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Natural Ways to Reduce Split Ends

June 28, 2019 0

Are you one of those who have hair split ends and want to get rid of those but don’t want a haircut or trimming? Come on that is okay you can find other remedies too. Yes, hair with split ends is a feared sight. And so here you can get to know about some of the finest home remedies to reduce split ends, and that too without even cutting or trimming your hair.

Certainly, if you were looking for ways to reduce split ends then you are at the right place. Anyhow, you know the term ‘split ends’ actually refers to the splitting of hair shafts, mainly at the end parts. The medical term that gets used to describe split ends, is trichoptilosis. Once you notice split ends, you normally think about heading to the hair shop or salons, because that is the most well-known solution of split ends. It has always been said that trimming is the finest way to get rid of split ends. In case not trimmed, it can continue splitting up the length of your hair. But trimming is not always the most desirable solution, especially when you are trying to grow the hair. But today the points given below will change your mind!

Egg Mask Remedies for Split Ends

Eggs are a rich source of fatty acids and proteins. The hair is primarily made up of protein. So egg masks are effective Home Remedies for Split Ends as these strengthen the hair follicles, make hair smooth and fewer tangles. Even they improve hair’s resistance to breakage.

What is the method?

– Whisk egg yolk in the bowl and add two to three tbsps. of olive oil and one tbsp. of honey. Blend all these ingredients and apply it on to dank hair. Make sure that there are no jumbles present in the hair. Permit the egg mask to stay there for thirty minutes and then rinse off by making use of a shampoo.

– Another way is, take a bowl, whisk a whole egg and blend in 1 tsp. of almond oil. Apply on to your damp hair, allow it to sit for twenty to thirty minutes, and shampoo your hair as usual. It is one of the best ways to reduce split ends!

Treat your Split Ends Using Avocado

Not only for your health, but it is also wonderful for the hair too. Avocado is a great source of vitamins, like Vitamin A, D, and even E as well as iron, potassium, amino acids, magnesium, etc, it helps to restore life to brittle and dull hair. Moreover avocado possesses a huge amount of Vitamin H that aids to strengthen your hair and that is the reason it is believed as one of the finest Home Remedies for Split Ends. Avocado mask is a wonderful natural conditioner for the hair that creates a barrier and guards your hair against split ends and other harms.

Method of doing this procedure:

– Take a ripe avocado and then mash it and also add one egg white to this. Blend well and apply this hair mask directly to your split ends and allow it to stay there for twenty minutes. Rinse off with water or shampoo in case needed. Repeat this Home Remedies for Split Ends once a week.

– Mash one ripe avocado, and then, add 2 tbsps. of coconut oil and olive oil. Give it a great mix. Apply the hair mask on to the damaged area of your hair. Wait for thirty minutes and then rinse off the avocado hair mask and shampoo your hair as usual. These are a couple of absolutely effective Home Remedies for Split Ends using avocado. Through these procedures, you can Get Rid of Split Ends Naturally!

Role of Aloe Vera in getting rid of split hair 

This is one of the most well-known Home Remedies for Split Ends. Aloe vera is a wonderful conditioner for hair. It guards the hair against getting dry and brittle and hence helps to evade split ends. Not just in split ends, Aloe vera is a wonderful natural remedy for most hair concerns like dandruff and hair loss.

How to use Aloe vera for split hair?

– All you need to do is to extract the gel from one or two leaves of Aloe vera and then apply it to the hair especially to the split ends. Permit it to stay there for thirty minutes and shampoo your hair as usual.

– You can even mix Aloe vera gel with a tbsp. of lemon juice and 2 tbsps. of olive oil. You can even make use of castor oil or jojoba oil instead of that of olive oil. Apply this blend on to the hair. Wait for some time and then you should wash off. Re-apply these Home Remedies for Split Ends two to three times every week for the finest result. It would start showing the results sooner than you expect.

How can Mayonnaise eradicate split ends?

Mayonnaise is a dense creamy sauce and it is prepared from egg yolks, vinegar, and that of oil. Homemade mayonnaise is one of the finest Home Remedies for Split Ends. The egg, vinegar, and even the natural oils available in mayonnaise moisturize and nourish the hair. Vinegar assists to maintain a healthy pH balance for the hair and restore damaged hair. The protein available in mayonnaise averts hair breakage and assists to save the hair from split ends. It is one of the effective natural ways to reduce split ends.

– Coat your hair from root to tip with a few tbsps. of mayonnaise. Allow it to stay for at least twenty minutes. Then shampoo the hair and make use of Luke warm water to rinse off.

– Make a smooth paste by blending 1/4th cup of mayonnaise, three tbsps. almond oil, and one to two eggs. Apply the paste in a way that it coats every single strand of hair strands and wear a shower cap. Wait for an hour and then wash it with water. It would give a great experience to your hair.


Thus, since you have just gone through tips for reducing split ends, it is time that you apply them in your life!

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