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How to Get Less Greasy Hair? Quick Natural Tips for You

February 25, 2020 0

Do you think that your hair is too oily and greasy? What do you do to lessen that extensive oil? Come on, you cannot leave it unattended. You have to take a step that ensures that your hair stays clean, balanced, and less oily. Oily hair is just like oily skin. at times, it is just how it is. And other times it’s that way simply because of the habits people develop and keep.

But yes, it is not just about the habits or so; hair-type even plays a crucial role in how oily strands will look.  The good news is that you can do something about oily hair and ensure that your hair is clean, safe, and hygienic. You can always tend towards natural ways to make hair less greasy and ensure that your hair is the way you want them to be.  The point is that in case you are feeling like your hair is too oily irrespective, there are certain things you can do to keep oil production within control. While these methods will help make your locks less oily in both the short and long term, it is crucial to completely evaluate and understand your present-day habits, so you know how to exactly deal with them and get them on track.

Be Careful with Your Conditioner

Do you apply conditioner to soften your hair? well, you might be doing it all wrong.  Applying conditioner all over might completely weigh hair down, triggering oily roots. Instead, simply apply a conditioner from mid-shaft to that of ends. This would also pay to find a conditioner that is specifically designed for oily hair types. There are conditioners that are specifically developed for fine hair to add up the body and fullness, in the absence of leaving residue behind. Just make sure you make use of a small drop, so you don’t overload your hair. you would surely get the best experience. Ketomac conditioners can be your perfect companion here.

Apply Dry Shampoo on Your Hair

It is an apparent thing to do. A good dry shampoo is not just suck up oil from your roots and make your hair appear less greasy at the moment, but it will also allow you to spend more time between washes which is going to make your hair less oily in the long run too. the point is you should try out dry shampoos and you might find a difference.

The way you use your general shampoos regularly, it is time that you try out your dry shampoo instead of general shampoo. In this way, your hair would get cleaned up but at the same time, you would also ensure that the hair is not too oily or greasy.  After all, it is about your hair care and the effectiveness of your hair. don’t take a chance with your beloved hair.  Once you have good quality and proven shampoo to make hair less greasy, you would feel the results apparently. Usage of the right shampoo in the right manner can make all the difference.

Try Out a Powder

You have always put powder on your skin and body, right? but have you ever thought about powder on your hair? in case you would prefer to go the ancient-fashioned route, then you must go for baby powder instead of dry shampoo. It is going to work the same way in case you sprinkle some on your roots and then gently rub it in. If you have dark hair and the baby powder causes too much of a white cast, you need to brush some bronzer onto your roots instead or blend the baby powder with that of cocoa. You can look for the right baby powder and then ensure that you have a good one. you can try it out and it might work wonderfully for you.

Are You Washing Your Hair Too Much?

It might sound too contrary to what you always heard about. But if the scalp is continuously getting stripped of oils, the more forcefully it would try out to replace those oils. Such a thing would make hair greasier in the shorter term than essential. So, in case you are washing your hair every day, you must try to take it down to every other day.

In case you are already doing that, try washing every three-four days. You know what in general, the ideal thing is to wash hair a minimum of two times in a week and a maximum of three as per the hair type and physical activity and sweat. Also, remember that whenever you wash your hair, you use a good, safe, and effective shampoo only. There is no point in changing shampoos every week. You have to stick to a single shampoo for a minimum of a month to see its effectiveness. Don’t be hasty in your ways.

Do You Brush Your Hair?

Not brushing sufficiently keeps natural oils from getting distributed, and they just build up on the scalp. Over-brushing, on the other side, can stimulate oil production. So, you need to make sure to find a healthy balance for your hair. you have to ensure that you brush your hair slowly and effectively.  When you do brush in the right manner, your hair does get smooth and effective. They get you the less oil feel because the brush regulates and circulates the oil in the hair and the oil does not get built up at one spot.  However, you have to be careful that you don’t brush your hair immediately after taking a bath. When your hair is wet, they are most vulnerable and can break and fall. You need to be prudent about the hair brushing and try to do that once your hair has dried up.


So, even if you are using a nice shampoo for oily hair with dandruff, you would receive the results you seek. You can check out the variety Ketomac has stored for you. your manners of treating your hair coupled with the products you use to make all the difference.

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