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Hair Washing: What Do You Believe and What Not? What Are the Myths?

February 24, 2020 0

Everyone has a different style of taking care of their hair. Some do not hear anything and some do more than needed things. The point is you have to be really thoughtful about what you are doing for your hair. Most people wash their hair regularly which means every day or every other day. Because people do this so often, you might be surprised to learn just how much half-truth there is out there about hair care. Moreover, there are even some things that you believe about shampooing your hair that could even actually be incorrect. What you can do is you can try not to fall victim to hair washing myths. Indeed, stay away from myths if you want a healthy and lasting life for your hair.

Do You Shampoo Your Hair Too Often?

This is one of the most current and prevalent myths about hair washing out there. There are many people who believe that washing your hair extremely frequently dries your scalp and strips the hairs of their natural oils. However, it might not be further from the truth. Once you use the right products and hair washing methods, shampooing can actually moisturize the hair. The natural oils could keep your scalp stay on the top of the hair shaft and don’t even reach the full length of the strand. Once you make use of a great hair thickening shampoo, you might even make your hair look healthy and creamed.

Using Cold Water Can Make Your Hair Shine

Though a cold rinse might be refreshing, it would not make your hair any shinier, that is your conditioner’s job. In truth, a cold rinse could actually be bad for your hair. It might cause the blood capillaries in the scalp to tighten, making it more challenging for them to bring the essential nutrients to each hair follicle. The point is you should wash your hair with the normal water you have. if it is winter, there is no point in putting cold water on your hair. it won’t get you any shinier hair. make sure that you wash your hair with proper water, and you would surely find the best experience.

You Require to Switch Shampoos Regularly

There are some people who believe that changing shampoos is essential to keep their hair healthy. You can, certainly, change to a diverse shampoo in case you want to experience a diverse effect, but doing such a thing is not necessary. If, for example, your hair is thin, you could want to switch to a volumizing type of shampoo. However, it is always okay to stick to the same shampoo if it is working wonderfully for you. if you have a good shampoo in hand and it gets you the required results, don’t switch your shampoos.  For example, if you are using hair thickening shampoo and it is actually keeping your hair thick and maintaining its density; what else do you want?

It is Not Necessary to Go for Conditioners

It is true that both shampoo and conditioner do play an important and necessary role in everyday hair care. The shampoo cleans up the scalp and hair whereas the conditioner moisturizes it. For finest and premium results, it would be great if you apply conditioner to the length and ends of the hair and allow it to sit for nearly three to five minutes. But make sure that you are keeping the right quantity and the products you are using are good and effective. You can check out Ketomac shampoos and conditioners for the best results. Once you know how long to keep the conditioners, you can experience the best experience.

Do You Also Think That Way?

It is fully natural for hairs to fall out every single day, and a lot of these may do so when you are shampooing. However, it has nothing to do with or indicate a cause-and-effect bond. The move of washing dislodges hairs that have already detached from the base of the follicle and are all set to fall out. Shampooing your hair nowhere causes it to fall out, it just helps it along in the natural procedure.

Washing too Often or Too Rarely

There are many of you who have heard the myth of washing hair every day gets you the best hair right? then there are also people who have heard about the myth that washing hair rarely would keep your hair intact. Well, unfortunately, both the scenarios are vague. If you want to keep your hair in the best shape, you have to ensure that you clean them up properly. You need to wash your hair as per your need.

For example, if you are a general individual and you do not do much physical activity in your routine; then you must stick to washing your hair a minimum of two times a week. Of course, if your hair responds well to this hair washing schedule that is perfect for you. Similarly, if you are an individual who does a lot of physical activity and gets into exercise then you have to wash your hair a minimum and maximum of three times a week. It is because the sweat because of your physical activity gathers in your hair and scalp and makes it all dirty and smelly. You need to be thoughtful about it. Once you develop a proper pattern for your hair wash you will experience the best experience. But make sure whatever pattern you embrace; has to be steady.

General Shampoos are Enough

There are people who use random and general shampoos on their hair. Do you count yourself among them? come on, if your hair and scalp have specific needs, you have to fulfill them in a specific manner.  For example, if you have extensive dandruff then a general shampoo might stand null and useless. You need to start using the best anti-dandruff shampoos in India and only then you would experience clean and dandruff free hair and scalp.


Thus, once you have all these things in mind, you surely can keep your hair and scalp in the best shape.

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