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Antifungal Cream For Babies Face In India

December 24, 2018 0

There are various reasons responsible for fungal infection. Just like adults, even children are prone to fungal infections. These infections can reappear from time to time, especially when kids share toys and play with other kids in school or playground. It has been observed that during summers, it is easy for fungal infections to spread. The hot and humid climate offers them an ideal breeding environment, so it becomes necessary to try some antifungal cream for babies’ faces.

There are several medicines and home remedies for preventing and curing fungal infections, but one of the most effective solutions for combating fungal infection is using a Ketomac antifungal cream. It is considered the best antifungal cream for babies, killing fungi and yeast by attacking their cell membranes.

You can clean the area properly, apply a thin layer of the cream, and leave it for at least 2-3 hours. You can use the cream once or twice a day and ask your doctor for further suggestions.

Here’s a look at some tips to protect the kids from fungal infection:

  • Keep the play areas clean

Kids spend a lot of time playing on the grounds and in play areas. There are sandpits in the play areas which should be kept clean. It has been observed that pets leave their faeces and urine in the sand, which can cause ringworms in kids. If you can’t keep the public sandpit clean, it is a good idea to buy a portable sandpit that can be covered, and the pets can be kept away from it. It will also be relatively easier to clean.

  • I am not sharing personal belongings.

It is essential to teach your kids the value of sharing with others. But should also be taught that personal belongings should not be used. Fungal infections such as ringworms can spread when personal items such as hats and combs are shared while sharing towels and shoes can lead to athlete’s foot.

  • Clean and dry towels after swimming

Kids love to play in the pool, and they love going in and out of the pool. They are tempted to play in their swimming costumes all day which should be avoided because wet clothes create an ideal environment for infection and irritation. Give them dry towels and ask them to change once they are out of the pool.

  • Wear flip-flops

When not required to dress in shoes, inculcate a habit of wearing flip-flops in kids. It is essential when they are at public swimming pools or for sports matches and school trips.

  • Ask them to dry the feet. 

It is essential to dry the feet after taking a bath, especially between the toes, to prevent the athlete’s foot.

  • Check for symptoms

Keep an eye out if your children develop rashes or itchiness. If you figure them out to be a fungal infection, prevent it from spreading further to other siblings and immediately begin the treatment.

When you find a fungal infection in any part of your kid’s body, you can apply Ketomac as it is the best antifungal cream for the child.

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