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What Is The Best Way To Blow Dry Hair?

September 15, 2019 0

When you look at people with those perfect hair locks and blow-dried hair, you feel that is a cakewalk to do, right? You might have gorgeous hair, but they can go for a toss if you are not treating them well. You always have to take precautions to ensure that your hair gets treated most productively and effectively. Go through this blog to learn how to blow dry hair?

If you don’t know how to blow dry, you should learn now. You might be doing it all wrong all these years. Some people, later on, blame the products and shampoos that they use but do not realize that their ways of tackling the hair also matter. It could seem like an easy task: fetch a blow-dryer, point, and go ahead and blast with heat. But there is the expertise behind it. And you could be making simple mistakes that are harming your hair even more than the look you carry. The best way to know how to blow dry your hair is by maintaining a distance from the mistakes you might make. Once you eliminate the mistakes, you will automatically know how to blow dry hair.

You Do Not Have to Own a Great Blow-Dryer!

It is always essential to have a suitable quality hair blower, but it has nothing to do with great products. You can go for a qualitative, simple product that might not be too pricey or great. If you have dense hair, you might be harming your hair more with an inexpensive or cheap blow-dryer instead of investing in a wonderful one that will guard your hair and blow-dry it quickly.

It is essential to know that expensive dryers have intelligent hair-saving features such as high power, various heat settings, an excellent shot, and apt air technology. The last one assists with frizz, create shine, and limits blow-dry time. The technology of ionic hair dryers used in good quality products helps break down water molecules quicker, making the hair dry faster. Remember that the less time your beloved hair is under heat and the more power over control you have over the temperature, the better and healthier it will be.

Are you spending too long with your hair wrapped in your towel?

Once you get out of the shower, women are inclined to leave their hair in the towel for somewhat thirty minutes. You know a cotton-based towel does trigger friction on the hair, and it is a lot more prone to damaging the strands to the extent where the hair breaks off. If you wish to get rid of excess water, it is better to use a microfiber towel like an old, clean t-shirt. And still, have to spend nearly ten minutes with your head wrapped up post-shampoo. There is no need to keep it wrapped for thirty-forty minutes. The longer, the bitter it would be for your hair. It is the right way to blow dry hair. The most pleasing thing for the health of your hair is allowing it to air-dry before you do blow-dry. It is important to underline in your mind that your hair is in its most susceptible state when wet, so permitting it to air-dry is always the healthiest and most effective option.

Here make sure that you blow-dry your hair as per your texture. Fine-to-medium hair might air-dry a bit longer, to nearly eighty per cent dryness, whereas talking about thicker hair, they should only be nearly fifty per cent dry before blow-drying. It is simply because you have a better chance of getting full straight or curly hair while still a little moist.

If you have curly or wavy hair and wish to improve your natural texture, you need to add up the product when it is wet, squeeze out the surplus with your hands, and wrap it up gently in a soft microfiber towel t-shirt. Once the curls cease to drip, you can begin to blow-drying.

Are you starting in with the brush too soon? 

It is a bad habit to immediately walk out of the bath or shower and pick up the blow-dryer and round brush for your blowout. It is suggested that you use a dryer to rough, dry hair first. You can set it to medium heat and minimum speed. If your hair is extremely wet and placed at high speed, it might get whipped around, and it can trigger split ends, tangles, and even frizz. Once the hair gets nearly eighty per cent dry from the rough-dry, you can immediately start sectioning it, forming it, and styling it with your round brush.

What type of brush do you use?

If you think any brush would do, then you are mistaken. When talking about picking a brush, the kind you use must depend on the results you are looking for and your hair kind. In a typical sense, a round brush is most stylists’ favourite for a comprehensive, bouncy look. But you always have choices when it comes to the material of brush bristles. If you are a woman with straight hair and want movement, you can go for ceramics as they are great. Then if you are a person who looks for smoothness but has coarse, tightly curled hair, boar bristle is the main ingredient to provide the right amount of tension required to achieve that softness. Of course, once you bring a different brush that you use, you will get the best results. Your hair can get damaged because of your wrong choice of brush.


Thus, if you use Ketomac dandruff shampoo to ensure dandruff-free hair or have plenty of hairbrushes at home, you have to be careful about how you blow-dry your hair. A wrong way is always the wrong way and harms your hair!

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