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What Causes Nail Fungal Infection

September 27, 2021 0

Nowadays, many people are facing the problem of nail fungal infection. The changes in the surrounding have led to an increase in many health issues the people. Some people might ignore such problems in the initial stages, but with the passage of each day, the problem will worsen and become hard to cure. This happens because of the fungus on the skin membrane around the nail. A nail fungal infection cream is available on the market to cure this problem. It has all the active ingredients that will eliminate the fungus’s growth and help heal the problem. Though there are many nail infection ointments available on the market, Ketomac cream is the one that is considered the best cream to cure such infections.

Nail fungal infection is widespread among people. Here are some facts that the person needs to know about it.

Let’s have a look at them.

  • These infections mostly grow in the toenails or fingernails, and it is the infection that will cause damage to the nail bed.
  • It is also known as Tinea Unguium or Onychomycosis.
  • The nail infection will cause thickening and discolouration in the finger or the toenails. If not taken seriously, this problem will worsen, and a foul smell will also start coming out of the infected areas.
  • In the initial stage, nail infection is only a cosmetic concern, but untreated areas will cause pain, irritation, and even pressure on affected areas.
  • Different ways outs include oral and topical medications, laser therapy, and even surgery to cure this problem.
  • Mostly this problem is found in adults’ especially people who have diabetes, as they have a weaker immune system.

Nail fungal infections are caused by the fungi that start to grow on the nail area. This infection starts from the athlete’s foot and can spread from one nail to another, worsening the situation. It will also cause cracks in the nail bed and enter the body. Here are some of the factors that increase nail fungus. Let’s have a look at them.

  • If you sweat heavily, there might be chances that the person might increase the exposure of the nail infection in the body.
  • With the increase in age, the risk of such problems also starts to increase as nail growth is likely to decrease.
  • People with a history of athlete’s foot risk getting this nail infection.
  • People with diabetes, weak immune system, and circulation problems are also at risk of developing this problem.

If the nail infection worsens, it causes permanent damage to your nail infection. Not only this, but it might also enter the body and start creating the problem of preventing nail fungus infections. The person can consider some of the natural ways that will help in reducing the overall effect of infection and heal it properly, and let’s have a look at them.

  • Ozonized oil: It is oil that is very similar to sunflower oil which is injected with ozone gas. According to trusted studies, ozone exposure will make the micro-organism inactive, and their growth will decrease. Even it is the main ingredients in the Ketomac cream that helps it to provide the best results. The person can apply this oil twice a day to the infected area to see the results.
  • Vinegar: From ancient times, vinegar has been the best treatment for fungal infections. It is one of the safest and most effective remedies to cure such problems. The person needs to soap the infected feet in warm water and add one vinegar part. The person can soak the foot for 20 minutes. Doing this process in routine will surely provide the best results.
  • Listerine mouthwash: Yes, even Listerine mouthwash is an excellent remedy to cure such problems. This product is rich in menthol, eucalyptus, and thymol with excellent antibacterial and antifungal properties. The person can soak the foot in warm water and the Listerine mouthwash to see results. This step can be done at least 30 minutes that too in routine.
  • Garlic: According to trusted studies, it was concluded that garlic has the highest amount of antibacterial and antifungal properties. To apply this, the person can peel the garlic and crush it. Now the crushed portion of the garlic can be placed on the infected area. Though it might have a pungent smell, it will surely provide the best results. Even garlic capsules are available in the market; the person can go for them if he can’t tolerate the smell.
  • Adjust diet: The most important step is to cure the fungal problem is to control the diet. Go for cleaner food options. Have a good diet that includes good probiotics, proteins, iron, suitable fatty acid, calcium, and vitamin D. These can be easily grabbed from food items like milk, curd, fresh fruits, green vegetables, and nuts and cereals. Also, include the water content in your daily routine, making your skin glowing and healthy inside out.

Along with the natural remedies, the person can also help the doctors who prescribe medicines. Ketomac has come up with tablets that can be taken according to the prescription to see better results shortly. It will help in curing the nail problem of its roots.

Sometimes, if the situation gets worse, doctors recommend getting the nail removed from the nail bed so that the infection can be stopped there and not enter the internal body. The dermatologist uses two techniques, i.e., Nonsurgical nail removal and surgical nail removal. In both these procedures, the person needs to follow the experts’ guidelines strictly.

If people see anything unusual near their nail area, getting it treated on time is highly recommended. For this, the person can take the help of the best nail infection cream, i.e., Ketomac cream. The cream rich in active ingredients will help fight against the problem. The ketoconazole present in the cream will kill all the fungi and yeasts that cause infection. The regular application of this cream will prevent the growth of this infection on the skin and will treat almost all types of fungal infections like ringworm, jock itch, athlete’s foot, etc.

The person needs to apply this ointment to the clean and dry infected areas. Apply a skinny layer of the cream and let it get absorbed in the skin properly. Better not to wrap the infected area with any bandage. The person needs to apply this cream every 3-4 hours to see good results. The person will see better results in just 2 to 4 weeks of application of the medicine in routine. Ketomac has other outstanding product ranges like Ketomac Tablets and Ketomac Shampoo, which help heal fungal infections more effectively. Many experts recommend these products to their clients facing any fungal-related problems.

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