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Make Every Day A Good Hair Day With These Best Kept Hair Care Secrets

August 16, 2019 0

Many women are found to have long, flowing, silky hair. This could be genetic or their hard work and best efforts to keep them in this fantastic condition. You may perhaps long to have a hair-like Cinderella or Rapunzel. But given today’s increasing pollution and dust outside, it becomes a challenge to maintain good hair. Thick, bouncy, shiny hair is a dream many tend to see, and no one desires Fritzy, weak, and dull hair. If you want that lovely looking hair and appear like a glamorous doll, you need to know the top hair care secrets to help you achieve your set objectives naturally.

Some healthy and safe secrets to having lush, bouncy, shiny hair

Wet hair

The hair strands may break easily as it is very fragile. The hair roots and shaft, during the wet conditions, are found to be prone to sustaining unwanted damage. Avoid being harsh when using shampoo. Also, do not use chemical-based shampoo or brush immediately after having a shower, and use a shower cap if you intend to brush.

Protect the hair

Exposure to excessive rain, wind, and sun pollution will only cause damage to your hair and make it lustrous and dull. Not taking care of the hair will only lead to a build-up of dirt, increased susceptibility to developing infections on the scalp, and drying out of the scalp and hair. Use a hat or umbrella when going outside.

Condition correctly and adequately.

Condition properly and correctly: It is necessary to condition the hair the correct way to get flowing, shiny hair. Conditions are formulated to retain the moisture content present within the hair shaft, and it is not exactly meant for the scalp. Conditioning should be started at least 2” away from the scalp. Excessive application on the scalp will lead to making the scalp too oily.

Regular conditioning

After every wash, use a good moisturizing conditioner. You are avoiding going out without conditioning your hair. Otherwise, your hair can become frizzy.

Avoid excessive heat over hair:

Heat should be applied in a limited amount to the hair. Otherwise, the moisture content in the hair will only get stripped off, thereby making it frizzy and dry. If overused, there are chances of the hair getting burnt. If necessary, use straighteners, iron, or curl. But do remember to make use of hair protectants before their application.

Use the same brand of conditioner and shampoo.

  • Use the same brand of conditioner and shampoo: This is essential as it will have a similar formulation. They are created for specific hair types and serve specific purposes, and it also offers the very best results compared to using products from different brands.
  • During bedtime, avoid tight braids: At night-time, before hitting the bed, braid your hair loosely to avoid a frizzy mess. A better option is to have a side braid. Knots will be created if you leave your hair open for too long. It will only mean having to pull and brush it during the morning hours, which will cause pain. Also, over-brushing causes frizziness.

Hair ties are not to be tight.

Hair ties not to be tight: Super-tight hair ties are better avoided. Instead, choose scrunchies using cloth around them. Otherwise, your hair will only be pulled back real tight, thus increasing friction and causing breakage.

Dry hair cautiously:

Dry hair cautiously: Hair drying should be practised cautiously and not rubbed harshly with a towel, and this will only cause your hair strands to get loose and break up easily and quickly. It would help if you patted dry your hair.

Satin pillow covers:

Satin pillow covers: You should always opt for satin pillow covers as it discourages hair breakage caused by friction. Cotton and other materials are rough in texture and cause more friction, causing the hair to break.

Use suitable hair masks:

Use suitable hair masks: You need to use those hair masks which suit your hair perfectly. The reason is that different types of hair and related troubles may require different types of hair care treatment. Hence, the most appropriate masks are to be used to avoid experiencing further aggravation of the issue.

Frequently oil the scalp:

Apply hair regularly on your hair and use the best shampoo for oily scalp and dandruff in India to eliminate this excess oil preset. Oiling the scalp is equally suitable for better hair nourishment. However, overdoing it will only cause damage. Also, using more shampoo will only strip off natural oils from the scalp region.

Use cold water for washing hair:

  • Use cold water for washing hair: The truth is that hot water negatively affects hair, similar to those hair styling methods. Here, cold does not mean cold. And instead, it should be at room temperature.
  • Avoid teasing hair: It simply ruins your hair texture.
  • Brush effectively: To increase hair lustre, you need to brush regularly. It helps to spread natural oils throughout the hair. However, it is better to avoid excessive brushing. Plastic brushes are a strict no since they will only result in increased breakage.
  • Apply to clarifying shampoo once a month: This is a beautiful idea. It helps to deal with the issues caused by product build-up resulting in conditioners and shampoo losing their effectiveness.
  • Avoid using excessive products on the hair: You need to use several hair care products from time to time, like conditioner, shampoo, and serum. However, limit the use those bottled hair products.

Healthy eating

Hair health is reflected in the type of health that you experience. A good healthy body, both inside out, will mean healthier hair. You need to add healthy ingredients to your diet if you desire to have healthy and good, lush, shiny hair. Certain nutrients such as proteins, iron, and vitamins are necessary for better hair health and growth. If your food does not provide sufficient amounts of the desired substances to derive healthy hair, consider taking supplements. But this should be taken only after consulting the hair experts or the physician.

When carefully and cautiously followed, the above-given secrets for hair care will boost your overall confidence and stay bright and healthy and sport beautiful looking hair.

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