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Which Type Of Comb Is Good For Hair?

July 9, 2019 0

Well, is brushing and combing your natural hair a great idea? Yes, it is a good idea when done correctly and with the right Comb. Often, you put a lot of pressure on the hair care products you use, but you hardly pay attention to the Comb you use and how. You have no idea how the right Comb or hairbrush can make your hair healthier, smooth, strong, and shiny.

What is the most delicate Detangling Comb or Brush for Natural Hair?

There are different types of combs that work well with hair. But if you are using any and every Comb that comes your way, you need to drop that habit.

Wide-Toothed Comb

The finest combs for natural hair are the ones that are known as wide-toothed. There is sufficient space between the rows to permit movement through the hair without tearing up your ends. Once you have the right Comb for hair, you will experience a change in your hair growth and smoothness.

In simple words, a ‘wide-tooth comb’ characteristically refers to the large spacing between the teeth of a comb. Some folks mistake the term for the teeth of the Comb is specifically wide, but that’s not the case though many wide tooth combs do have huger teeth. Even though wide tooth combs are mainly great for people having long hair, they also have advantages for short hair.

Benefits of wide tooth comb

It- Easier to detangle

This is mainly for people having long hair – always try to use a wide-tooth comb to detangle. Don’t use a regular comb as you might cry tears of obstruction and wish you could cut off the hair.

– Less hair fall

Many folks gathered a bunch of hair in the Comb after detangling because of more friction and effort to separate the tangles when using a regular comb. A wide-tooth comb is helpful to detangle the hair more effectively without triggering a lot of hair fall. Indeed, a wide-tooth comb is considered a good comb for hair.

While detangling your hair, first, you have to ensure it is dry. Another rule of thumb is never to detangle or comb the hair when it is wet because it leads to breakage, damage, and hair fall. If you suffer from so much hair fall during detangling, you should use a wide-tooth comb only.

– Avert hair breakages

Since there are wide spaces between the teeth, it’s convenient to detangle; hence there is no hair breakage. When you use a wide-tooth comb, there is less resistance than a medium/fine-tooth comb making it gentle on the hair strands, averting breakage & split ends.

– Diminishes Frayed & Split Ends

Mainly if you have curly/wavy hair, combing with a wide-tooth comb would be helpful to prevent or reduce frayed ends. If you suffer from many split ends, perhaps it is time you started using a wide-tooth comb instead, at least when talking about detangling.

– Gentle on the head

If you’ve ever used a wide-tooth comb before, you should have noticed how wonderful it feels on your scalp. When combing your hair using the wide-tooth Comb, your scalp always will feel soothed and massaged rather than getting scratched painfully; that is the case when using a regular comb.

A wide-toothed comb can be helpful to massage your scalp, enhance circulation, and relax an exhausted scalp. For those of you who frequently suffer from scalp inflammation & pimples, a wide-tooth comb is a path to go! Never make use of regular combs, mainly plastic ones, when you have scalp pimples, injuries, or inflammation, as these are tough on the scalp and shall exacerbate the issue and even head to infection. Of course, if you are using Ketomac shampoo, you might not face any scalp issues or hair problems, but again, it is a good practice to use a wide-tooth comb.

Bone Combs

Another good comb for natural hair is a bone comb. Bone combs are somewhat unique, and they are formed up of organic resins instead of cheap plastic. Bone combs are unified, anti-static, and heat resistant. They get better over time with proper usage and last for quite some time. The edges of such combs, surprisingly, get better with time. You can also get a medium bone comb with wide teeth, which you can take to the salon whenever you want to braid your hair.

Quick tips for combing your hair

Below are a few quick and practical tips for combing your hair. Have a look:

– Run your Comb through damp hair. Yes, your natural hair is easier to comb when they are damp.

– You should do a finger detangle first before you comb.

– It would be good if you did it in sections. Relying on the length of your hair, four to eight parts is a great idea. You can make use of butterfly clamps like these to save each section.

– Comb it through whenever you have the time and patience.

After combing each section, twist and pin before you get ahead to the next section, do not try to comb a bulk amount of hair at once. You shall lose a lot of hair this way, and trigger split ends.

And of course, even if you have hair issues like dandruff, then too right kind of combs will help you. You can also use medicated shampoo for dandruff in India and get rid of your problem. But till the issue persists, make sure you use only the suitable combs and run them properly through your hair.


Thus, having all these things in mind, you should not take a risk with your hair care. Change your Comb, and you will change your hair.

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