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What Are Causes Of Fungal Infections On Lips, And How To Deal With Them

July 7, 2021 0

Everyone likes to have soft and red-coloured lips. If proper hygiene is not maintained in any part of the body, even on the lips, fungal infection can attack the lips also. Usually, people face two types of fungal infections on the lips, i.e., Candida yeast and Angular cheilitis. According to the symptoms on the lips, the doctors detect which kind of infection the person is facing. Though there are many effective treatments, one of the most popular ones is the Ketomac antifungal lip ointment, which quickly cures the lip infection problem.

The primary reason for the lip infection of the Candida Yeast arises in the people that wear dentures. Most people who have diabetes are more inclined to have this fungal infection. Even people who frequently consume tobacco and alcohol products are more vulnerable to this type of infection. Even this infection might rise among the people who live in chilling weather, and their lips feel parched and repeat licking the lips. Even some lip products contain a toxic substance that causes different fungal infections to the person.

Having this problem can be very irritating and painful at the same time. The people suffering from this problem might feel the burning sensation, itching, and dryness on the lips. Even they will also experience sores, blisters, and white plaques on the corners of the lips. If this infection is not taken seriously, it can make people very weak from the inside. Such people start craving food more frequently and eat more sweet food that is not good for their health. So, it is better not to take these things lightly at any cost.

Take proper steps to heal this problem in no time. Here is the list of things that will help maintain good hygiene of the lips, and let’s take a look at them.

  • Clean lips properly: It is better to always rinse the lips with cold water and check where the person has cut. Don’t wash it with any soap, especially if the cut is deep. Clean your mouth from the outside with a soap block and gently use water to clean your lip.
  • Use salt water for rinsing: Saltwater is an excellent and effective solution to treat infected lips. Avoid swallowing the saltwater inside the body. Instead, apply it all over the concerned area and get it dried off completely. Apply it more frequently if the person wants to see more effective results.
  • Apply moistened tea bag: Tea contains certain compounds. According to trusted research, it has been concluded that these compounds, if applied to the concerned areas, will help stop the blood and promote blood clotting in the concerned area. It is a small yet effective thing that the person can easily do.
  • Apply clean and cool compress: If the person gets an injury on the lip or nearby it, there are many chances of getting a lip infection. So, it is essential to apply the cold and wet washcloth to the lip. It will help stop bleeding, and even it will soothe out the irritated tissues near the lips. Apply this compress gently on the lip and keep it for 5- 10 minutes. Even after this cleaning and let the area dry off completely. This procedure can be repeated at least two times a day.
  • Apply petroleum jelly: It is one of the best things available in the market that helps prevent moisture loss and helps to heal dry and chapped lips. Apply the petroleum jelly to the lips with dry and clean hands. It will surely soothe the lips and recover all types of lip infections.
  • Apply castor oil: Castor oil has many anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that will help heal lip infections. Gently massage the castor oil on the lips without putting a lot of pressure. You can also apply this oil directly or mix it with a few drops of warm milk to give the lips extra nourishment.
  • Milk: Do have milk in your diet as it is rich in lactic acid that will help deal with the inflammation and swelling of the lips. Even the milk will help in quick healing the pain. Even the person can apply some cold milk on the lips to soothe it.
  • Turmeric paste: Whenever we talk about a skin infection, turmeric always comes to the rescue for it. Even the person can apply the turmeric paste on the lips to prevent the growth of the fungus and hinder cell adhesion. It will quickly heal the lip infection in just no time. Though it will leave its stain, it will be fine in front of the healing that it does.
  • Epsom salt: Even it is an excellent remedy that will heal the lip infection. The Epsom salt contains all the properties that will help reduce the fungus’ growth on the lips. The person can add this salt to the lukewarm water and gargle that solution. It will not only heal the infection but will also maintain oral hygiene. A person can even apply the paste on the lips with baking soda and let it dry off for 15 minutes. It will be great for healing the infection.

Taking care of the body is the person’s duty, and it’s better to take all precautionary methods to heal them on time. Ketomac has come up with antifungal cream lips that are an effective remedy for the lips. The person needs to clean the affected area for its application and apply a skinny layer of cream. Do not apply any cotton or bandage over the concerned area. Wait for at least 20 minutes before applying any cosmetic sunscreen over the lips. The regular application of the cream will show results in 2 to 4 weeks. If the situation gets worse, immediately get in touch with the expert.

Every person has an infection condition, so it is better to start the treatment once full-fledged knowledge about the infection. Any wrong step in the treatment leads to a worsening of the situation. Though the lifestyle of the people has changed a lot, many things around humans are also evolving. So it is better to either have a good routine to maintain good health or include different products that will help maintain good health. Ketomac is an ayurvedic company with specific products great for skin and hair use. In case of any problem, always contact the doctor and take the necessary precaution on time. Never wait for any situation to worsen; instead, make efforts to keep things in the best conditions. If you have some dandruff-related problems, try Ketomac shampoo, a great product to treat the infection. 

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