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Many people are so much into taking care of their health and skin, but they forget about another essential part of the body which is hair. They think that taking a bath twice a week is good enough to protect the hair and take care of it. They fail to understand that hair also needs protection and care just like the skin. Hair has a vital role to play in the appearance, and when not protected, a lot of issues arise.

One of the significant problems is dandruff, and it is a nightmare for most people. Dandruff is regular, but it can be unpleasant and hard to handle. It is not linked to hygiene, but it may help remove old skin flakes by washing and brushing the hair. There is also some risk factor involved with dandruff which includes specific skin or medical disorders, and improper hair products are used.

Though it is not caused by a lack of hygiene, it can be embarrassing and socially awkward. As such, people have developed home remedies as well as modern medication to deal with this problem. Dandruff treatment shampoo is too available to overcome these problems.

Dandruff is caused by the excess presence of the fungi Malassezia on the scalp. This fungus occurs naturally on the human skin, but in the case of those suffering from dandruff, it is found in excess causing scaling, flaking, and itching.

Ketomac is a brand of anti-dandruff shampoo made and retailed by India based Torque Pharmaceuticals. The latter beliefs in devotion to excellence, impeccable quality, and constant innovation. It is passionate about delivering high quality medicated products to the masses at affordable rates.

Ketomac is a wonderful product from the Torque stable. It has proved to be the most effective medication against dandruff. Ketomac dandruff treatment shampoo reviews are proof of its popularity.

Ketomac contains the compound ketoconazole. This compound is found in a 2% aqueous solution in the shampoo. Ketoconazole is a broad spectrum anti-fungal agent which is in the same category as another azole fungal. It is also effortless to use.

The Ketomac shampoo can be combined with water and applied to areas of skin that have been damaged. You can wipe it back after some moment and see the redness and inflammation have fallen. As for the skin, you should mix the shampoo with water before applying it to the surface, and massage it gently on the skin and scalp. Enable the skin to stay on for some longer and dry it off. You will see the benefits if you keep on using them. Also, the price for Keto clear shampoo is affordable.

Ketomac anti-dandruff shampoo reviews are excellent about the way in which it fights dandruff. Ketoconazole interferes in the production of ergosterol- a vital component of the cell membranes of the fungi. This causes holes to appear in the cell walls resulting in leaking out of cell contents and ultimately in the death of the cells.

When a person is affected with dandruff, it doesn’t stop with it. Having dandruff also causes hair fall and hair thinning. Hair fall is not only a dandruff symptom but also a severe problem that affects men and women. Though obviously, in some seasons we are susceptible to hair loss, if it doesn’t grow back, it can lead to baldness. It is known that dandruff can be eradicated continuously when used with ketonic shampoos. Ketoconazole is an antifungal agent, and it prevents hair from falling when applied to the head and encourages hair growth. There are also a number of reviews of ketonic shampoos on a website where people have written a positive review of the drug.

And one of the best things about the Ketomac shampoo is that it can be used by both men and women. Many customers have reviewed and said it is effective on both men’s and women’s hair in eradicating dandruff and also promoting hair growth. It has also been reported that the chances of getting dandruff after using the Ketomac shampoo are also very less in both men and women.

It’s very normal that people are a little bit nervous about using a new product on their hair and skin. Typically, customers get goods that are given full ratings and feedback. There are plenty of supportive reviews when it comes to Ketomac products too. The consumer reviews of Ketomac shampoos are all genuine and real.

Ketomac shampoo reviews also praise the nature of the shampoo. All you have to do is store it in a dark, dry, and cool place. It must be protected from sunlight. Coming in a 110 ml bottle, it is running and flowy with rust orange color and the smell of lemon and has a shelf life of 3 years.

There are many shampoos in the market to cure dandruff, but Ketomac shampoo is the most effective. It has positive and satisfying comments from the customers.

Ketomac is also recommended for treating several skin conditions. The Ketomac shampoo has had the key ingredient as ketoconazole which ceases the fungal attack on both skin and scalp. This shampoo can also cure other conditions like,

Ringworm –They are rusty, scaly patches shaped on body parts including the scalp. They are fungal infections which we get from encounters with animals and from the environment. It may be cured with Ketoconazole-containing medications and shampoos.

Pityriasis Versicolor –It is caused by a yeast infection, in which areas of the body including the scalp, become flaky discolored patches. It is caused by the secretion of excess oil. This is often person-to-person infectious, and distinct from dandruff.

Scalp Psoriasis – Red patches on the scalp are a condition caused by the weak immune system which failed to protect the body against fungal infections. Cancer is often caused by different causes and can be fatal if untreated. It’s best to handle it because smoking, hair loss, depression, and baldness can be caused if un left.

Lichen Planus– Are red-violet plaques on the skin. It is rare to grow on the scalp, but it causes itching and hair loss.

Many of the symptoms can be completely eradicated, while others can be handled using ketoconazole shampoos. Generally, it reduces the skin’s redness, scratching, and scaling. Please ensure you are not allergic to ketoconazole until using them. Consider adding a little bit of the Ketoconazole shampoo to the skin and wash it away after a couple of minutes. Be sure the shampoo does not cause burning sensation, redness, or blisters on the surface. Sometimes, it is best to consult a doctor about use and dosage before you start using the shampoo.

It also helps in reducing inflammation and stops the progress of dandruff from worsening to seborrhoeic dermatitis. It can also be used to treat skin conditions like TineaVersicolor, Ringworm, Jock itch, and Athlete’s foot.

Although ketoconazole is most widely used in the treatment of infections or conditions such as seborrheic dermatitis for its antifungal properties, it can also help to promote hair growth or reduce hair loss.

Dandruff is caused by a combination of 3 factors: a naturally occurring microbe on the scalp, sensitive scalps, and natural oils. The microbe is Malassezia which is found in excess and feeds on the natural oils of the scalp called sebum. When sebum breaks down, it generates a side product called oleic acid. 50% of all people are sensitive to oleic acid, so the scalp becomes inflamed and irritated. This inflammation makes the skin itchy and red and signals to the brain to shed cells at a quicker pace. These cells emerge in the form of white flakes of dandruff.

Using the Ketomac shampoo alone is not enough; using it in the right way on the scalp is also essential. It is suggested to use the Ketomac shampoo in warm water. Warm water loosens the extra oil and helps open your pores, allowing your shampoo to penetrate deeper. And you do not get all that clean, without a wet foundation.

Also, use the nails to clean your scalp and give a good massage for at least five minutes. By doing so, all dandruff in the scalp goes away while washing with water. Applying shampoo on the hair directly is strictly prohibited. Shampoo shouldn’t rest on one part of your hair. If you don’t spread it uniformly over your hair, you are using more shampoo than required. First, drop a tiny amount into your hand, then lather.

If you are not rinsing your hair well, there will be a little amount of shampoo on the hair every wash. This residue builds up over time and might cause dandruff and itchiness. Shampooing on a regular basis like 3 to 4 times a week can help to remove oiliness, flakes, and build-up of dead skin cells. Many people have found that such regular shampooing with normal products has not brought the result. As such, medicated shampoos like Ketomac have come to the rescue. Customer reviews recommend that shampoo Ketomac must be used regularly at least for one month so that there are visible results.

As per Ketomac shampoo user review, it is thus the number one remedy for dandruff. The Ketomac shampoo hair loss price is affordable by everyone in the market. It can be easily bought online. All you have got to do is go to the website and order them. They can be delivered to the desired location.


In case you haven’t ever dyed your hair, no matter in a salon or at home, to color it for the first time could be pretty intimidating. It would be better to know tips before coloring hair. Once you know what you should do before hair coloring, you are going to be much more confident about your coloring drill.

How often do you want to color your hair?

You should decide how often you wish to color your hair before going in for your appointment or start coloring it at home. In case you don’t want to be doing the hair roots every three weeks, talk about it. If you get it colored by a professional colorist then you have to open up to him or her. Once you properly talk to them and tell them about what you want, it will let him or her understand how dark or light to take your strands, and how much color to apply in your hair the first time. In case your colorist knows how often you wish to come in for touch-ups, they can swiftly narrow down the amount of color that you are going to be able to maintain.

And if you are doing it yourself at home then too you have to be careful about it. It is one of the most important hair color tips you would get ever. Many people don’t even realize the amount of hair color they apply. You have to be prudent about the color amount you put every time. In this way, you can be sure about the amount you need and the rhythm would develop itself.

Tips Before Coloring Hair

Ignore the picture on the color box 

When you go shopping for at-home hair color, many females will only look at the image on the box, You know what the model on the color box could have the perfect shade of brown, but you don’t know what her hair color was like before they got colored. It is better if you take into consideration the numbers and letters on the package to decide the degree of color and desired tone. Remember on a shade scale of 1 to 10, one is the darkest, ten is the lightest. The letters do reveal the dye’s undertones, for example, a means ash, c copper, and g gold and n neutral. You have to keep these things in mind before you purchase a color pack for your hair.

Keep your looks in mind before you choose the shade 

You know what light-eyed females look more natural with that of lighter shades. Similarly, females having darker hair and skin appear better in darker shades. In case you have a lot of pink in your skin, then you must avoid warmth in a hair color because it shall make you appear flushed. Women who have olive skin tones should go for gold tones that bring warmth to the face and make the skin appear less green. In case your skin tone is neutral, like White, with no pink or green, you can go for either warm or cool blond shades. You have to figure out all these things before you start coloring your hair. What is the point if later on, you regret applying the wrong shade on your hair? Remember it is the main tip out of tips before coloring hair to be followed.

Remain Within Two Shades of Your Natural Colour

You know what professional colorists agree to when you are dyeing your hair at home; there is no need to go more than two shades lighter or darker. It is mainly important for brunettes who might wish to go blond. In case your hair is dark and you wish to lighten it, then you can, to start with, make an appointment at a salon.

It is because the -home color kits do not contain the strong chemicals required to radically change your color. There is a reason that the hair colonists have to go to school, pass an exam, and get a degree and license from the authorities before they jump into this profession. The reason is that the chemicals required performing complicated hair color modifications can severely harm hair and scalp alike.

Take a test drive before you stick on to something

For safe coloring, it would be good if you go for semi-permanent hair color. You know what it will fade somewhat each time you shampoo. Demi-permanent color even minimizes the harm and simply improves the natural color.” If you are thinking about what this demi-permanent color is then it is a blend of permanent and semi-permanent dyes. It does not have the power to lighten the dark hair, but it can easily match or deepen your shade.

And yes you can also give a try to semi-permanent dye. It as with demi-permanent color would not lighten your hair. Semi-permanent formulas do not penetrate the hair deeply and wash out in nearly eight to twelve shampoos. Of course, you would have to decide what you want. It would be good if you give these options a thought and then take the next step.

Take up a patch test 

It is significant to test a fresh color on a small area of your hair before you apply that color to your entire head. Otherwise, you might end up with a mishap. In case the color you use is so ashy, say, your skin is going to look drab and old. You also put your scalp for reaction in case your skin does not tolerate the dye chemicals. Of course, it is better to test the color in advance before you apply it all over the place.

If you don’t know what you have to do in the patch test then read on. To do a patch test, you just have to apply the dye on a tiny section of your hair and find out if the color is too light, dark, or even that of ashy.


Thus, all the best for your first coloring experience and if you take all these things seriously, you would not face any inconvenience. And yes even if you are using a good anti-dandruff shampoo for colored hair that would be workable if you follow the tips before coloring hair as discussed above.


You may be worried about the little white flakes that emerge from the scalp and also accompanied by an itchy sensation. This may be a condition called dandruff but there is no need to fret. Half the human population suffers from this, so you are not alone. You need proper dandruff treatment shampoo to overcome this.

What Is Dandruff?

It is an annoying but also harmless skin condition which impacts your scalp. It causes flaking and mild itching. The problem is that it is an embarrassing condition; no one wants to be seen scratching their heads and displaying white flakes on their clothing.

Dandruff can be dealt with in two ways: short term and long term. The best way is the long term.

You may be trying to handle dandruff by brushing your hair or blowing them out by a hairdryer but this has minimal impact and dandruff will return very soon. Though they are easy to dislodge, dandruff flakes are persistent if not treated properly. The ways to go are long-term treatments like dandruff treatment shampoo.


No one has been able to pinpoint the exact cause of dandruff. For some, it is a mix of factors that can turn into complex conditions to diagnose and treat. Dandruff is caused by the overproduction of sebum and oils on the scalp that causes the clogging of pores and irritation of the skin.

The main culprit behind this condition is the fungus Malassezia Globosa. It feeds on the natural oils of the scalp. For getting rid of this fungus, the scalp will enhance the rate of renewing skin cells which results in more than dead skin cells that will clump together and form dandruff flakes.

Based on the severity of the condition, the scalp may produce little or excessive skin flakes. Both ways, you will desire to get rid of the problem as fast as possible.

Some other factors contributing to dandruff:

  • Excessive conditioning and shampooing
  • Dry skin/ oily skin
  • Overgrowth of yeast on the scalp
  • Hormones
  • Stress
  • Excess fats in a diet
  • Lack of brushing of hair
  • Age ( teenage to middle age)

In case, you are unsure about what is the cause behind your dandruff, it is good to consult a dermatologist and get her diagnosis.

Treatment Options

Dandruff may not be preventable but it can be managed. Concerning long treatment, there are two options: Dandruff shampoos and Natural Remedies.

The choice of treatment depends on the suitability of your lifestyle and skin. It is also good to experiment with both types of treatment.


Ketomac shampoo is an excellent remedy for dandruff. It contains Ketoconazole, a broad-spectrum antifungal agent. This agent works by compromising cell walls of fungi, causing the leaking of cell contents and their death.

Natural Treatments 

Mother Nature offers many natural remedies for treating dandruff. Most of them are gentle on your skin and not effective for severe dandruff. They are:

  • Water: Drink at least 8 cups of water daily to keep your scalp moisturized
  • Apple cider vinegar: It is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial.
  • Tea Tree Oil: has anti-fungal qualities
  • Coconut oil: rich in minerals and antioxidants
  • Raw honey: a great dandruff deterrent because of anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties.

These are all some important facts about combating dandruff. For best results, use Ketomac dandruff shampoo to handle severe cases of dandruff.