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Different Types of Fungal Infections and Their Treatment

July 7, 2021 0

People nowadays do many things to keep their skin and body healthy as it has become an essential part of human life. People like to buy a lot of cosmetics and creams for keeping their skin healthy. Some people may have sensitive skin, which can get an allergy from some food items. People face many common fungal infections if they are not following the proper hygiene routine. For curing these infections, many companies have come up with different products like cream for lips infection.

People need to be aware of the different skin infections that commonly appear among people. If the yeast starts to live on the person’s body, it will start making the body weak from inside. Usually, the yeast infection happens when the area is moist like the skin folds are between the two toes. The condition will live on the topmost layer of the skin and cause allergy and redness around the concerned area.

The examination of the fungal infection is straightforward; the expert will scrap a small amount of the skin and examine that skin under the microscope. According to it, the intensity of the infection can also be analysed, and only the treatment is provided to the person. There are usually fungal treatments that are given according to the common infections. There are different common fungal skin infections listed below:

  • Athlete’s foot: It is a widespread fungal infection that arises on the feet of the person. In this infection, the person will feel very itchy, stinging, and the sensation of burning between two toes. Even the soles of the feet can also get blisters and cracked peeling skin, making it difficult for people to walk.

If any persons are suffering from this problem, it is all because their feet are moist for long periods or are frequently moving here and there barefoot in public. Not wearing footwear can be a significant cause of skin infection on the feet. It is better to keep your feet completely dry and wear flip flops or any other breathable shoes to prevent the athlete’s foot, especially when you are in public areas. Using cotton socks and dust off antifungal powder is best to prevent the athlete’s foot. Mainly all these precautions can help in healing the pain. If still, the infection gets worse, better to see a doctor and get proper treatment.

  • Ringworm: It is a circular, red-coloured infection that usually appears on the skin in patches. Sometimes the patches can be defined and have a red edge. If you have them on your nails, they might be discoloured and very thick. The sign for ringworm getting worse is when one patch overlaps another one. This is a fungal infection that spreads with a touch from one person to another person.

Providing the proper treatment, whether home remedies or medication prescribed by the physicians, can help heal this problem. Even the infected person needs to maintain his hygiene at the level best so that the infection doesn’t pass on to any other person. Wear loose clothes, wash hands more frequently and never share the towel with any other person. Keeping yourself dry and clean will also be a great way to cure this problem.

  • Jock Itch: This is the problem that is caused by tinea fungus. It’s a fungus that grows in warm and moist areas like the buttocks, inner thighs, and even genitals. It usually looks like a red and itchy rash that is shaped as a ring with raised edges. Even if this problem is not considered, it can flake, peel, and cracks the skin. These problems arise in the summer reason and can get spread from one person to another.

The treatment includes keeping the skin very clean and dry. The person can get the medicines prescribed by the doctor in the case the severity is high. Apply the medications according to the guidance of the experts, and even the person can follow some of the home remedies to fasten up the process of healing. Do change your clothes every day and wear clean and dry ones to stop the spreading of the infection.

  • Yeast infections: It is a noncontagious infection that is caused by the Fungi known as Candida. The infected area appears as red, scaly, pimples like tiny bumps, where the person will feel itching and sensation of burning. Even this infection grows in warm and moist weather and on the body areas like armpits and groin. Even this infection can cause due to diaper rash and even vaginal yeast infection.

The treatment of the fungal infection depends upon the location of the infected areas. Sometimes the person is prescribed to apply the ointment on the concerned areas, and sometimes the person is suggested to eat the medicines to treat the infection.

  • Tinea Versicolor: This is also known as pityriasis Versicolor. It is a common fungal infection that is found mainly in tropical climates. The fungus will grow on the body in hot and humid weather if certain parts are kept very moist. The infection begins as a spot of infection, but the colour of the concerned area will either get dark or light according to the intensity of the infection.

The treatment of this fungal infection requires a combination of medicinal tablets and ointments. Better to take them according to the guidance of the expert.

If any people face any fungal infection, if the intensity of infection is very high, it will be better to consult the doctor and take precautions. There are different medicines available for other problems like antifungal cream for the mouth From Ketomac.

Ketomac is one of the trusted experts with a good range of products that help treat the different types of skin and hair infections. It has Ketomac shampoo that helps cure problems like dandruff, itchy scalp, and even hair fall. It also had ketoconazole cream and tablets that are very effective in treating fungal infections. It will be great to take them according to the prescription of the doctors.

Though the products of the Ketomac are excellent in providing benefits to the human body, the person needs to follow good personal hygiene habits. All these habits, once adopted, will provide good long-term results to the overall body. Along with all these, the use of home remedies is excellent for healing the infection. Do take curd, turmeric, and garlic in your daily diet so that body can adopt good anti-bacterial properties that are great to fight against such problems causing infection. Moreover, at the time of such a pandemic, the proper hygiene of the person is the only way to prevent yourself and the people around from the deadly virus. Good health will only come to those that are following a good routine. Maintain proper health and stay away from all these harmful infections for the body, both inside-out.

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