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Most Effective Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

December 5, 2018 0

Dandruff is a skin problem that impacts the human scalp. Symptoms of the disease range from flaking to the sensation of itching.

Dandruff is not related to the hygiene of the head, but it can manifest as self-esteem or social problems. A severe version of the problem causing inflammation of the skin is called seborrhoeic dermatitis.

The cause of the condition is attributed to both genetic and environmental problems. The fundamental issue is the excess production of skin cells. Dandruff is diagnosed on the basis of the symptoms.

Dandruff impacts 50% of adults in the world. Its onset is usually from puberty. As such it is connected to hormonal issues. Men are more affected than women. The symptoms wear off after the age of 50.

Symptoms of dandruff are itchy scalp and flaking of the scalp. Other symptoms include tingling skin sensation and greasy and red patches on the skin. In the case of those suffering from dandruff, cell turnover in the scalp is in excess, often taking only 2 to 7 days while in the normal course, it takes a month. Because of this, there is shedding of dead skin cells in big, oily clumps, which appear in the form of grayish or white flakes on clothes, skin, and scalp.

There is no cure for this condition but symptoms may be controlled by the use of anti-fungal cream or shampoo. The leading shampoo for treating dandruff is Ketomac, which contains the antifungal compound Ketoconazole in a 2% aqueous solution. Ketomac is considered the most effective anti-dandruff shampoo.

Ketoconazole helps in destroying the fungus Malassezia which is identified as the main cause of dandruff. Malassezia is found naturally on the body but might be in excess on the scalp of those with dandruff. Ketomac stops the production of ergosterol, a key component of the cell walls of fungi. Holes appear in the cell wall, which results in leaking out of cell contents and the death of the cells.

Ketomac shampoo is highly effective at alleviating symptoms of dandruff. Because of the rate of its success, this shampoo is one of the skin products in high demand. It may be used also to treat other conditions like ringworm and TineaVersicolor.

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