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It is a wrong notion that only women are hair conscious and love to visit the parlour or use beauty products. Men for ages sported long hair and do appear good and healthy when well maintained. But pollution, extreme weather and stress has been resulting in baldness in men. Previously, baldness was limited to those getting aged. But now, even people in their middle ages are experiencing this issue.

These days, there has emerged several hair care products exclusively for men of all ages and promoted by top celebrities across the globe. At the same time, there has opened up many beauty parlours and salons for men that offer hair care and styling. If you are having frizzy hair and experiencing sharp fall in hair strands, then it is high time that you took proper care of your hair to prevent further loosening and breakage. You can find expert providing tips on hair growth for men through their websites or blogs that can prove to be useful to enjoy having healthy, full hair on your head.

If you do not take proper care of your hair, then even that snazzy haircut from a reputed salon will be of no use. The fact is that men’s hair just like women does require regular maintenance and this particular aspect should not be avoided at any point of time. To avoid falling of hair and complete baldness, you should go through the tips offered by the experts.

Useful hair growth tips for men

  • Avoid rubbing your hair excessively, but dry it gently: Wet hair is vulnerable to damage as it is weaker. Hence, after washing hair should not be rubbed hair, since it will cause excessive breakage. Pat dry the hair to preventing causing stress on the scalp.
  • Avoid over-washing the hair: This is a common mistake which is committed by almost every man. Rather, washing the hair should be limited to just twice or perhaps thrice a week. Also, it should be conditioned regularly. It will ensure good hair heath and also prevent losing of essential natural oils from the scalp.
  • Use egg conditioner: There are essential minerals in egg like sulphur and proteins which is required in good amounts in the hair. Egg yolk is a wonderful ingredient to condition the hair. It should be allowed to penetrate in-depth within the scalp to strengthen from within the hair follicles.
  • Avoid excess combing: Probably your hair is thinning. If so then avail a haircut to suit this thinning look. Over-combing should be avoided at all circumstances.
  • Fewer products to be used for the hair: Excessive usage of hair spray, hair wax, hair gel or other hair products will only make your hair to look heavy and unnatural. These products are to be used in minimal avoid when trying to style your hair. Otherwise, it will result in bleaching or breakage of your hair strands.
  • Safeguard hair from chlorine: Swimming pools have excess chlorine in them which can be disastrous for the scalp, since the hair becomes brittle and dry. In order to safeguard your hair from chlorine’s harmful effects, you should first apply clean, normal water on your hair and then apply some mild conditioner prior to entering the pool. Otherwise, a swimming can be your saviour.
  • Wash, but do not repeat: There is a myth among men to use shampoo twice. Television ads mostly misguide people to rinse, wash and repeat the process. According to hair experts, the hair should be washed just once. Ensure using the best conditioner and shampoo like ketomac shampoo.
  • Use clarifying shampoo: With time, the product applied on the hair is likely to build up only to make your hair to appear lifeless and dull. Clarifying shampoo should be used to eliminate unwanted build-up and to retain shiny hair. White vinegar can also be used to rinse hair since it helps to balance pH level.
  • Trim it: You need to get haircut every four to 6 weeks to maintain well-kept and neat hair. Go during early hours to get the service of a fresh and energetic hair dresser who can provide you with better results.
  • Stay natural: Straightening, perming and colouring should be kept to the minimum similar to availing chemical treatments, as they will only damage4 the hair beyond repair.
  • Take cold shower: Actually, blood capillaries in scalp get blocked with cold showers. They carry with them essential nutrients which is essential to enjoy optimum effects. Hence, constricting them suddenly will only prove to be troublesome for hair health. Piping hot water should not be used for shower as it will only mess your hair and eliminate all natural oils present in the scalp. Rinse hair using only lukewarm water.
  • Avoid tight hats: Tight ponytails or tight hats are better avoided and may only cause ‘traction alopecia’, considered to be a hair condition causing hair loss, which can be permanent at times.
  • Use appropriate tools: You need to use the most appropriate tools available in the market, but not the cheap ones. Your hair is very delicate and hence it should be taken proper care of. Avoid brushing your hair immediately after your bath. Instead, use wide toothed comb or fingers.
  • Stay healthy: This is an absolute must. Your focus to be healthy should not limit to your hair, but also your overall body, inside out. It is only a healthy lifestyle combined with well-balanced and nutritious food, full of proteins, vitamins and minerals of different types that will protect your body from diseases and keep your hair lush, smooth, shiny and beautiful. Also, do get lots of exercise and sufficient sleep. Be positive always.

Growing hair faster for guys is no more a dream. The formulated branded shampoos and conditioners having natural ingredients in them can make your hair to be full on your head and ensure that it does not loosen or break any more.


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