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Your hair plays a crucial role in your life. whether you have those long heavy hair, light straight hair, brown curly hair, blonde hair or any type of hair; you are absolutely in love with your locks right? Of course, many of you might be wondering that what would be the best daily hair care routine to keep your hair in the best shape and health?


Many people face challenges in different things. If you are new to the world of purchasing shampoos then you should know before you make a purchase. Talking about best anti-dandruff shampoo, they are really important for your hair care. You cannot go for any random shampoo for your hair wash. You have to pick the shampoos that are effective, safe and proper for your hair care.

You can use the good shampoo for dandruff and they would make sure that your hair stays effective, proper and professional. You can always pick the shampoos that are complementing your hair. But do you think that a shampoo that is great for someone is going to be the same for you too? Well, that is not the case. The shampoos you are using have to be proper and safe. You have to make sure that the shampoo is apt for you. You cannot simply pick any shampoo that is ineffective for your hair care.

Don’t go as per the advertisements 

If you are blindly following the advertisements for your purchases then you are on the wrong path. You have to make sure that you pick the right shampoos to ensure that your hair care is getting done in a safe and proper manner. The advertisement makers always try to make the shampoo look advanced, effective and flawless. Even the celebs doing the advertisements are paid highly for their role. But the unfortunate part is that these shampoos are not the choice of the celebs. They advertise them because they want to sell them. It is not that they are using the same shampoos. So, you have to be prudent about your choice. Make sure that you are not going as per the choice made by the professionals.

Compare for the best option 

If you do a comparison among different shampoos, you can reach out to a better choice. You can pick shampoo Ketomac and it is going to be absolutely safe and effective. This is a shampoo that is safe, hygienic and effective. The brand gives you the options that work wonders for you. Actually, it would not be wrong to say that shampoos are good if you choose them properly. There can be shampoos that work great for you but not effective for someone else? So, compare the shampoos and then pick one that sounds effective to you. Once you have picked one shampoo to make sure that you use it for a minimum of two weeks and only then you can see its outcomes. Of course, if the shampoo is showing any wrong effects prior to two weeks then you can stop using it right there. And if you have no idea about the ingredients of the shampoos too then you should talk to a professional. Take their help and make your choice.

Thus, you can come across top best dandruff shampoo and then pick one that is pat for you. If you start using a single good shampoo for your dandruff problem, you will get rid of it sooner than you think.


Do you think that your hair is too oily? Do you feel really irritated when your oily hair looks too sticky and odd? Of course, you can pick the shampoos that are perfect for your hair. There are many types of people in the world having different types of hair. The hair can be dry, oily or otherwise.

If you are facing dandruff but you feel that your hair is oily and hence no shampoo would work for you then you are not exploring enough. Well, in the presence of oily dandruff shampoo, you can make sure that your hair stays clean, hygienic, and shiny. You can pick the shampoos that are safe, effective and professional for your hair care.

Oily hair is not a problem 

There are many people who experience a lot of oil in their hair. Come on, this is not in your hand to choose a specific type of scalp. What type of hair or scalp you have; you have to be contented with it. You have to take precautions that make you do the best for your hair care. You can keep your hair in the best shape and clean up your scalp too. There are options like shampoo Ketomac that can help you fight your dandruff even when your hair is too oily. Oil-filled hair can be a problem for you if you are not taking proper care of your hair.

Is it about shampoos only?

Of course, to some extent, it is about the right shampoos. But again, the way you use the shampoos also matter. If you are facing dandruff then make sure that you shampoo your hair minimum twice or maximum three times a week. You have to keep your hair fresh and clean. Then when you wash your hair make sure that you run your fingers properly while applying the shampoo. The shampoo should reach out to your hair roots. The shampoo has to touch the scalp and only then it can make your roots stronger and clean.

Moreover, if you are washing your hair with shampoos, make sure that you clean your hair properly. It is not just about applying shampoos properly but also about washing the hair properly too. You have to wash the hair properly too. Once you clean your hair with water, your hair gets clean up properly. But sometimes in a hurry, you just pour a couple of water mugs on your head and you feel that your hair is clean. Well, once you pour water on your hair properly and patiently, only then shampoo would get out of your hair. What is the point if you leave some patches or bits of shampoo in your hair? It would be really not cool for you. The shampoo that stays in your hair after the wash actually does harm to your hair than doing any good.

So, start using the dandruff shampoo for oily hair and make sure that you wash them properly. You should not leave any shampoos in the hair.


The monsoon season brings with it much greenery and freshness. But for many, it is the season for numerous hair problems. Hair loss, itchy scalp, hair dullness, and frizziness are some of the hair woes faced by many of us.

The rainy season brings both reliefs and risks of hair and skin infection. Because of more humidity, the hair and scalp attract more dirt and pollutants which renders the hair dirty and leads to much hair loss and other hair related problems.

While you can’t do much about the weather, you can follow certain tips to promote the health of your hair.

Ensure Hair Is Dry

While you may get tempted to wet your head in a drizzle, note that rainwater is acidic and dirty, which is really bad for your hair. Try as much to keep your hair dry unless you are caught in a torrential downpour. For this keep yourself ready with umbrella and raincoat which will keep you dry and clean.

It is tough to air dry your hair in the monsoon weather because of the humidity. You can use a hairdryer or dry gently with a towel.

Regular Shampooing

Though many consider regular shampooing as harmful for hair, it is just the opposite of the rainy season. Do regular shampooing, almost every other day for keeping your hair free of dirt, grime, and microbial infections. Since you are shampooing often, it is good to use a mild shampoo like baby shampoo to keep your scalp and hair clean.

In case you wish to get rid of residue left by rainwater on your hair, use a mild, deep cleansing shampoo. It is easy to get undernourished, frizzy hair during monsoon. Hence, it goes a long way to nourish your tresses and prevent bacterial or fungal infections. The technique is to shampoo always from root to tip.

Oil Massage

 A good oil massage is good for your hair in the monsoon season. It naturally boosts moisture in your hair which revitalizes dry strands. It also offers deep conditioning. A good oil massage for your scalp is one of the benefits of a hair spa. But take care not to overdo it or you will find yourself over-shampooing simply to get rid of the oil, which will damage your hair.

Do Not Tie Your Hair

By tying up your hair in the rainy season, you are inviting rainwater to hibernate in the hair, which will make it limp and frizzy. In case you wish to tie up the hair, go in for loose ponytails and simple buns.

Routine to Clean Your Hair

Since the rainy season adds more dirt and dust to your scalp, the first thing to do is to clean your hair regularly. If you get caught in a rainstorm or heavy downpour, wash your hair as soon as you reach home. The reason is that rainwater has acidic content which causes hair related problems like hair fall, dandruff, brittle hair, itchy scalp and damage to scalp and hair.

Wash hair with mild or homemade shampoo to avoid chemicals. This also helps to keep hair healthy and smooth. Always take care to condition after shampooing as humidity can make hair brittle and frizzy. Instead of using a chemical-based conditioner, you can do a vinegar rinse. You can even massage your hair before washing with oils like coconut oil, olive oil or almond oil. Hot oil massage removes flaking and itching of the scalp while nourishing it. It is good to do hot oil massage at night and leave the oil overnight.

Cover Up Your Hair

Loose hair can attract dirt and dust easily. As such, keep hair covered with an umbrella, cap or scarf. Rainwater can weaken the hair shaft, causing more hair to fall, because it contains air pollutants that are mixed with the water. These chemicals may cause dandruff and itchy scalp. You can use shampoo Ketomac to treat dandruff.

Avoid Hair Styling Products

Avoid using hair styling products like creams and serums in the rainy season as they attract dirt and grime from the atmosphere. Instead of complicated hairstyles, go in for simple ones like ponytails and buns. Hairstyles that pull the hair tightly will damage it by weakening the shaft and causing hair fall.

Hair Mask Treatment

A homemade hair mask will strengthen and nourish hair. It will reduce hair fall, add volume to hair and make it manageable. It will work from the hair roots. You can try the following natural hair masks:

  • Mayo mask: This protein-rich mask nourishes your complete hair length. It makes hair shiny, soft and strong.
  • Aloe Vera masks: This mask has a medicinal value which can cure any scalp infection and itchiness and leaves your hair healthy and shiny.
  • Mixed oil mask: This mask contains several oils like almond oil, Vitamin E and Olive oil. It nourishes the scalp, hair roots and hair shaft making the hair strong and lustrous.
  • Apple cider vinegar mask: Vinegar has acidic properties that can clean away excess oils, pollutants and chemical residue from your scalp. To this mask, you can add water and lemon juice and rub the mix on your scalp. Keep for 30 minutes and rinse hair with cold water.
  • Beer or cold tea mask: Both are good conditioners. They give an extra shine and bounce to your hair.
  • Mango-mint mask: Apply on your scalp a mask made of mint paste and mango pulp. Massage gently all through your hair length and leave for 15 to 20 minutes. Hair will become shiny and smooth.
  • Honey-banana mask: Make a mask with 3 mashed bananas and honey. This mask both nourishes and hydrates the hair. It leaves hair shiny and lustrous.
  • Mint mask: It is good for oily hair. Apply on the scalp for 20 minutes. Rinse with cold water. It both nourishes hair and removes excess oil.

Some Other Tips:

  • Eat a nutritious diet that can help prevent any illness.
  • Drink lots of water.
  • Avoid sharing combs.
  • Use a wide-toothed comb to comb wet hair.
  • Avoid styling wet hair.
  • Do hot oil massage at least once a week.
  • Go in for short hairstyles.
  • Avoid going out in the rain.
  • Use Ketomac shampoo to cure dandruff permanently.

If any serious hair problems persist even after taking care of your hair, consult a medical professional like a trichologist as soon as possible.


Before we have a look at what role does anti-dandruff shampoo plays in our scalp care, we need to understand what dandruff can do to our hair. A healthy scalp is imperative for healthy hair. The scalp is the only living part of the hair which means you need to look after it carefully. Dandruff Shampoo uses can make your hair more healthy. An irritated scalp can damage hair more than you can imagine. Additionally, hair grown from flaky and dandruff affected scalp is damaged as compared to the hair that grows from a healthy scalp. While scratching, you can also damage the hair follicles and prevent them from producing good hair. Plus, when you have a dry scalp, the hair produced will also be dry and frizzy.


Dandruff is a chronic condition occurring when the scalp is either excessively dry or oily. It manifests as flakes of dead skin cells appearing on collar, shoulders, and hair. This condition impacts more men than women and may affect the sides of the nose, eyebrows, and beard.

Dandruff is associated with the excess presence of fungus Malassezia on the scalp. This means that professional dandruff shampoo must be used to deal with such fungi.

Apart from this, many causes are attributed to exacerbate dandruff. Some of them are:

  • Stress and diet:

High levels of stress and poor diet are identified as causes for dandruff.

  • Habits of hair brushing:

Regular brushing of hair keeps hair healthy. It helps to enhance blood circulation. Un-brushed hair collects much oil which can lead to dandruff.

  • Habits of hair washing:

Dandruff is caused mainly by the accumulation of dead cells. In case you don’t wash hair regularly, dead skin cells will collect which will form dandruff and cause itchiness of the scalp.

  • Skin type

People with extremes of either dry or oily skin will face dandruff issues.

  • Excess use of hair care products

If you overuse hair care products, the scalp will be damaged because of the impact of chemicals.

Dandruff Treatment

A mild case of dandruff can be dealt with by regular shampooing with a mild shampoo. But for serious cases the use of products with following medication may be used:

  • Salicylic acid
  • Zinc Pyrithione
  • Selenium Sulphide
  • Coal tar shampoo
  • Ketoconazole

Of all these Ketoconazole has been found to be the most effective in dealing with dandruff. This compound is found in shampoo Ketomac. Ketomac shampoo kills dandruff-causing fungi on the scalp. It has become very popular because of its success rate.

Ketomac shampoo works by damaging the cell walls of fungi resulting in their death. It helps alleviate symptoms of dandruff-like flaking, scaling, and itching. It has anti-inflammatory qualities.


Dandruff is a nightmare for most people. Though it is in no way caused by a lack of hygiene, it can be embarrassing and socially awkward. As such, people have developed home remedies as well as modern medication to deal with this problem. Dandruff treatment shampoo is too available to overcome these problems.

Ketomac is a brand of anti-dandruff shampoo made and retailed by India based Torque Pharmaceuticals. The latter beliefs in devotion to excellence, impeccable quality, and constant innovation. It is passionate about delivering high quality medicated products to the masses at affordable rates.

Ketomac is a wonderful product from the Torque stable. It has proved to the most effective medication against dandruff. Ketomac dandruff treatment shampoo reviews are proof of its popularity.

Ketomac contains the compound Ketoconazole. This compound is found in a 2% aqueous solution in the shampoo. Ketoconazole is a broad spectrum anti-fungal agent which is in the same category as another azole fungal.

Dandruff is caused by the excess presence of the fungi Malassezia on the scalp. This fungus occurs naturally on the human skin, but in the case of those suffering from dandruff, it is found in excess causing scaling, flaking, and itching.

Ketomac anti-dandruff shampoo reviews are ebullient about the way in which it fights dandruff. Ketoconazole interferes in the production of ergosterol- a key component of the cell membranes of the fungi. This causes holes to appear in the cell walls resulting in leaking out of cell contents and ultimately in the death of the cells.

Ketomac shampoo reviews also praise the nature of the shampoo. All you have to do is store it in a dark, dry and cool place. It must be protected from sunlight. Coming in a 110 ml bottle, it is running and flowy with rust orange color and the smell of lemon and has a shelf life of 3 years.

Ketomac is also commended for treating several skin conditions. It helps in reducing inflammation and stops the progress of dandruff from worsening to seborrhoeic dermatitis. It can also be used to treat skin conditions like TineaVersicolor, Ringworm, Jock itch and Athlete’s foot.

Dandruff is caused by a combination of 3 factors: a naturally occurring microbe on the scalp, sensitive scalps and natural oils. The microbe is Malassezia which is found in excess and feeds on the natural oils of the scalp called sebum. When sebum breaks down, it generates a side product called oleic acid. 50% of all people are sensitive to oleic acid, so the scalp becomes inflamed and irritated. This inflammation makes the skin itchy and red and signals to the brain to shed cells at a quicker pace. These cells emerge in the form of white flakes of dandruff.

Shampooing on a regular basis like 3 to 4 times a week can help to remove oiliness, flakes, and build-up of dead skin cells. Many persons have found that such regular shampooing with normal products has not brought the result. As such medicated shampoos like Ketomac have come to the rescue. Customer reviews recommend that shampoo Ketomac must be used regularly at least for one month so that there are visible results.

As per Ketomac shampoo user review, it is thus the number one remedy for dandruff.


Dandruff is a problem that almost every adult has to deal with. Many kids are also known to suffer from dandruff issues. Dandruff is such a common hair problem that almost every person has experienced it once in their lifetime. Dandruff in kids can be especially problematic as it can cause a lot of irritation as well as itching on the scalp. As kids play a lot outdoors, they are more susceptible to dust which causes dandruff in them. so, you need to be aware of the causes of dandruff in child.


It is difficult to keep ourselves away from harmful pollution. If you thought the pollution leads to harmful effects only on your skin, you need to know that your hair is equally vulnerable to the damage. If you think about it, our skin and hair are the first things that get exposed to pollution and UV damage. We try to protect our skin by applying sunscreen, but how to protect hair from pollution?


Hair is one of the most important aspects of a human body that defines our personality. However, many people ignore their hairstyles as they do not understand the role of good hair styles on their personality and only concentrate on their faces and body to improve their appearance. Though on some people most hairstyles may work, they are missing out on the opportunity to choose the best hairstyle for them which can accentuate their looks.