knowing its ill effects. Smoking can cause fungal lip infection by causing itchiness on the sides of the lips. Also, the lip fungus causes cracked corners and pain around the lips.
  • The deficiency of nutrients: Sometimes the infections are not just because of some actions or reactions but they are due to the deficiency of something in our body. Angular cheilitis can be caused if we are having a deficiency of nutrients like Vitamin B6, B2, B3, etc. Also, the deficiency of zinc in the body can cause this infection. Consult the doctor, and get your all check-ups done to discover more about the deficiencies in your body.
  • Sign of fungal infection: despite the above reasons this infection can also be due to the fungal infection. Even the growth of bacteria in that area can cause this infection. The fungus growth in the mouth can lead to this. If you are observing the white lining type layer on your lips, inner cheeks, and also on your tongue can you are most likely to have a fungal infection. The reason behind this is so many some of them are:
  1. Unclean dentures: Making use of the not clean dentures can cause this fungal infection. Using unclean dentures is so common as most of the time we did not even pay attention to the cleanliness check. We just use the dentures as they are and then face this infection. It is always advisable to clean and clear the dentures before using them. You can sanitize them on regular basis with the specially meant sanitizer wash or mouth wash or as prescribed by the doctor. Don’t use the regular sanitizer for washing your dentures. Most of doctors prescribed a way out to keep the dentures clean all you need to do is to follow.
  2. Common in infants: This problem of fungal infection is also common in infants. Sometimes we forget to keep their feeders clean and that is how they get this infection. Not only this but also from their breastfeeding mothers can catch this infection. When dealing with infants we need to be extra careful so that we can avoid the risk of infections that can cause discomfort to them. It is advisable to boil the feeders of the babies before feeding them.
  3. Increased growth of fungus: The fungus growth in the mouth causes angular cheilitis or lip fungal infection. The fungus enters the mouth from many sources like eating or drinking in the infected feeder, bottle, glass, etc.

So, these above-discussed are some of the reasons how we can get this infection. We must try our best to minimize the reasons for getting this infection in our own possible way. There is a need to take care of this infection in the following ways. We can take preventive actions and some remedies we can try for the treatment of this infection. Following are some of them we can try;

  • Focusing on your diet: Many of us always say that our diet is having no say in the infections that we face and that is why we just ignore what we eat. But our diet plays the most important role in keeping us safe and active and that’s how we can do something good for ourselves. There is a need to add some good things to our diet so that the nutritive values can help. A balanced diet is one of the easiest things we can do for a good diet. We must eat food that is rich in nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and zinc. All these are good for our health and body and will eliminate the risk of getting lip fungus or angular cheilitis.
  • Practicing oral hygiene: Oral hygiene is something that should not be missed in any case. No matter whether we are facing any issue relating to our mouth or not still we need to practice it. Oral hygiene can be maintained by brushing our teeth twice a day that is one in the morning and one before going to sleep. Also, you must try the mouth wash idea by rinsing your mouth after eating especially sweet tooth. By developing the habit of good oral hygiene it will be easier for us to avoid these infections and they will work as a preventive measure as well.
  • Taking the best ointment: With the help of the best possible ointment, it will be easier for us to treat this infection. Antifungal ointment is required to treat the lip fungal infection. There are so many lip fungal creams available and Ketomac offers one of the best antifungal creams for cracked lips that you can use. Read the instructions like how to apply so that it can be used in the right way. You cannot treat this without the right ointment so never miss it.
  • Other home remedies to try: We all know that various easy remedies or hacks are also there that can help us treat this infection naturally. Here we will take a look at those remedies so that we can also try them to treat this infection:
  1. Making use of the honey: We can easily find honey in our home as it is used for multiple purposes. Here you will get to know that you can also use honey for this infection. Honey is known for fighting against the microorganisms causing this infection. All you need is a spoonful of honey that you can apply to the affected areas. Don’t remove the honey just after applying rather keep it for some time so that it can come into action. Try keeping it for about fifteen to twenty minutes.
  2. Using the gel of Aloe Vera leaf: The Aloe Vera is known for helping us in so many ways from keeping our skin clear to treating our infections it is helpful. The gel of aloe Vera can be extracted using a spoon or you can also try it directly on the affected area. It will be more effective if you go for refrigerating it first before use. So, try the chilled gel on the corners of your lips for some relief. It is also having anti-inflammatory properties that will help too.
  3. Using cucumber: This will probably make us laugh that how can cucumber help us treat this. Cucumber is one of the effective and easy remedies that we can try. It is known to eliminate the soreness in your mouth and this is how it is helpful. You can use the slices of the fresh cucumber and rub or dab them on the affected area. It will help you give some relief from the itchiness and scaliness caused there.
  4. Hydration is the key: You can do one of the easiest things which are drinking water. Keeping yourself and your mouth hydrated is also helpful. We all know it is caused due to a dry mouth and by keeping it hydrated we can feel some little relief. So, don’t forget to try an easy water remedy.

So, these remedies are super easy for us to try. Along with these don’t forget to make use of the antifungal cream. As only with this anti-fungal ointment by Ketomac we can treat this infection. It is very gentle on our skin and will reduce the fungus growth on the affected area.

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